While YouTube offers lots of useful videos and has become the top source of information and entertainment, there’s just one problem. It only works if you have a strong internet connection! The solution to this problem is pretty simple which is to download the videos you want to watch. Today we will share with you the 8 Best YouTube Downloader Apps in 2022 with an emphasis on programs that work on Android. In some cases the apps offer an APK to free download.

You can download the videos for offline viewing with the help of an application that can download videos from YouTube or other online sources. By downloading these videos you can watch them anytime and anywhere even if you don’t have Internet access or want to save on mobile data. There are several available YouTube downloader apps that you can choose from. Here are my top recommendations.

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Top 8 YouTube Video Downloaders for Android Mobiles 2022 (APK Download)

There are many video downloaders available on the Internet. Some of the most popular video downloaders are listed below:


VDownloader works on your desktop (Mac or Windows) computer where you can download & convert videos from any website, then transfer or sync them to your Android phone. What makes VDownloader a top choice is that it does much more than just download YouTube videos, it can also:

  • Download videos from Vimeo, Facebook, Twitch, and any other source
  • Download entire playlists or channels at once, or schedule regular downloads
  • Crop and convert videos into any compatible format (MP4, AVI, MOV, WMA, MP3, etc)

One of my favorite features is the MP3 conversion. Sometimes I just want to listen to the music from a YouTube video instead of watching the visuals. VDownloader lets me convert the video to a smaller audio-only MP3 file for easy listening. And by running VDownloader on your desktop computer, you can avoid the trouble of needing to download and install a separate APK on your mobile device.

VDownloader for Windows User Interface
VDownloader Desktop Application for Windows

Get VDownloader




Similar to VDownloader, Viddly is available as a desktop application for Mac or Windows but it keeps things simple and focuses exclusively on YouTube videos. If you want a fool-proof process for grabbing YouTube videos in a single click then Viddly has got you covered. And the built-in YouTube video search is a nice plus.

Viddly application interface

When using Viddly, all you need to do is paste the the YT video link into the Viddly search bar, select your desired video format & resolution, and click download. The free version downloads at 1080p, but the pro version supports resolutions all the way up to 8K and 60 FPS!

Download Viddly


Videoder YouTube Downloader Free

Videoder is the most powerful and well known YouTube video downloader for Android devices. Videoder can be used to download videos from various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook etc. It also allows you to stream and download videos in all available formats. You can choose any quality you want you can also share the video directly to the social media from the app. The app can be customized according to your taste and color. The app lets you download your video with a faster downloading speed. The app also consists of different themes, dark mode, and built-in video player, etc.

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There is one shortcoming that this app cannot be found in the Play store. This app can be downloaded from the official website of Videoder. This app is only available in the APK file. There is another shortcoming of this app that it consists of a lot of ads. These ads can be removed if you buy the premium plugin of the videoder from the Play store. It completely depends upon your own choice if you have no problem with ads then it is ok or else you can buy the premium plugin and have an ad-free experience.

Videoder Download APK


TubeMate YouTube Downloader Free

TubeMate is a good Android video downloader app. It has an awesome graphical interface which is pretty easy to use it also has a new feature due to which you can easily download videos from multiple video sharing platforms. This application consists of a browser which can be used within the app to search for the videos you want to download from any site you like.

Tubemate also has the option from which you can choose the quality and file format of the video you want to download. The downloaded videos are directly stored into your mobile storage or into the SD card automatically. You can also download the YouTube video in MP3 format, but it requires additional time to convert the YouTube video to MP3 format. TubeMate also consists of advertisements that keep on popping up for a period of time.

TubeMate Download APK

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KeepVid Free YouTube Downloader

Keepvid is another best YouTube video downloaders and also popular on the internet. This downloader can download videos with more speed as compared to the other video downloaders. You can download videos from YouTube and other video-sharing websites or apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr etc.

This app consists of a very easy to use and graphical interface. It also allows you to download 4K resolution videos. You can play the downloaded video with the help of a built-in video and audio player available in the app. You can also download the videos in MP3 without any external Plugin.

This app is totally free and does not contain any purchasing or any viruses. It also shows ads and in order to remove these ads, you have to download the premium version.

KeepVid Download APK


SnapTube YouTube Download Free APK

Snaptube is one of the most trustworthy video downloading app for Android. It has an advanced Graphical interface which also consists of different possible sites hyperlinked logos. It is a user-friendly video downloader that consists of different categorized videos. You can directly search YouTube videos from its search bar.

Snaptube is the fastest YouTube video downloader. Before you can download the video it asks you to choose the quality of it. The videos are directly downloaded and saved into your device storage. You can find your video in the Gallery or search for it in the File manager.

Snaptube Video Download APK

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InsTube Android YouTube Downloader

Instube is a good video downloader for Android. With the help of this app, you can download the videos from the most popular social media apps or sites like Vimeo, Instagram, and Dailymotion etc. This app consists of a simple interface and normal downloading speed.

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You can select the resolution in which you want to download the videos. You can even share videos within your favorite apps. The additional feature in this app is that you can hide any video you want in private space within the app.

InsTube Android YT Downloader

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Newpipe YouTube Downloader Free APK Latest

The last but not the least video app of our list is NewPipe.It is a very simple Android video downloader that can be used to catch the video from other applications and can be downloaded into the desired resolution you want. It is a very lightweight app and does not reserve much space in your Android device storage. It is an open-source app that does not use any YouTube API or Google’s Play services.

NewPipe provides you with the original YouTube app interface without any annoying ads. It has a very simple and attractive interface. The best feature in this app is its background video player that allows you to play any YouTube video in the background while you can hear the video’s music and do your other work in your Android device.

Some of the important features of NewPipe are listed below:

  • Search for the required videos.
  • You can watch, listen and download the videos within the app.
  • You can open your Video in Kodi.
  • This downloader supports Tor, Orbot, 1080p, 2K, 4K videos.
  • This downloader also supports Subtitles, playlists, queuing, history support.

NewPipe YouTube Videos Downloader APK

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How to Download YouTube Videos on Android with the above apps

Now I am going to explain the step-by-step procedure of downloading the videos from YouTube by using this app easily. These steps are:

  • First of all, download any of the above-mentioned video downloaders and install them by checking the option of installing from unknown sources.
  • Once you have finished downloading the app. Then open the YouTube app in your mobile device.
  • Search for the video you want to download from YouTube.
  • Click the download button and select the download which pops up on your screen. Then you can choose any format in which you download the video.
  • Another way to download the video is to search for the video in the YouTube app and tap on the Share button under the video. After that click your downloader from the search menu and click it.
  • Once the app opens the process is the same as explained above.

How do you Download YouTube Videos on Android?

These were all of the best YouTube video downloader apps for Android that I found for you over the internet. These apps do not harm your android devices or damage your personal files. These apps are completely safe and I have provided the downloaded links of all the apps so it wouldn’t be difficult for you to download and install them on your android device. If you like this article then please share it with your friends.

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