AndroRAT Free Download For Windows 10/8/7 PC (2021 AndroRAT Binder)

This is a top-of-the-line tool that allows silent remote access, it got introduced with various powerful features to take over remote Windows devices. This article will go in-depth about AndroRAT free download for PC, Its features, a step-by-step tutorial and some of its history.

These tools are the ones that are able to gain access towards a device without permission. It is used most of the times for unauthorized use but not all are used for unethical use, are used mostly for legal purposes like security researches in order to find loopholes in system and more. The main purpose to share this with all of you is to let you know how easily PC can be broken into and leak all confidential information including social media applications.

Why use AndroRAT in the first place?

Now you may have a question in your mind that why use this tool when others are available? Well, this is one of the most powerful yet easy to use for its simple Binder that is used to create APK with a single click and bind with other applications; therefore the user can’t be in any doubt while installing it.

There is also an Android version of AndroRAT for people who only have a smartphone. It has also been in the news for the amount of damage it has been causing since being updated.

This one got developed by university students as their projects but it went beyond boundaries and became popular. It is able to work or client and server and is developed in JAVA programming language for windows client while its server being programmed in Swing and JAVA.

How to Use AndroRAT on Windows 10 (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

How to use AndroRAT on Windows 10 PC

  1. In the first step, you need to create an APK along with its binder tool.
  2. Then spread the generated APK or send it to the target directly.
  3. As it gets this installed on his phone, it gets connected to the client and appears up in the client window.
  4. Now from the panel, the user is free to perform any operation on the target device.

To be sure of this, you need to be sure to install any app from third parties. You just need to rely on PlayStore for applications that are free from malware. Moreover; install an anti-virus and malware removal apps to phone devices so that it can remove all malicious applications from it. If you do not like to read, there is also a video tutorial that you can follow.

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AndroRAT Binder PC Features List (New Tools Added)

AndroRAT Free Download for PC

  • It is installed in one click.
  • This is quite a powerful binder which can bind payload file with other windows applications without any technical knowledge. In a few clicks, it can bind with other apps.

Once it gets installed on remote devices, you can play with many things on remote devices.

  • It is able to get all contacts from the victim’s device and let the attacker read it in simple plain form of text. The user can see details of any contact he wishes to.
  • Getting all user call logs means that the attacker is able to see all its information of incoming and outgoing from the device.
  • One of the most powerful features it carries is the spying feature with which it is able to spy on all the chats and messages from the device being targeted. He can get powerful features remotely from messages and chats. It may look illegal but it provides parents with the option to control to keep an eye on kids.
  • Carries Geo Positioning satellite that is used to track the location of the device around the globe. Provides the user with an exact location in a real-time world.
  • Brower the history of the internet to make sure that your kids have the right path and the internet is not having a negative impact on them.
  • It provides the user with the real-time spying on messages ability, with these users are able to track down all the chats live from the target device. Like this, each message shall be visible.
  • With this, you can spy on the phone activity if it is busy on-call or it is in an idle state. Like this, it keeps all record of the ones who make a call right away and more.
  • You can now capture remote images from the camera, take pictures from the target device and see them on the client panel.
  • Make the remote call; you can dial any number to make calls from the connected phone.
  • Remote URL browser in order to open up any site in the default browser.
  • Vibrate phone to have fun with friends.
  • List of all installed applications on a smartphone device.
  • Live sound stream from remote Mic; listen to conversations having without knowing that walls have ears as well.
  • It carries a live video stream from a remote camera in order to see what is going on and what they are being up to.
  • With “Do a Toast Feature”, the user can prompt a message on the target phone. You can now send anything as a prompt message towards the victim.
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AndroRAT Screenshots

This is a GUI interfaced tool that makes it easy to use. Its client can be popped up with a double click and all devices which are connected appear in the list. Just click on any connected device to interact with.

Below you can see a screenshot of a connected device. It provides the user with various options to play with the remote target. All the features are categorized in tabs. These give different options so that the user can perform any particular task easily.

AndroRAT PC Screenshot

Making APL is not that hard with this, it has generated an App that is small in size that can be installed to any windows phone quite easily.

Once it gets installed on the device you are now a commander of the device as you have complete control to do perform any task remotely. With its client windows, the user is able to browse all options they can perform with just some clicks.

AndroRAT App PC Alternatives

  1. OctoSniff Download – Works on PlayStation and Xbox.
  2. Sentry MBA Latest Version.
  3. SQL Dumper.
  4. Download SpyMax App.
  5. SpyNote v7.

Download AndroRAT Binder App Free for Windows 10, 11 2022

The reason why this is so high-rated is that AndroRAT for Windows download can bind any windows application with payload so that the victim is not aware of any doubts. The other reason is that it is totally free to download! We have also shared a tutorial so that you can learn how to use it without making beginner mistakes. What are your thoughts on this? Is it still worthy or are you using any better choices?

New: Updated with support for Windows 11.

AndroRAT Free Download For Windows (Official Github Mirror)

AndroRAT For Windows PC Download
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