5 Best Free Password Manager Software For Windows 10/11
5 Best Free Password Manager Software For Windows 10/11

To protect your online data today is very important, and for this, you need to have a strong password that is hard to crack. Although it is difficult to remember strong passwords, you have to put a little effort into this to make things work for yourself. This page provides you with the 5 best free password managers 2022 that work with Windows 10 and Windows 11. These will include open-source password managers too for those who dought the companies!

You need to set passwords for many critical applications and web services that include social media accounts, emails, online shopping, internet banking accounts and much more. If however, you are not good with remembering passwords, then this is where the password manager comes in handy.

In this guide, we have compiled for your convenience some best free password managers for Windows 10/11. All of them come in freely and won’t cost you a single penny. Though for some extra features you might pay.


Why use Password Manager Software?

The password manager application can remember the credentials. It does this by storing them in an encrypted form and provide with details when asked for. This is much easier than writing them down on a piece of papers and allowing someone to have access to them.

Different Types of Password Managers

The password manager app comes in the following types:

  • There is one that installs on your computer system and can store the data locally
  • There is another web-based password manager application that can store data on cloud servers and on hard drives that are specially designed to store passwords
  • The third one is based on hardware that can save biometrics like the retina, fingerprints, etc.

Today many password manager application offers cross-platform support. Like this, we can access their data over the internet as well as locally.

The passwords mentioned above manager application is the best ones for the year 2022. All of them come with both pros and cons. The best thing about using such apps is that you can switch them anytime you want without paying a single penny

When you are turning, you must keep one thing in your mind that do not forget to delete all of your data before changing the password manager application. Even if it is paid even then, you need to do this.

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Password Manager Browser Extensions

You must never use the chromes built-in password manager application. Chrome is a widely used web browser everywhere, and its users are familiar with the popups asking users to save their passwords in Google smart lock. The password vault looks very promising provided the fact that Google is behind it. Thus it includes a weird feature that it can expose all your saved passwords without putting in much effort.

If you have signed into Chrome, then you can view the user credentials in settings> manager passwords. Though, it is a bit strange that before displaying the details it asks for your windows PIN or password.

You can use chromes, built-in password manager, only if you do not share your computer system with anyone else and are a single user.

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Do you need a Password Managing App?

Yes, you need a password manager application for ultimate security and password safety. The password vault is made for you if you are the kind of person who forgets his password very quickly. There is no harm in using a password manager application even if you carry a great memory to remember passwords. Many free password manager applications are also available for your ease.

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5 Best Free Password Manager Software for Windows 10/11 (Latest)

Password manager apps can make your world secure. Following are the best free to download password manager apps.


Keep pass came out in 2004. KeePass is a very famous and well-known windows desktop password manager. It is available for both Linux and macOS as well. The app comes in free and is open-source software.

This password manager can store the username and passwords offline on the device of the user in an encrypted file. KeePass can support the import and export of credentials in the following forms:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSV

It comes with slightly fewer features as compared to the other password manager apps. However, it supports features like form auto-fill, two-factor authentication and many more. The application comes in with a built-in password generator tool. Moreover, the KeePass password manager app comes in free for windows 10 and older versions


  • It comes with the following features:
  • It does not require any installation
  • It provides options to create password groups
  • It is a combination of a master password and a key file
  • It comes with plug-ins to extend functionalities.

Download KeePass Free for Windows 10

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Sticky password is another password manager application. It is available for iOS, Windows, macOS and Android. It can provide support to all the famous web browsers out there

It features includes the following:

  • Autofill
  • Form filling
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Supporting biometrics like fingerprints
  • Password management

The sticky password comes in free, but if you want to have extra features like cloud backup, cross-device sync, priority support and much more, then you would have to pay for it.

The application manages to store the payment details of the user in addition to credentials. The best feature it has is its ability to sync data across Wi-Fi locally. However, in some cases, many users do not want to do it over the cloud

Special Features

The stick password manager application comes with the following unique features:

  • It is one the best password generator tool
  • It can support 16 browsers
  • It comes with an option to share passwords in a secured manner
  • It has an encrypted vault for storing credit card numbers to facilitate one-click payments.

Download StickyPassword Free for Windows 10

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LastPass is yet another popular password manager application. It comes in for windows 10. While storing password details on the cloud servers, it offers cross-platform support

The password manager app can import data from many web browsers that are installed on your computer system or any password manager app if you are switching. Last past password manager app is available for the user for almost a decade now and thus is considered the best manager app for windows and other platforms.

The extensions of the last pass app are available for different web browsers which include; apple safari, opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and much more.  The users can download this from the Microsoft store and can be used to manage their accounts outside the browsers.

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Special Features

The last pass password manager app comes with the following unique features:

  • It comes with two-factor authentication
  • It can capture the password automatically
  • It comes with auto form filling
  • It usually secures notes for social security numbers, bank account numbers and many more.

Download LastPass Free for Windows 10

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DashLane Password Manager

Dash lane is a password manager application. It uses the AES-156 bit encryption to protect user credentials and also stores them locally. It comes with features that can help users fill forms and provide two-factor authentication, import and export of credentials, automatic logins and much more.

This password manager application can double up a digital wallet for storing credit cards, debit cards and other payment details. To change multiple passwords with ease dash lane comes with a dedicated interface.

The application can store for you unlimited passwords although it is limited to only one device. You can opt for the premium option that can extend the devices limit to infinite, able to enable cross-device syncing, backup cloud and other extra features

Dash lane is present for Windows, iOS, macOS and android OS.

Special Features

Dash lane password manager application comes with the following unique features:

  • It can secure notes to store notes, credit card details and bank information
  • You can give passwords to friends and family without revealing them
  • It comes with an emergency contact option in case you forget the master password.

Download Dashlane Free for Windows 10

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Login me once the password manager application provides a lot of benefits than the others. The app comes in free. It features include a two-factor authentication option, cross-device sync, biometrics support, digital wallet, secured password sharing and much more.

It is also able to change your weak passwords by analyzing them in the password strength report with the help of a one-click functionality feature. It depends totally on the user whether they want to create a password-less account or want to add a master password. As mentioned above app comes in free along with that is allows the addition of a beneficiary who will receive control of the account in case anything happens to the user

Special Features

Log me in once the password manager application comes with the following unique features:

  • It is an automatic password changer
  • Emergency access with pictures
  • You have the option to convert USB into a 2FA token
  • You can secure a wallet to store credit card information.

Download LogMeOnce Free for Windows 10

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Our Favorite: 1Password

1Password is a great password manager that is free to download. It has all the premium password manager features which do not cost anything. It works great on other platforms as well, like Windows 10, Android and iOS!

Download 1Password for Windows 10

Which Password Manager is your favorite?

In this article, we have shared the 5 best and secure free password managers that can be used to remember login credentials for you and make your life easier. Get the one that best suits your needs. Some of the password managers shared are open-source password managers and work great on Windows 10/11.

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