Have you just changed your broadband or ISP and want to test your new network speed? This article has put together the 6 Best Free Internet Bandwidth Speed Test Tools to check your download and upload speed along with ping in real-time. Internet speed test software is crucial to keep a track of your rates and if there is something wrong with your ISP.

Top 6 Tools To Test and Benchmark Internet Speed/Bandwidth
Top 6 Tools To Test and Benchmark Internet Speed/Bandwidth

Network connections are critical as almost every phone, tablet or computer system requires them to get access to the internet or other devices that are around their office or home.  Every computer low-end or high-end that we have at our house, office or any place else carries an in-built Ethernet or wi-fi network adaptor. Along with the internet connection, the user can also set up local networks with the help of which the connected computer systems can transfer data among themselves.

It is quite easy to set up a local network as for this, you only require a system or router switch. Just plug in the network cable, and it will work out best for you. The wireless connection can also be established very quickly only by pressing the WPS button, which is present o the new generation routers. The different network works a different speed; thus, you need to be sure that yours run fast enough to meet your requirements.

Whether you are streaming your favorite video, listening to your favorite song, or copying large files, you must be sure that your network connection is working properly; otherwise, you won’t have good speed, and it may interrupt your streaming. Now there are many free network benchmark tools that you can use to test your network speed between computers to be sure that your network is working at the required rate. Follow through the article to get to know about these benchmark tools.


6 Best Free Internet Speed Test Tools to Test your Broadband

LANBench – Benchmark local network speed

Bandwidth Speed Test Software for PC

The first one on the list is the LAN bench. It comes in free. It is a portable utility that is used to test networks by using TCP.  The user is asked to run this on both the computer systems, one as a server and another as a client that shall be tested. Keep in mind that on the server computer system, you need to run the tool and then hit the listen button.

The client computer system needs a bit of setting up. For this you need to go to file then configure after this add the IP address of the server and make sure to check that it is using the same port as the server, 8998 is the default one. The packet size is 12MB by default, which can be increased depending upon the user’s requirement. The user can also define different things like packet size, test duration, connection, and the mode of transfer. The best part about this is you can see the live transfer rate and average performance during the benchmark process.

Download LANBench Latest Version

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LAN Speed Test – Another Local Network Tester

Top Free Internet Speed Test Tools to Download

The light version of the LAN speed test is a standalone portable executive who is 122KB in size and an older version of the shareware that comes in free. This tool is straightforward to use. It is used to measure the speed of LAN by copying the file to any other computer system, which is located on the same local network. For this, all the user needs to do is browse towards a folder of another computer system on the web where you have access to write, then click on the start test button.

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After this, you shall be prompted to set the size of the file of the dummy file that needs to be transferred. By default, the size is 20MB, but that shall need to be ten times higher, at least to test fast networks such as Gigabit. The best thing about this is that the user does not need to setup master and client connectivity as it only requires to write access towards a shared folder. Moreover, at the end of the test, you can also print the results.

Note: Do keep one thing in your mind that although a new version is available, which is portable, it is indeed a limited free version of the full shareware tool. As this gave us an inaccurate write test, therefore, we recommend our users to stick with the lite version.  The installer may have adware, consequently, you need to download the LAN speed test portable if you wish to give it a try.

Download LAN Speed Test Latest Version Free

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Recommended Tools for Testing Local Network Speed

This is the first free version of the accessible hardware information and benchmarking tool. This was known as EVEREST, but for now, it is called AIDA32.  This tool comes with a handy network benchmark plug-in that you can no longer get in AIDA64 or EVEREST.  If you wish to run the network benchmark, then all you need to do is download it, unzip it and then run aida32.exe. Once done, in the menu, you need to select plugin then AIDA32 network benchmark.

Like all the other tools, the user needs to run the program on both the computer system that he wishes to test. On the first computer, you need to select a master from the drop down there at the bottom of the window, then go to the bandwidth tab and hit start. Then on the second computer, you need to select slave, then enter the IP address of the master into the box; once done, go to the bandwidth tab and hit start. The save button is used to save the bandwidth chart in the form of a bitmap image.

Download AIDA64 Latest Version Free

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Top 6 Best Bandwidth Speed Test Programs

This is a command-line utility that is used for benchmarking networks throughout.  This is a third-party GUI that acts as a frontend and makes the tool quite easier to use. Once you have downloaded, you need to run the extractor, followed by running the NetIO-GUI.exe. Although this is portable, still there is one more option that can be used to install a windows service from the extras menu if you want to run the NetIO-GUI regularly.

You need to run this on both the testing computers.  On the server computer system, you need to press the server mode and then click on the start server. On the other hand, on the other computer, you need to be sure that it is in client mode, and then you need to enter the IP address of the server computer and click on the start measure. After this, the NetIO will test the connectivity that is based on different packet sizes. Protocol, port, ping tests, and measuring units are all optional settings.

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Download NetIO-GUI Software Free

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This is indeed a straightforward benchmarking tool that comes free. It is created as an internal tool by nuts about nets that were released then to the general public out there. One of the bad things about this tool is its user interface, which is horrible, not easy to navigate, and runs only as a full maximized window.

Like all other tools, this also needs to run on both the computers that need to be tested. The best thing about this is that it is capable of finding the receiver’s IP address automatically. If you want to run a test, then you need to click on the that is there on the top beside the remote receiver IP, then select the IP address which is listed in the window and click on the OK button. After this, the start button shall be enabled, and once you click on it, it shall start measuring the TCP and UDP.

Download NetStress for Free

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iPerf Speed Test Tool for CLI and GUI

This is a viral command-line benchmarking tool. It can run on Windows, macOS, Linux, Ios, and android. To get this tool running, you need to download the zip archive and then extract it into two computer systems; after this, you need to open a command prompt on each system. Run the following command on the first computer which shall set it up as a server:

Iperf3.exe –s

Then on the second computer, you need to run the following command in which you need to replace the zeros with the IP address of the computer that is running as a server:

Iperf3exe. –c (e.g. iperf3exe.  –c

After 10 seconds, a speed test shall be performed that will give results in megabits per second. If you want to get the megabytes per second score then append “-f M” at the end of the command (note the upper case M)

Other commands can also be used in iPerf, but we won’t go into them. If you are not a fan of the command prompt, then you can use the frontend Graphical user interface. One that you can use is JPerf. It comes with certain drawbacks like you shall need a java installed on your computer system and is also from 2009 with older versions of iPerf included. You cannot replace it with the latest iPerf, but version 2.0.9 from 2016 does work. The included version 1.7.0 is from 2003.

Download iPerf Speed Test Tool

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Which Internet Speed Test Tool is your vest-Choice?

These were all the best Free Internet Speed/Bandwidth Test Tools that also allow you to test local network speed. These tools require minimum system requirements and storage, and results are very accurate to 99.98/99.99 accuracy depending on ping, download, and upload speeds. Please note that it depends on what kind of connections you have, such as copper, fiber, or 4G/5G. There are few ways to hack your ISP to increase bandwidth but try them with caution.

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