The 9 Best Free Keylogger Software for 2022 (Download)
The 9 Best Free Keylogger Software for 2022 (Download)

To capture/monitor the keystrokes that are typed on a keyboard, A Keylogger is used that is either a piece of software or a small hardware device. As the physical machine needs to be connected in between the keyboard and the USB/PS2 port, the hardware-based Keylogger can be detected very quickly. Here are the 9 Best Free Keylogger Software that can help you log keyboard strokes and monitor other events.

The best part of being a software Keylogger is that it runs while being completely invisible and is not noticed by average computer users. These are real free keyloggers available for free Download. Antivirus identifies that a Keylogger is present on the system they have to entirely depend on security software such as antivirus packages or anti-keyloggers else they would not have a clue that everything that is being done on the system is being monitored.


What are Keyloggers used for?

Today we have many uses for a keylogger. These are:

  • Monitor your children. They make sure that your children are safe while surfing the Internet. When they are chatting with strangers and making them friends. Read more about this on our online children safety guide.
  • They also are used to monitor the employees that work for you and make sure they do not leak out any confidential company file.
  • You can also use this for specific illegal purposes like stealing someone’s password.

Today several keylogger software is available on the internet some are free, and some come with a paid license. A shareware version of keylogger usually has better invisibility so it can prevent itself from being detected by advanced users moreover; security software might have more features but have fewer functions. After analyzing and testing many keyloggers, we have selected for you some to make ease.

9 Best Keylogger Software for Windows 10/11 Free Download

REFOG Free Keylogger 

REFOG Free Keylogger Download

REFOG, a famous company that is used to offer a range of keyloggers for home, business, and corporate purposes. It has a drawback that the free version is elementary and in this most of the essential features have been disabled. The free version only monitors:

  • Keystrokes
  • Visited websites
  • Clipboard
  • Ran programs
  • Computer activities

It is not able to run invisibly, and that basically is its biggest drawback and therefore shows a noticeable tray icon in the notification area. A password should at least protect the program. It is also quite easy to remove the full version of REFOG keylogger.

Refog Keylogger Download

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Free Keylogger

Free Keylogger for Keystroke Monitoring

For all those out there who do not want to capture screenshots, the free keylogger can log keystrokes, clipboard data, and site addresses without capturing the screen. It has the following invisibility settings:

  • Hidden mode hotkey (default Ctrl+Shift+Alt+U)
  • Remove short cuts from the start menu
  • Uninstall list

Although free keylogger is the most downloaded keylogging tool from CNET yet it has a basic issue as well like the most important stealth feature which starts the program in hidden mode is disabled in the free version. However, you can automatically set the program to start with windows but will show a tray icon at the notification area, and anyone can have access to it as there is no password protection feature. By clicking “Apply & Spy,” you can hide it manually and keep it running as invisible until the next reboot.

Download Free Keylogger

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Danu Soft free Keylogger

Danu Soft Free Keylogger Download

Danu soft is simple and easy too that is free and is used to capture keystrokes. By typing a chosen keyword, you can only hide and unhide the program.

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For Example, the keylogger keyword for the show is “ShowKey” and for hiding is “HideKey.” Now, you can configure Danu soft to run automatically as stealth during the system startup from the startup settings tab.

The Danu soft can protect the program by setting the password, though it runs as invisible in Windows but not in task manager or explorer. As this software cannot be downloaded from the official website of Danu’s Soft therefor it has been abandoned by its author. However, it can still be downloaded from SecuredYou.

Danu Soft Keylogger Download

Revealer Keylogger Free

Revealer Keylogger Free For Windows

The second most downloaded tool that is downloaded from CNET is Revealer Free Keylogger. It is a monitoring tool. It is light on the system and very responsive. It can:

  • Record keystrokes
  • Has multiple language support
  • Startup settings
  • Ability to run with elevated privileges
  • Hotkey support
  • Automatic log clean up
  • Capture screenshot
  • Has automated delivery options
  • The additional stealth features are disabled

The program is protected with the help of a password and becomes visible in the taskbar and the add/remove programs. To uninstall it you can:

  • Run the program
  • At the top right click on the question mark icon
  • Then go to the program end
  • Select uninstall

Now you need to pay attention during the process of installation because it prompts to install adware.

Download Revealer Keylogger Free

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Real Free keylogger

Real Free Keylogger Latest Version

Once you have downloaded and installed the actual free keylogger to log the keystrokes and run it for the very first time, it asks you to set a password in order to protect the program so that only you can access the settings and view the logs. To launch the program you can set a hotkey when running in stealth mode. It usually comes with a scheduler to automatically start logging, and the log files can be exported as HTML files.

The program folder is set as the system attribute and when the hide protected OS file is unchecked in the folder option only then it is visible.

Download Real Free Keylogger

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Kid Logger

The kid logger is a free, open-source, and user activity monitoring tool. Besides logging keystrokes and clipboards it is also used to:

  • Record USB drives/files/folder usage
  • Takes screenshots including the Skype Videos
  • You can select keywords as an alert during the capture
  • The log files are viewed both locally and from the kid logger’s online account.

Kid logger can be installed on:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • OS X
  • Android
  • Symbian
  • BlackBerry
  • iOS

Kid logger tool runs visible in the task manager and explorer and runs hidden in the background. To launch the program, there is no hotkey or any run command, so to run it you would need the shortcut or from the executable file itself. Moreover, kid logger can be password protected.

Download Kid Logger

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Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix Best Free Keylogger

This key logger is the free version of the paid Spyrix personal monitor. It can:

  • Take screenshots
  • Capture keystrokes
  • Capture clipboards

Its advanced features include:

  • Social network and IM capture
  • Visited webpages
  • In these alerts and log, deliveries are not available
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Hidden syprix can be launched using a hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+A) or run by a command (runkey). It can be password protected.

The spyrix free key logger has a lot of potentials and can take the higher spots its self-hiding capabilities are improved. It appears hidden from ordinary eyes thus can be spotted easily from the task manager with the process seen running as system user when the “hide in task manager” option is checked. The program folders are not hidden as well.

Download Spyrix Keylogger

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BlackBox Express Keylogger/Monitor

It is free software that can be used to monitor as well used as a key logger. The black box express key logger works differently than the rest of the software’s as it can monitor one local system and 200 remote computers on the network. It is used to log:

  • Keystrokes
  • Web searches
  • Ran programs
  • Visited websites
  • Email client programs
  • Web emails
  • Instant messaging chat programs
  • Take screenshots

Along with all this, you can also exclude any user that you don’t want to monitor on the computer.

The ability to generate a report and alert notification can be printed, saved as an HTML and even is sent through email.

The software runs as a service and is hidden by default, thus not being able to be seen in the taskbar nor displayed as an icon in the notification area. Therefore, you can find the process in the task manager. The way to launch the program is from the shortcut. To add in it is password protected and for installation purposes, you require to register for a free account.

Download BlackBox Security Monitor Keylogger

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iSam Keylogger

g3 iSam Keylogger for Windows 10

It is one of the best free keyloggers and has the following features:

  • It can capture keystrokes
  • Capture screenshots
  • To run the program set hotkey (T+G+Enter)
  • Protected by password
  • Automatic log files can be emailed
  • Marking keywords
  • To alert the user displays banners
  • Scheduler
  • Blocks URL’s
  • Excludes the filter system

The configuration window runs with dark background in full-screen mode and has options that are not user-friendly and mostly require usage and time to get used to. To install iSam, you first need to install Microsoft.Net framework 4.0. The program while running is hidden, but it shows up in the task manager, the program’s folder, and in the uninstaller list.

Download iSam Keylogger

AndroRAT for PC

AndroRAT was originally built for Android however it was also now ported for a Windows release. It allows you to monitor Call Logs, SMS, Gallery and other aspects of a victim’s phone. Also known as AndroRAT Binder it does the exact same function and can be also found on coding sites such as GitHub.

Download AndroRAT Setup

Other Hacking Tools for Windows

Disclaimer: Please use these apps only on computers you have authorized access to. We will not be held responsible for your actions.

Which is your favorite keylogger?

In this article, we have discussed with you different essential logger software to monitor Keystrokes for Windows. We have shared with you a list of the best keylogger software that can help you in different ways. These are Free Keyloggers for Windows to monitor keystrokes. Select the one that best suits you. If you found this article helpful, then do leave your comments in the section below.

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