5 Best Free PDF Editors for Chrome OS Chromebooks (2022)

In today’s time and age, PDF is a very well-known acronym. The moment you say the word PDF, people instantly get to know that you are talking about a document. We will be sharing the top 5 best PDF editors for Chrome OS that can be downloaded for free.

Almost everyone around the world uses them, but no one knew what it stands for. So, to begin with, it stands for Portable Document Format. Ever thought why it is so high or too popular? Well, follow through to know about this. These PDF readers let users edit documents on their Chromebook.

Many of us, especially the younger generation, do not know how difficult it was to share documents. You know what we are talking about if you have viewed a word document from someone there in the MS word that got typed on Google Docs, Libre Office, or anything out there that is not Microsoft WordPad.


Why PDF Editors are great on Chromebooks

These are amazing laptops that are Light, fast, and secure. Having such programs on them make them even more useful, especially for students or businessman that are always on the go.

To be sure that both the sender as well as the receiver have the same software is quite difficult. Back in the old days, when you received any document, then it was hard to figure out which software could be used to view such a document.

PDFs can a bit challenging for the Chromebooks as the most popular is the Adobe Reader, which is the most popular tool that is not available for it. Many android applications can be found, but they are not that great for the big screens as the demise of android tablets has provided them. Fortunately, many easy yet free tools are available for this.

Many of these are online tools; thus, you are required to use your trustworthy Chrome browser. Now follow through to know the rest.

Top 5 Best Free PDF Editors for Chrome OS (Chromebook)

SEJDA PDF Editor – The only editor you need

Best PDF Reader For Chromebook

This is the first one to make it to the list. This is the best one out there that comes with some best features and an easy user interface. This is a web application or a tool instead that can be accessed through any device as long as it has a browser. Keep in mind that not all PDF editors let users edit the existing text on the document. It’s a paid feature on some tools.

Usually, users are allowed to add the text and then edit this. This one lets edit text that is present already in the file. the best part about this one is that it does not add in any watermarks on your documents.

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If you wish to edit a text, all you need to do is visit the official website and upload it. Moreover, you can paste the link that you want to delete. It is present online in the cloud, with no installation required. This is good if you do not often edit documents, plus you do need to install anything.

It lets users add files through a URL and can also be used to convert PDF files to Word or JPG just as you can convert Excel XLSX to VCF. There is a popular desktop Linux application that users can install on their Chromebook that is indeed a wrapper for the web app.

Download Sejda PDF Editor For Chrome OS

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Lumin PDF – A free option

Lumin PDF Reader For Chrome OS

This is a beautiful-looking online editor from your chrome OS. You can get it there from the chrome web store and add an icon to your application launcher that opens up the app in a browser window.

Lumin PDF Features:

  • Highlight text
  • Underline text
  • Erase blocks of text
  • Add in digital signatures.
  • Rotate as well as remove individual pages
  • Draw shapes
  • Draw lines
  • Add in comments and much more.

With this, users can share files directly that, too, in real-time—a must for collaboration lovers.

Download Lumin PDF For Chrome OS

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Okular – Universal Document Viewer

Okular PDF Editor for Chromebook

First things first, this one is not a Chrome OS application, an online tool, or an extension. This is a Linux application that got developed by KDE, them behind the KDE plasma desktop, KDE Neon and Kubuntu. It comes in free as it is a Linux application.

It works just like the adobe reader. Users can now use this with the Chromebook, all thanks to Linux app support that is being added to its OS. To use this, users need to enable it, once allows they need to use the following command in the terminal to install it or install Okular there from the software center.

Sudo apt-get install okular

Download Okular PDF Reader For Chrome OS

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KAMI – NotablePDF

Download KAMI for Chrome OS

This is yet another one to make it to the list that was previously known as Notable PDF. For all the chrome users out there, this is the best choice. The best thing about this one is that it lets users annotate a PDF document rather than having to save them somewhere first.

You can use it as long you are online, and it shall sync all the changes to your google drive. Keep in mind that this is an extension and not an application or an online tool, which means that it can work offline.

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It carries a vertical sidebar that helps to switch between the pen and the highlighter easily. It has a free version that comes with ads but lets you add text, underline, highlight text, and strikethrough. It comes with a paid version as well that has features like merging or splitting and OCR. This seems the best one on the list.

Download KAMI For Chrome OS

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PDFEscape – Web-based reader for Chrome OS

PDFEscape for Chrome OS Download

If you do not wish to install anything on your computer system, then this is a perfect web-based tool as you can visit the web via any OS compatibility is never an issue with the web-based tools. It comes with a limit to use. Keep in mind that the document must not have more than 100 pages and also not exceed 10MB in size. Users can do anything from adding images, texts, to deleting or adding pages. It does not allow you to edit text, though.

PDFEscape Features for Chromebook:

  • Draw on the PDF
  • Add sticky notes
  • Strikethrough text
  • Put white space over anything you want to disappear.
  • Insert lines, checkmarks, arrows, ovals, circles, rectangles, and add comments as well.

This one is flexible enough. Although you cannot edit the existing text, still you can just cover it with white space and then type over it with the same font. As it is an online tool, therefore it lets you add in a PDF through a URL. It offers a dedicated windows tool for your offline use if you want to have it offline.

Download PDFEscape For Chrome OS

Some alternatives to the above:

  1. PDF Studio: A free choice that does the job. It is available for Chrome OS Version 70 and above and can be downloaded from here.
  2. Xodo PDF Viewer: A great PDF Editor and reader that allows you to edit, merge, and annotate docs and form filling along with capabilities to add a signature. You can install it from here.

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Which PDF Reader do you have on your Chromebook?

I know there are a lot of choices above! Choose wisely. However, be assured that they have been thoroughly tested and considered by us. These 5 best free PDF editors for Chromebook are feature-rich and will handle any document you throw at them.

My personal favorites are KAMI, PDF Studio, and PDFEscape. They have always just worked and haven’t yet crashed on me once.

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