Learning to hack wifi networks is one of the basic steps to becoming a good penetration tester. It is a basic but essential part of any hacker’s luggage, in this article we will discuss some of the best and most effective Wifi hacking apps for Android.


The 11 Best Free WiFi Hacking Apps For Android (APK Included)

11 Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android Smartphones in 2022
11 Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android Smartphones in 2022

Note: We will keep updating this apps list as there are more of them found and noteworthy of being listed here.


In order to test the security of your network, you need certain tools for testing, but you also need tools to protect your own self. Just to make sure you yourself may not become a victim. To do so you will need an actual wireless networking hacking android app. Such apps will not only let you learn the delicacies of wifi hacking but it will make sure that your security over the wifi isn’t compromised.

Aircrack –ng is one of such tools which is recommended by industry professionals. Installing it on any android device is not difficult at all, the installation process is quite simple, but the real problem is that you might don’t have the chipset which is supported by this package.

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Aircrack-ng ports: GitHub

Kali Linux Nethunter

Well, don’t confuse the name with the infamous kali Linux os, though this tool comes from the developers of Kali Linux. Kali Linux net hunter is a great platform that can be used for penetration testing. Remember this tool can’t be used standalone, in order to use this tool you will need to run the wifi tool as well.

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Kali Nethunter is a complete easy to use tool and interface that will let you keep everything on track in terms of configurations. Note that it supports 802.11 wireless injections and it is a must-have tool for android hacking.

Kali Linux Net Hunter

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When it comes to analyzing the security threats and security levels of networks zanti is quite popular in this regard. All over the world security professionals, network administrators and white hat hackers use this tool to analyze the risk levels of a network. In order to test a network and asses it with an android device, you can definitely rely on Zanti.

There is a kill connections feature that can be used to abandon the connection between a device and a web server. So you can prevent the target to access a particular website. As a white-hat hacker, you can use this tool to mirror the attack and make the required amendments to your security plan.


WPA WPS Tester

This one is one of the most commonly used hacking tools for wifi keys, it was programmed to scan any given network for any kind of network loopholes. This app is very well known among white hat hackers to break wifi securities. It uses different types of algorithms such as blink and arris to crack the WPS pins of the access points. In order to use this app, you need to have a device with at least Android 4.0 or up.

WPA WPS Tester

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WiFi Analyzer

Lol, you just got pranked, this one is not actually a hacking app. By using this app you can just pretend that you have gained access to someone’s wifi network and brag about it in front of your friends.

WiFi Analyzer


Yet another great wifi hacking app for android, it can hack wifi networks as well as it can see hosts, firewalls, and packets sent by them. Unlike many other hacking apps, this one is equally useful for rooted and non-rooted Android devices. But there are some limitations for non-rooted devices, such user won’t be able to get access to some advanced features like os fingerprinting and SYN scan. There is a binary version with open SSL support is also available, it is available on all other platforms as well.

Nmap for Android


Wfi Hacker Apps for Android 2019 - Hacking Wifi using Smartphones

The other name for Reaver is RfA, it is one of the best apps to hack wifi passwords. It’s simple to use an interface that can get anyone into wifi hacking. It comes with a monitor mode feature that can help you detect any WPS-enabled router, you can activate or deactivate this feature of Reaver at any time. All settings are visible at the easy-to-use GUI.  This app has the ability to launch a brute force attack against WPA/wpa2 keys as well as it can crack WPS pins. Note that this tool can crack simple text-based keys within 2-5 hours. You can use external scripts as well.

Reaver for Android

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Penetrate Pro

This simple and easy-to-use tool is very much capable of analyzing any given wifi network. It has the ability to fulfill all your security analysis needs. The only downside of the amazing app is that you will need root access for it to work. Penetrate Pro can work all kind of routers and them WEP and WPA keys.

WiFi Kill

For all the white hat hackers this one is one of the most reliable android based wifi hacking apps. Wifi kills as you can understand by the name, it can disable the internet access for any given device connected to a particular wifi router. It has a simple user interface that anyone can use to kill unnecessary users on a given network.

There are some other useful features also available in wifi kill, such as capturing of website traffic being browsed by other devices. Like any other advanced hacking app, this one too requires root access to function properly. When you run the app it just scans and enlists the users and gives you the option to kill their connection too.

WiFi Kill

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Netspoof (Network Spoofer for Android)

This is an amazing tool when it comes to sniffing website traffic over the wifi network. With the help of netspoof, you can sniff traffic for any device over a wifi network.


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WPS Connect

This one also requires root access to work, after installation you can start playing with available wifi networks in the surrounding. WPS connect can let you disconnect other users on the network. It also supports several algorithms for WPS cracking.

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WPS Connect

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As an added bonus to our list, WIBR is designed to test the overall security of a wifi network. It has the ability to launch brute force and dictionary attacks. You can add custom dictionaries to launch an attack from your own password list. There are a bunch of settings available for brute force, for example, you can choose lowercase, uppercase, and numbers for password combinations.


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More WiFi Password Hacking Apps for Android:

These apps can be used for a bundle of reasons all ranging from penetration testing, security testing and checking the password strength of your wireless network.

  • Fing
  • Wifi Inspect
  • Shark for root

Other Platforms that support Hacking Apps

Before we jump into the Android hacking app, we think it is worthy to mention a few tools for other platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Linux. There are plenty of tools available for all of these platforms which can be used for ethical hacking purposes. Here is the list of few:

  1. Metasploit for windows
  2. iRet for iOS

Disclaimer:  Please note that the list of apps provided here is for educational purposes only. We are mentioning it here for educational and personal testing only, any attempt to crack someone’s wifi can lead you to jail.

Learning to Hack WiFi Networks Using JUST your Android!

One thing is for sure that there is no device or app in the world which is 100% secure. It is safe that if a hacker decides to hack some system he will hack anyway, mind you we are not promoting the idea that you should not try to secure your system. White hat hackers, security professionals, and security firms are working continuously to improve make sure our devices are safe and secure.

The same is true for your home or office wireless network (wifi). As a comparison to other types of networks wifi networks are more insecure, as their signals are publicly accessible by any device within the range. Availability of signals means the traffic which is being transmitted is also there in the air. Though there is different type of security options such as wpa2 are available which do encrypt the traffic but there are many tools available to crack it. So it is in your best regard to use other tools and software to secure yourself.

Final Words – Which WiFi Hacker Apps do you use?

These apps come in all shapes and sizes but, which ones do you use for daily hacking and testing? We have shown you our recommendations in our top 11 list of WiFi Password Hacking Android Apps of 2022 above. Now it’s your turn.

Always be aware that rooting your phone to use such apps will void your warranty. You need to know what you are doing before you can use any of the above apps as they can get pretty complex quickly. The apps that we have provided most of them require you to have no root and some require you to have root access.

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