Top 9 Best Android Themes In 2022 To Free Download

We all love customizing our home screen designs using a custom launcher like Nova on Android! That’s why you are using this platform in the first place, right? Well, today, we will take a step further and show you 9 best Android themes 2022 that you can download for free with their APK!

These are very cool!

You will find a lot of 3D effects, live themes with moving animations, dark themes with black accents and contrasts. You will never get bored with what you can achieve.


Top 9 Best Themes for Android 2021/2022 – (APK Download)

Launcher New Theme

Launcher New 2020 Theme APK

This is the first one to make it to the list. If you are somehow not satisfied with your mobile home screen? Then it is recommended that you use the Launcher New 2022 Theme app. It shall not bore the user as it comes with some cool, outstanding, and amazing graphics, icons, and wallpapers.

Users can get used to this in no time and customer their phone according to their taste. You shall love the features it beings in for that shall take your phone to a new dimension. This is one of the best themes for Android you can get!


  • It provides a 3D look.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Carries cool graphics.
  • Amazing visual effects.
  • Users can get custom icons with free icon masks.
  • Provide users to also customize the colour and style of the fonts to match with their icons.

Download Launcher New 2022 Theme

3D Theme – Make your home screen Live

3D Theme For Android

This is seemed to be the best theme for your android device. It got designed by some talented artists that allow users to customize with beautiful skin, amazing graphics, and icons the way they want. It comes in free and works great.

It takes your device to the next level. You can get it quickly for download, plus it is simple to operate as well. You are going to love what you see once you apply it.


  • Easy to install.
  • Let users customize easily as per their desire and needs.
  • The combination of icons, as well as graphics, comes in huge volume.
  • Great visual effects.
  • Let users change font style and colour within the settings.
  • The application is incorporated with an icon mask for the app icons.

Download 3D Theme For Android

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Electric Black Launcher Theme – Real Dark Mode

Electric Black Launcher Theme APK For Android

This application is designed especially for all the music and black lovers out there. It carries some of the outstanding yet straight forward black wallpapers with suitable icons.

Although it comes in with simple designs, the overall look is very fresh. Now it carries a combination of black color with musical sounds that take users to another world. It is designed for music lovers, but anyone out there shall enjoy using it as it carries an artistic combination in function as design.


  • These themes are cool and carry a unique design for the Hola Launcher users.
  • Carries many HD icons that are unified.
  • Have HD black wallpapers that can be customized easily.
  • The application provides users with clean yet simple launchers that carry prominent themes with fonts and wallpapers.
  • Each Friday, there is an update pushed.
  • Carries in 10,000 icons with straight customization options.
  • Each day users shall experience a new look than the previous one.
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3D Space Galaxy Theme – Great for Star War Lovers

Android themes for samsung

Now, this theme is designed for all the space and galaxy lovers out there. Such an application provides users with skins that shall make a 3D look with space and universe. It can be downloaded and installed easily.

It comes in free and is able to decorate your phone with a lovely next-level look. Now what made this application extraordinarily was the holographic look with a blue effect. The screen of users shall be furnished with a bright, vivid tech with an animated holograph.


  • Users do not require to root for using this application.
  • Protection of app is quite natural from peppers; you need to hide them down into special folders.
  • Carries a huge collection with dark mode references.
  • It comes with an outstanding look that shall blow your mind off and also protect your phone from strangers.
  • Carries a stunning interface with a fresh appearance.

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NEW Theme for Phone X – A stylish choice

Live Themes For Android Download

This is yet a new theme that carries beautiful icons and wallpapers with HD graphics. The best part about this one is that it provides users with categories like comics, automobiles, sci-fi, photography, and many others. It is a very classy theme that helps to run smoothers as well as look smarter. Users can get a good experience with this one moreover they get attractive graphics that provide visual pleasure.


  • Get a new look in each screen you flip.
  • To provide full protection over privacy, it comes with a horror black color lock screen that pops up after swiping the lock screen.
  • The weather forecast comes with a very stylish appearance.
  • It comes with a stunning interface.
  • Users are able to customize their theme and share it with their friends to surprise them.

Pure White Love Heart Theme – Romantic Style

Google Theme For Android

This one is the best combination of white and black, where the maximum of the portion is white, and the icons are black. It is designed in a way to perform live on the screen of your mobile phone.

Carries a white-colored screen lock; that is designed with a love heart on minimalist wallpaper. More than 100 favorite applications are suitable with the minimalistic icon pack carried by the black and white theme.


  • Operates only on the CM launcher.
  • It comes with a fantastic black screen lock with minimalistic pure white wallpapers.
  • For privacy, there is a black and white love lock screen.
  • Great for lovers that want to surprise their partner with a new phone. You get the idea.

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Pink Summer Flower Theme – Get ready for summer

Pink Summer Theme APK

Such a theme is designed for all those who have some deep love for flowers and the color pink. Through flowers, it provides pink color digital looks and makes the phone look all wonderful. This is one of the most stylish for your device that shall make the icons look excellent.

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Most of the phones support and function properly with the Pink Summer Flower Theme. Users shall experience a very smooth and fast-running pink application with a summer feeling.


  • Carries vast categories of styles based on the weather.
  • Let users customize their wallpapers.
  • User can now make their DIY designs
  • Phone security through the settings is amazing and users can customize it quite easily.
  • Share DIY styles with others as well—a great simple exporting feature.
  • It brings all the good summer vibes.

Modern Theme for Computer Launcher

This is yet another top theme for your device that shall give users the experience of a small computer system in their hands. It is seemed to be very best for windows land computer launcher style.

Users can easily get many types of wallpaper for the display. Now what made it great was smooth animation with great icon packs. It shall provide you with the experience of new categories there on your smartphone device.


  • This app carries the look of a desktop.
  • Carries smooth icon animations.
  • It comes with icon packs for many favourite apps that can be customized.
  • To decorate the screen, many different yet beautiful wallpapers are available.
  • Your phone shall look like sci0fi.
  • It is not resource-heavy. Your phone will not slow down at all upon installation.

Download Modern Theme For Computer Launcher

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Themes App – All you need

Now this one provides you skins on various genres, including Dark mode, 3D, and fantasy with the latest icon packs. It is deemed to be for the Neox launcher users. It works best with all the android updates with its great HD wallpapers and icons. It is free to download. You can now decorate your phone with fresh, stylish wallpapers as well as icons.


  • Supported by the Neox Launcher.
  • Icons come in with HD quality.
  • Carries a dashboard that is material design.
  • Apply themes in just a single click.
  • Carries an excellent clock widget.

Download Themes App For Android

Heads up:

I would recommend you use a launcher and remove the default one. Third-part options give you more performance and even a higher range of customization support. Below are recommendations that I have used over the past years.

  1. Microsoft Launcher
  2. Poco Launcher
  3. Evie Launcher
  4. Nova Launcher

NOTE: Some of the suggestions were taken from doing research on Reddit. We checked reviews on various of the apps above before, including them here. They will also work on any brand of the device, including Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, HTC, Sony, and Huawei. Some themes have been removed because of dropped support from their author.

Which one is the best theme for Android?

This post should have now ended your search for fresh, 3D, Google, and live themes! It has the 9 best themes for Android to free download in APK files. They are HD and make your home screen more beautiful and easy on the eyes. There are also dark-colored ones for easing the strain on your eyes from the screen.

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