Top 9 Best Free Hacking Apps for iPhone/iOS (Free Download)

If you are bored with the same old features of your apple phone then this article has a great list of the 9 best hacking apps for iPhone and iOS with free download links.

Today there are many hacking applications for iPhone iOS. Hacking apps for iPhone are used to customize the Ios device and also have full control over it. Several different apps allow users to get under the sight of the equipment and start creating their favorite tweaks. Follow through the article to get to know about the best hacking applications for both iPhone and iOS.


9 Best Hacking Apps for iPhone and iOS Free Download


The first one on the list is the wifi hacker app Cydia. It is very much similar to other wifi hacking applications for iPhone. With this, the users can crack WPA and WPA2 passwords of different routers very easily, which did not get their default wifi passwords changed. The WLAN audit is easy to use.

Through different ways, we all try to go across different wifi network that is protected and secured with a password. Therefore such a hacking app can be used to break or crack passwords of different routers who did not have their wifi passwords changed at the very first time. Moreover, with this, the users are also able to crack protected connections with WPA and WPA2.

Download WLANAudit iOS App Free

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iOS Hacking Apps Download

iWeb Pro is seen as the best hacking application for iPhone. It is effortless to use. It is used to crack wifi passwords. Now, what is the need to have such a claim? Well, today we use wifi, daily, but at times we are not lucky enough to catch a free wifi signal. So what we do is that we move to the next message, but sadly its message is protected by a password.

Then comes in this application with the help of this you can hack a wifi signal. IWep Pro is specially designed with the purpose to crack down only the wifi passwords. It is used to crack passwords that are protected and secured with WEP security. This hacking application for iPhone comes with a simple and easy user interface. Moreover, this application can be used to crack down the wifi passwords of security networks that are secured with WEP.

Download iWepPRO iPhone App Free

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Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker

Another one on the list is Elcomsoft phone password breaker that is software sold by a Russian firm to different government agencies. It is more of a forensic device that is designed in a way to extract scientific data. It has been used to remove all the data from an Ios device by impersonating the device.

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The government of almost all countries needs this device for different reasons. Therefore the Russian firm sells this device to many government agencies. It is often seen more as a device rather than software that is used to run the software. Users can extract all the data from Ios device remotely via impersonating it.

Download Elcomsoft Phone Breaker iPhone App Free

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xSellize Game Hack

This is seen as the best Cydia that you shall love the one you have it. You can explore different things once you get this application. Like if you wish to play a game that you like you and it is paid then by using XSellize game hack you can download all the paid games all for free. Get this hack ad to enjoy to the fullest as you shall never be bored as they are better as compared to some other free games that you play or have.  Use this to play paid games and download them for fun.

Download xSellize iPhone App Free

IRET (iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit)

A pentester usually has to repeat specific individual tasks quite often to get success as well as improvise the efficiency. Such tasks are quite hectic and require a lot of typing of the same commands to run many iPhone hacking commands and much more. To solve this problem, ver code that is also known as IOS Reverse engineering toolkit created IRET. It is seen as a static analysis tool that requires python on the device.

Download IRET iOS Hacking App

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3G Hack

The 3G hack is considered as the best iPhone hacking application for Ios. It is being used as a 3G restrictor. Users can use the 3G hack to convert their 3G into wifi. This is all because various iPhone applications are willing to help with WIFI and never 3G. If you experience such a problem with your iPhone applications, then all you need is the 3G hack that can save you from all your questions.


Use this to stop devices that are not using any bandwidth. Users can add this up to the repo with Cydia. Keep in mind to use MAC address if however, you are using it for some malicious reasons. You can now get the NetKillUIbeta application from a springboard.

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Download NetKillUibeta iOS App Free

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Burp Suite for iOS

You need to analyze the network traffic as the first most crucial thing whenever you are working with the security of an application or device. To perform such a task, the user requires an HTTP sniffer app. Port swigger’s Burp suite offers this need. Users need to configure their applications proxy listener to receive connections on all the different devices if they wish to check web applications by using such a security and hacking application for Ios.

AirCrack for iOS

This is used to assess the security of the wifi network. It is seen as the whole suite of tools. Air crack is considered as the best tool computer that is now there for iPhone.  This application allows users to crack wifi networks with the purpose to break in the network security. Moreover, users can merely hack different wifi networks that are in the range of your device directly.

Aircrack-ng iOS App Free Download

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Why have Hacking Apps on an iPhone?

Download iPhone Hacking Apps for Free

As today we are living in a technological world that is surrounded by technical gadgets. Therefore, we spend most of our time with devices rather than humans themselves. We need these gadgets to fill all of our daily requirements from calling a friend to getting the food we want.

We connect ourselves to open wifi devices without thinking for a single minute that they might create issues for us. We share information that can be leaked as well as browse things regarding which we do not have any idea.

We have compiled for you some hacking apps for iPhone that can be used to:

  • For stealing someone’s data
  • For getting access to a particular mobile device

Note: Keep one thing in your mind that all of this information is being shared for educational purposes without the intention to harm anyone.

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Last Words

So these were all the best hacking apps for iOS and iPhone you can download for free. None of these apps requires you to have your device on a jailbreak.

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