3 Best Mac OS Docks For Windows 10/11 in 2022 (Free)

Love Apple Macs and how they look? Here are the top 3 best Mac OS Docks for Windows 10/11 that you can download for free!

This has given developers a challenge to deliver some good experiences to all the window users. Though it does not offer that much like in feature, they do provide in with a lot of conveniences. The best part is that they look pretty fancy than a start menu.

  • With this, users can also add many app files or folders to their desktop.
  • Users can access these from anywhere without minimizing the screen that is currently opened.
  • Give users an aero effect like skin with transparent looks.


Why Install a Dock App?

These are a few docks that are available there on windows, and some of them are quite good. But now, if you have limited needs or want one that only compliments your windows taskbar, then there are three docks for PC that can do the job for you.

The next ones highly resemble the ones that are found on Appleā€™s computer system. Users need to try to access their favorite applications. These not only look beautiful but can be customized as well.

Top 3 Best Mac OS Docks For Windows 10/11 (Free Download)

Winstep Nexus Dock and Nexus Ultimate – The best dock app

Winstep Nexus Dock Ultimate For Windows 10

In this, you may notice that there is a distance between the land and the sky. This is precisely the same distance or difference between the Nexus dock and Rocker Dock. Though both of them are good, Nexus docks are the best ones for windows. It carries in a lot of features. It is not that easy or that user-friendly.

Now launching applications and then adding them to the dock works the same as any other one. It comes with a learning curve; if users wish to customize it to make it look and behave like they want.

It carries everything like different themes and dockets and that too, in high numbers. It takes in a lot of new yet exciting features plus animations. Comes in with appearance settings like icon reflections, icon launch animations, close animations, delete animations, For the duration of these animations you can micromanage everything.

All this comes at a price though it has a free version too. You need to put in some money for the ultimate version that also carries all the features. We had used this one for a very long time before it came around, and we have customized it to our desires. It also comes with a start menu as well.

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Minimizing windows to the dock is not reliable with this one, but still, it works sometimes. If you wish to replace the taskbar entirely, then you can rely on this one.

Download Winstep Nexus/Ultimate Dock For Windows 10

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Rocket Dock – Th famous choice

Download Rocket Dog Dock For Windows 10

This one comes with the most popular dock options for windows. Its development was ceased a few before and thus has no new added features. It can be used in some new useful features, to be honest. Having some features makes it one of the simplest docks available for windows. It comes with basic features that are required like:

  • Ability to change the individual icons
  • Change position of the dock
  • Place them behind the open windows
  • Users can also adjust the quality of icons, all depending upon their hardware.

We suggest that you do not change a lot there in the icon settings as the default animation as the zoom settings are quite ideal. The animations are so smooth with this one that it feels like an integrated part of the system. It carries themes, and the internet is full of them as the dock is too accessible. You can find this there on the official website.

By using docklets, users can also extend the functionality; these can be found on the internet too. If you wish, then you can see the minimized windows to appear on the dock as well. This function seems to be broken and is not that much reliable as long as there is a taskbar.

Now keep in mind that the rocket dock shall always overlap with the open windows, meaning that depending on the preferences, windows will either slide over or under it. Now unlike other docks or taskbar, this one is not able to allocate a dedicated space for itself.

Download Rocket Dog For Windows 10

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ObjectDock – It started here

ObjectDock For Windows 10 Download

Object Dock was the first dock app for Windows! It comes for free and a full version which is paid and has extra features. It comes with pre-designed dock themes and icons that you can choose for the apps.

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It allows you to create various docklets on which you can create multiple different folders and files. It is excellent for quick access shortcuts.

Note: ObjectDock has two options, a free one and a paid one. You can get a 30-days trial or purchase the full release.

Download ObjectDock For Windows 10

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Which Dock App are you choosing?

I hope you have enjoyed the choices above for the best Mac OS Docks for Windows 10 and Windows 11. This will make your PC look and feel just like a MAC with the dock apps that you can download.

Do let us know in the comments below if you have any alternative mac docks that you would like to suggest.

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