Best 6 Material-Inspired Themes & Icons for Linux Download
Best 6 Material-Inspired Themes & Icons for Linux Download

A Linux desktop is nothing if it is not appealing to the eye. We will be talking about everything about Linux themes and Linux Icons. This article will be listing the top 6 best material-inspired ideas/icons for Linux 2022 with free download links. There are a few themes and icons that will function effectively with your Linux system. As it is an ongoing trend in the software industry as a whole, you may bring the flat feel to your Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, or any distribution you want to rock.


Top 6 Best Material-Inspired Themes/Icons for Linux (Free Download)

We have compiled the best themes and icons for your Linux desktop. These are as followed:

Flatabulous Theme

Flatabulous Linux Theme Download

One of the most rocking themes you will ever get is Flatabulous. It comes with ultra-flat icons. This theme is best for those distributions that use GNOME shell, which makes around 80% of all the Linux distributions. It carries some fantastic set of icons that are present in multiple colors like green, light orange, orange, and blue, that is by default.

It holds the reputation of the best Ubuntu theme. As it is self-glorification, we must say that it lives entirely up to the claim and works in the best possible way with our unity DE for the most part.

It can be installed on different systems like eOS, Cinnamon, and MATE. For all of you who are willing to install it you need to:

  • Open the terminal
  • Once done, run the following commands:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/icons

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install ultra-flat-icons ultra-flat-icons-green ultra-flat-icons-orange 

Download Flatabulous Theme for Ubuntu

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Paper Icons for Linux

Hewitt's Paper Theme Download for Linux

The Paper Hewitt’s is a GTK 2/3 based theme. It works best with a desktop environment by using the GNOME shell. It is all about the closet to an android look and feels that you will have on your Linux desktop. This follows, mainly follows the guidelines of Google inspire a few modifications for the better scaling of icons and other elements. Keep in mind that this theme is still in its beta version and thus lacks a long list of icons in the set.

The custom coloured title bar is another exciting feature that this theme carries. This adds in extra personality to the theme. But for now, a few applications like Gedit, calculator, and notes are coloured to custom while the rest of the apps are default to grey.

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The developer of this project is Sam Hewitt. He says that the set will be complete with icons as well as plank themes when it will become stable. You can get the GTK theme for Ubuntu and derivative through this unstable PPA.

You can get it from AUR if you are on Arch Linux. As you have the themes and icons installed, you need to make sure to have the tweak tool to make the prior changes. You can get the unity tweak tool from the standard Ubuntu repo, and as an alternative, you can also install the GNOME tweak tool that is available in the repo.

  • $ sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool     [Unity Tweaking Tool]
  • $ sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool     [Gnome Tweaking Tool]

There are no reports for other distribution types, unfortunately. But there is an option to compile from the source that you can do by following the particular instructions.

Moreover, keep in mind that the producer Sam Hewitt is responsible for the Moka icon and theme that is available on Android and Linux.

Download Paper Icons for Linux Free

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Mono Dark Flattr (icon theme)

Mono Dark Flattr Theme for Linux Free Download

The mono dark Flattr is another icon theme for Linux desktops. It was forked from ultra-flat icons (steftrikia) and Flattr (NitruxSA/Flattr-icons). The primary purpose is to combine the latest flat design trend with the ambiance mono dark theme (that is widely spread among the GNOME 3 fall back session classic users on the recent system of Ubuntu)

Now, what does it do is that the mono dark Flattr combines both the Luv Flattr and Ultra-flat icons from two different projects to provide you with the best of both worlds?

Download Mono Dark Flattr Icon Theme

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Luv Icon Theme (formerly Flattr)

Luv Theme for Linux Download

Luv is yet another GTK based theme for you guys. It comes with the primary material-inspired icons that are visible throughout the operating system. It is indeed an icon set that carries no theme bundled along with it.

For the time being, it lacks quite a several icons but still overall casts a lot of impressions of the user. You can track regarding it the progress of development on their Github.

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Download Luv Icon Theme for Free

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Super Flat Remix Theme

Super Flat Remix Item Theme for Linux

The super-flat remix item theme is derived from the combination of projects that exist already. It is a complete yet best suit on this list that carries features that are supported for Des that are most common.

Themes that come in a zip package, once you get downloaded must be extracted to /usr/share/themes and then use the Unity Tweak Tool to cast for necessary and required changes.

Download Super Flat Remix Theme

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Vivacious Colors GTK Theme

Vivacious Colors GTK Theme Download

The vivacious colors of the GTK icon theme are yet another suit that follows the same concept of combining icon sets that exist already, however, with added tweaks for the consistency of the desktop. The animated theme happens to be the result of the combination of Emerald, Luv Flattr, and Plasma next.

The themes come with a combination of different numbers, say 14 in number. You can choose from the file manager through extension. Moreover, just like the icons above and themes, it also works with the desktop environment by using GTK technologies.

The vivacious theme, just like the Mon dark Flattr theme, is the only set icon, and it can be used in combination with some other themes as well. This includes Paper or Fantabulous to give unified material experience.

  • $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ravefinity-project/ppa
  • $ sudo apt-get update
  • $ sudo apt-get install vivacious-colors

Note: Keep in mind that most of the themes mentioned above have been tested on different desktop environments, which include Unity, KDE, Mate, Pantheon, and Cinnamon, and they proved to work out effectively for the most part.

Download RAVEfinity Vivacious Colors GTK Theme Free

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Which Linux Material Theme is your Favorite?

In this guide, we have highlighted for you the best material-inspired themes or icons for your Linux desktop so that whenever you log in to your computer system, the windows desktop seems to be eye-catching and breathe taking. Do let us know which one is your favourite from our top 6 best material-based Linux themes for 2022. I would recommend having a look at changing your GNOME desktop environment if you don’t like CLI.

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