As we are living in a digital world, the internet has now become a basic necessity for all; due to this data connection, and Wi-Fi routers have become a fundamental amenity for all users. Today is all about the 10 best wireless WiFi hacking tools in 2022 that you can download for free. These are tools that will work on Windows 10/11/7 and Linux.

Today, to connect all the devices people also use wireless in their home networks. Nonetheless utilizing Wi-Fi can make your system visible among neighbors who might want to use it for free. Moreover, more prominent organizations may also want to keep a check on how their employees are using their Wi-Fi network.

Top 10 Best Free Wireless Hacking Tools and Utilities (2022)
Top 10 Best Free Wireless Hacking Tools and Utilities

Even though wireless networks are being secured with a password key, many top WiFi hacking tools are available that allow cracking passwords of any Wi-Fi that is protected with WAP, WAP2, WPA3 and WPS.


10 Best Wireless WiFi Hacking Tools (Free Download)

Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester

One of the most popular wi-fi password hacking tools is the WPS WPA tester. This is best for breaking security. It can work on both android and rooted devices. This application is used to test the connection to access points with WPS PIN. It requires Android 4.0 and up in order to run.

Download WiFi WPS WPA Tester

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This is another popular tool that is used to crack passwords by cracking WEP keys of wi-fi 802.11b network. The air crack NG tool uses the best algorithms to recover wireless passwords by capturing packets. As soon as the required packages have been collected, it then tries to recover the password. It implements a standard FMS attack with some optimizations to make the attack faster.

It comes with an online tutorial. Here you can learn how to install and use this tool to crack wireless passwords. The tool comes as a Linux distribution, VMware image and Live CD options. You could use any one of these. It can support many wireless adaptors and is guaranteed to work.

Before you use this tool you need to confirm that the wireless card is able to inject packets. Then begin with the WEP cracking. To know more about the tool you can read the online tutorial. You shall succeed if you follow the steps correctly.

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Download Aircrack-ng Latest Free

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Kismet Wireless Hacking Tool Download

Kismet tool is used for many purposes; it is used as a packet sniffer, network detector and intrusion detection system for 802.11 wireless local area networks. It can work out with any wi-fi card that is used to support the rfmon mode.

It collects the packets passively to identify networks and is also used to detect hidden networks. It can sniff 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11n traffic. The tool is built on server or client modular architecture. The tool is available for OSX, Linux, Windows and BSD platforms.

Update: We now have our own Kismet Wireless page.

Kismet Download

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Cain & Abel – Password cracking made easy

Cain and Abel Free Download

Another popular password cracking tool is Cain and Abel. It is developed to intercept the network traffic and then discover passwords through brute force using cryptanalysis attack methods. It is also used to recover the wireless network keys by analyzing routing protocols. You need to try this tool if you are learning wireless security and password cracking.

Download Cain and Abel Latest Version

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NetStumbler Wireless Hacking Tool

A well-known windows tool is used to find open wireless access points. This tool comes in free and is available for windows. Mini Stumbler is a trimmed-down version of Net Stumbler. To put it, in short, the Net Stumbler tool is used to verify network configurations, wardriving, used to find locations that come with a poor network, detect unauthorized access points and much more.

Download NetStumbler for Free


AirSnort Wireless Hacking Tool Download

Air snort is a viral tool used for decrypting WEP encryption on wi-fi 802.11b network. The device comes free and comes with windows and Linux platforms. However, the tool is no longer maintained but you can still download it from source forge.

Once enough packets have been received the tool works passively to monitor transmissions and also compute encryption keys. Air snort is simple yet easy to use. You can try this tool to crack the WEP passwords.

Download AirSnort Latest Version

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inSSIDer WiFi Tool Download

inSSIDer is a wireless network scanner that is designed to overcome the limitation of another tool that is Net Stumbler. In the start, the tool was open source, but for now, it has become premium and costs $19.99

The tool can do many tasks; used to find open wi-fi access points, track the signal strengths, collect data from wireless cards and software, save logs with a GPS recorder, choose the best wireless channel that is available and much more.

Download inSSIDer Latest Version

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AirJack Download Latest Version

Air jack is a wi-fi 802.11 packet injection tool that is very useful in injecting forged packets and yet makes a network down through a denial of service attack. Moreover, the tool can be used for a man-in-the-middle attack in the network.

Download AirJack Latest Version

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This is an automated dictionary attack tool for WPA-PSK. It can run on the Linux operating system. The tool comes with a command-line interface and usually runs on a word list that carries a password to use in the attack.

The tool is easy to use yet a bit slow. The newer version of the tool tried to improve the speed through a pre-computed hash file. Such files contain 173000 dictionary files for about 1000 most popular SSIs. You are unlucky if your SSID is not is that.

Download coWPAtty WPA Hacking Tool

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This is an open-source Linux tool used for breaking 802.11 WEP keys. The tool is used to perform an active dictionary attack by testing millions of words to find the working key. To work with a WEP attack, only a WLAN card is required.

Download WepAttack Tool

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Conclusion – Which Wireless Hacking Tool is your favorite?

This great page about the 10 best wireless hacking software to free download comes to an end. Get the one that best suits you. I would also recommend you first to learn wireless hacking. There are new protocols like WPA-3 that are still vulnerable and can get hacked. These tools will help you crack wireless passwords by exploiting vulnerabilities in routers/access points.

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