The 15 Best Android RATs 2022 - Remote Administration Tools

If you are into computers you already know that hacking is when you intrude into a system or a network without any authorization. For the last few years, cybersecurity has been a trend and in recent times, pen-testing and security have increased in demand.

Various such users with malicious intent use some of the best Android RATs available to perform these operations. This is because they are available for free, are latest and updated, and have easy tutorials online to follow.

This OS is an open-source platform that is based on Linux Kernel and is the most powerful ever built for phones.

  1. With this, you can change the user interface of your device easily.
  2. It provides millions of applications in the market for free.
  3. Customize application by installation Custom ROMs.

These phones can also run:

Penetration testing security test from hacking such apps.

It is important to know about such apps or tools, so follow through.

To use these applications to their full potential, the device needs to be rooted. Some will also work without root access.

15 Best Android RAT Apps To Try on Your Phone

AndroRAT – The Best All-Around

Android RAT (AndroRAT)

AndroRAT is a client or server app which is developed in basic Java for the client-side and in Swing for servers. Its goal is to provide control of the system remotely and get information from it. There are also various alternatives that you can choose from. Unfortunately, it is no longer supported or updated by its original author.

With this:

  • Easily manipulate other devices, which is quite handy if you are away from your device and need to perform a certain task.
  • Can generate an APK file that is used as the payload.

APK Inspector – Reverse Engineer Apps

APK Inspector

A great tool that any general user would love, it comes with the perfect GUI tool for analysts to analyze apps and understand the coding behind them.

The main purpose is to:

  • Reverse engineer any app, which means one can use this app to get the source code of any app and edit it to remove credits and license.
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ArpSpoof – Spoofing made easy

This is a network sniffing application that is used to change the network configuration of the victim’s phone. Users can also redirect the user to a particular web page.

This app works like middlemen attacks apps.

Evil Operator – Hacking pranks

Hacking Pranks

This app connects two people in a phone call automatically making them feel that called one another.

The best thing is that with this you can:

  • Record and save the conversation.

SSHDroid – Remote Access to your device

SSHDroid Remote Access App

This is the best protocol that provides an extra layer of security as you are connecting to the remote machine.

It is an SSH server implementation for Android. With this one can

  • Connect to their device from a system and execute commands such as terminal and ADB shell.
  • Edit files through SFTP, WinSCP, Cyberduck, and many others.
  • Windows users can control their devices by using the FTP protocol.

One good feature includes:

  • It comes with extended notification control, wifi control, shared key authentication, lock screen widget

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WPS Connect – Wireless Heaven

Another tool with which you can hack into wifi networks that have WPS protocol enabled. It works on a rooted phone device.

With this:

  • Disable other user’s net connections on the same network.
  • Hack any wifi network.
  • Automatically connect to any password-protected wifi network.
  • Check if the router is vulnerable or not and act in accordance.

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Whatsapp Sniffer – Making WhatsApp great again

WhatsApp Sniffer App

A hacking app which can:

  • Display messages.
  • Download private conversations, audios as well as videos of other Whatsapp users connected to your wifi network.
  • Can also be used to send a WhatsApp message to crash another device.

DenDroid – Just another RAT

This is quite a popularly emerging Android RAT; a new tool for security researchers and criminals to

  • Remotely takeover devices without even touching them.
  • Generate backdoor to take full control of devices by adding some malicious code to legitimate applications.
  • It is used to connect back to the command-and-control server over HTTP and also allows users to access phone devices and perform any operation on the target device.

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This provides a dynamic analysis of android apps. It can be used to gain results regarding hashes for

  • APK package, phone calls, SMS, network traffic, information leaks through different channels.

All this helps to prepare users to understand the behavior of a package.

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FaceNiff – Online Sniffer

With this, anyone can intercept and sniff your wifi network traffic. It also lets you to hijack sessions of popular social networking sites such as Twitter, FB, and other media accounts via multiple farms of devices.

cSploit – For Security Professionals

it is one of the most complete yet advanced security professional toolkits on Android which is aimed at IT security experts or geeks. It is able to work on a rooted phone and is easily portable. It is a tool that:

  • Catalogs local hosts.
  • Install backdoors.
  • Detect vulnerabilities and their exploits find out wifi passwords and much more.

Fing Network Tools

Fing Network Tools

Fing is a free and quick system scanner that is being used by security thefts and security professionals to find out

  • Which devices are connected to the wifi network
  • Find intruders.
  • Map devices.
  • Evaluate network security risks.
  • Troubleshoot network problems.
  • Get the best network performance.

This is a must-have network utility with many free network hacking tools including port scanner, wifi scanner, ping, service monitoring, and DNS lookup.

Hackode – SQL Injection and Google Dorks

One of the best applications for users who wish to hack their phones, Hackers toolbox is for penetration testers, ethical hackers, cybersecurity professionals, and IT administrators to perform different tasks such as reconnaissance, DNS Dig, Google Hacking, Security RSS Feed, exploits, and many others.

Nmap for Android – Scan all networks

This is an open-source security scanner that is used by professionals to explore networks. The best thing is that it works on both rooted and non-rooted phones.

If your device is rooted then you have access to more features. Get this on your device to scan the network to find ports and system details.

zANTI (Top Pick)

This is a good app that is related to hacking from Android devices. It has almost all the security tools which are related to hacking any wifi network.

Disclaimer: Please use the above apps/tools only on devices/systems you have permission to do so on. We will not be responsible for anything that you may do with the above information provided.

Conclusion: Which Android RAT interests you?

Latest Android RATs

I hope you have enjoyed reading the above list of top Android RATs that are most of the latest ones and also compatible with Kali Linux. Most of the above are very well-known in the communities such as AndroRAT, DroidJack, and Zanti. All of the above have a great history and have also been known to cause much havoc for digital businesses worldwide.

Shaheer is the founder of SecuredYou. He is a cybersecurity freak and loves anything related to Computers and Technology. Apart from being a tech geek, he loves listening to music and going to the gym.


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