10 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android/iOS 2022

Afraid that someone sees you while you are in the changing room, hotel, offices, and other places outside your home? If you are eager to know whether someone is watching you’re using hidden cameras or hidden CCTV, then all you need to do is use the 10 best hidden camera detector apps for Android and iOS (iPhone) to find out! These are all free to download and have been tested by us.

We are going to provide for you the best popular and working hidden camera detector applications for both ios and android smartphone devices. All the apps can be installed very easily on smartphone devices and can detect the easily hidden camera and many other electronic devices there around you. Such apps are essential for security reasons so that you are never filmed out in public places.


The Importance of Detecting Hidden Cameras

These applications are formed for security reasons. With this, users can detect the hidden camera easily in public and private places. Though cameras are developed with the purpose of providing security today, they are being used for other reasons as well.

They are being used to film someone privately in hotels, washrooms, changing rooms, and other places. Like these people are blackmailed later for no apparent reasons. Follow through the guide to get to know about the best popular hidden camera detector applications for both iOS and Android.

Many parents want to keep their kids safe, and this is undoubtedly another way they can keep their children safer. A guy recently pleaded guilty to a hidden camera case in Kelowna.

Top 10 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for iOS and Android (Free Download)

Radarbot – Detect Speed Cameras

Best Hidden Camera Detector App for Android and iPhone

The first one to make it to the list is Radarbot. This is a speed cam detector application that was developed by Iteration mobile for both ios and android users out there. To track the camera option is use your GPS location. Radarbot is indeed a compelling app that allows you to the fixed speed camera, ANPR cameras, traffic light cameras, potential mobile as well as some other cameras.

As this app is integrated with GPS navigation; thus, you can also use fake GPS applications to change your current location. The best part is that it comes in free along with a purchase option.

Radarbot App for Android | Radarbot App for Android

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Hidden Spy Camera Detector

This is seemed to be the best-hidden camera application for both ios and android users. With this users can detect the hidden cameras easily in changing rooms, hotels as well can detect CCTV cameras around them. It usually has two different ways to discover hidden cameras, which are:

  • Scan with the magnetic sensor; this is used to analyze the magnetic activity.
  • Infrared detector mode; is used to detect infrared cameras.

Hidden Spy Camera Detector for Android | Hidden Spy Camera Detector for iOS

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Spy Hidden Camera Detector – Anti-Spy App

Best Hidden Camera Apps for Android

This application is for the ios users out there. With this, they are able to detect hidden cameras from their ios devices. For better use of the app, you need to purchase it as it is a paid application. To identify the spy cameras around you, it works with EMF and magnetic scanner features.

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The app is much more comfortable in use as you only need to scan the room at first without your phone, and once you see something is suspicious, then point the camera towards such an object. Your smartphone device then shall blink automatically, and the app shall turn on and off with the flashlight automatically.

Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones for iOS | Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones for Android

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Detectify – Find Hidden CCTV Cameras and Devices

Another one to make it to the list is Detectify. It is there for Android users. It is indeed prevalent among its users. This can also be used as a CCTV finder application that helps the users to find the hidden camera near them.

This is a high technology that helps the users to find the hidden cameras that are recording their hidden activities. It comes in free and much easy to use. It also works with two different options to find the cameras that are hidden. Use any on for free on your android smartphone device.

Detectify for Android | Detectify for iOS

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iAmNotified – Anti Spy App

Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps for iOS

This is yet a paid anti-spy system that is used to detect hidden cameras as well as snooping. This is the best security application for ios users as it provides security from the ios device. With the help of this, the device can be secured easily. Moreover, it also helps you know who is using or trying to unlock your smartphone device. Without any doubt, this is the best ios application that is used to secure your photos, videos, files, data, and other essential things found on this device.

iAmNotified for iOS | iAmNotified for Android

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Glint Finder – Detect Camera Devices Easily

This is yet another hidden camera detector and cam finder application. It is for the android users out there. A fantastic app that helps you to detect hidden cameras around you and then notifies you about them. Use this to protect and secure yourself and your families from secret privacy cameras.

The app comes with an excellent user interface and is easy to use. It works with the magnetic field option so that users can also use it as a stud finder application to find studs and cameras near them.

Glint Finder for Android | Glint Finder for iOS

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DontSpy 2 – Detector Application

This is a spy device detector application for the Apple users out there. With this, the user can detect hidden cameras. It is a handy spy bug detector as well. Don’t Spy is a common application that is used to transfer ios devices towards a detector of hidden electronic devices so users can find smartphone devices, microphones, hidden cameras as well as spy bugs. It is a paid application, therefore to use its services, you have to pay for all the charges.

DontSpy 2 Detector for iOS | DontSpy 2 for Android

Ghost Detector Radar Camera

Now, as the name suggests, we can be pretty sure it has something to do with ghosts. This is the best entertainment application that allows users to find ghost cameras around you. This is a fake yet entertaining application that allows users to find out live ghosts around them.

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Moreover, it also provides users with the ability to see for the evil and good ghosts around them. The app carries different features, but the best feature is that it allows users to watch frightening and amazing things from their ios camera apps. It can also be used as a paranormal application to detect paranormal activities.

Ghost Detector Radar Camera for Android | Ghost Detector Radar Camera for iOS

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Hidden IR Camera Detector

A very popular dark camera detector that provides the function to detect hidden cameras around. It comes in free and is easy to use. It is developed for android users for security reasons. For this, you need to move your phone in the surroundings to detect the hidden cameras. With this, it uses the magnetic field detector or the compass app to find all the magnetic activities near you. The hidden IR camera detector uses the magnetic field to detect the hidden camera and other electronic devices around you.

Hidden IR Camera Detector for Android | Hidden IR Camera Detector for iOS

Hidden Camera Detector

This is a spy device detector application for the android devices out there. It allows users to find hidden cameras. It is swift in its function and easy to use. With this, users can detect around them the hidden cameras as well the microphone applications. With the latest technology and smart applications, now you cannot be spied upon by anyone.

Say no to those days, no more uncomfortable situations, no need to feel worried when you are in the hotel, changing rooms, and others place away from your home. This is also known as the EMF detector and finder, spy microphone detector, and stud finder applications.

Hidden Camera Detector for Android | Hidden Camera Detector for iOS

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How to Scan for Hidden Cameras

Follow the steps below to find out if there are any actual hidden CCTV or cameras around you or behind a mirror:

  1. Download any of the apps listed above (they are not in any specific order).
  2. Install the app and give it all the permissions it needs.
  3. Let it scan the Wifi around you for any suspicious wireless names that may be of an IP Camera.
  4. It will give you a list of available cameras near you.

Have you detected any Hidden Cameras yet?

Hidden Cameras are becoming a serious concern as there have been various cases of privacy violations. Many hotels and shopping centers, such as changing rooms, have CCTV which record without consent. This is why we have handpicked a collection of the 10 best-hidden camera detector apps for Android and iOS for you. Always check the place you are staying at with the apps to be safe.

Do let us know in the comments section if you have any alternative apps for detecting hidden cameras or CCTV in any public place.

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