10 Best AndroRAT Alternatives For Android and Windows

Android carries an application for everything. Either you are a network administrator, professional pentester or anyone who inspires to be a white hat hacker then you need to learn basic and comprehensive scanning or testing on such devices in order to collect information and find vulnerabilities. There are also Remote Administration Tools also known as Android RAT. We have compiled a list of the best AndroRAT (AndroRAT Binder) alternative apps you could use.

Before you continue: The apps explained below do not require your phone to be rooted which makes it quite easy for beginners plus all work with the latest models. You can download AndroRAT from our website below:

For Android:

AndroRAT APK v1.3

For Windows PC:

AndroRAT For PC

Top 10 Best AndroRAT Alternative Remote Administration Tools

WPS Wifi Checker Pro

WPS Wifi Checker Pro

Do you ever want to know how secure your internet connection is against sniffing attacks? This is an app that uses WPS protocol in order to analyze the safety of router pins. As you install it, it populated the screen quickly with nearby LAN networks. Choose any one to analyze the strength of their PIN. If it is correct, the device shall connect to the vulnerable network automatically without the penetration tester needing to know the password key of wifi.

Most importantly you get to eavesdrop on the web activity of your network, which makes it a good tool to find security vulnerabilities. As it is technically not feasible to do such brute testing on most routers, there are few which ship with the factory settings and the app connects to them easily.

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Fing Network Tools

This a PlayStore application that provides users with a complete summary of what is going on their network like:

  • All logged on devices.
  • Hidden cameras in the building.
  • Bandwidth usage.

With help of the bird’s eye view users can set parental controls, analyze ISP performance, block intruders and perform port scanning on their network to get the complete picture.

Now, apart from penetration testing, it is also used to:

  • Analyze vulnerability of routers.

You can find advanced features there in the premium version but the free one has everything you need for a secure yet stable network.

zANTI – For Penetration Testing


This is seemed to be one of the most popular applications which is used to identify and simulate real-world exploits as well as mobile attach techniques. With a single click, it is able to gather much information regarding any connected device or network which can be used to determine either it is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities and perform Man in the Middle Attacks.

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If required, configure it to send email reports of all devices and data it collects at regular intervals. Although you can install it on non-rooted devices still you need to have a rooted device to make use of all the power and features which are provided by this app.

Kali NetHunter

Kali NetHunter

This one was designed to work with Google Nexus devices, the popular hacking and penetration testing kali NetHunter by Offensive Security can be used on a wide range of supported devices such as OnePlus, Galaxy Tab, Sony Xperia, LG and ZTE.

It essentially installs an Operating System overlay on the android device, thus turning it into a pen-testing tool for low memory usage. Moreover, you can also crack WEP keys and WPA keys to open ports on another device also.

It can be installed on any stock, un-rooted android device. It is able to work with a huge range of Android exploits and Metasploit which are supported by regular Kali Linux interface on a system. These include:

  • Wifi frame injection.
  • Keyboard hijacking.
  • Man in the middle attacks.

All this makes it best for a wide range of hacking methods.



If you are looking for a complete toolbox with some exhaustive penetration testing capabilities then give this application a try. It is used to:

  • Gather useful information regarding other devices.

Comes with:

  • Built-in networking tools such as Google Hacking, WHOIS lookup, Google dorks, Reconnaissance, TracerRoute, DNS and many others.

As this one does not require any rooted android device if you do not mind its cheesy user interface then give it a try.

Kayra the Pentester Lite

Kayra The Pentester Lite

This is a free yet open source PlayStore application which comes in with a n in-built Metasploit framework in order to check the vulnerability of website by scanning for a huge range of threat. Moreover, it is also used to:

  • Map local network.
  • Perform header scans.
  • Initiate dictionary attacks.
  • Forge TCP or UDP packets.
  • Detect open ports.
  • Take fingerprints of hosts OS.
  • Perform MITM and many others.

As it comes bundled with the Metasploit framework thus you can:

  • Find security vulnerabilities for network or connected devices.
  • Create shell consoles.
  • Adjust exploit settings for better control.

The best thing is that your device does not need to be rooted to work with this application.

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A simple application used to capture packets and transfer data over the network. As it works by creating its very own local VPN, it works equally on both rooted and non-rooted devices. The best thing about this one is that it stores all the stored data in a PCAP file so that user can use powerful desktop tools such as Wireshark for some detailed analysis.

Network Mapper

Network Mapper

This is a powerful tool that widely uses the Nmap scanner in the background to map and scan connected networks. Once you get it from the play store, it shall be downloaded automatically and install the required Nmap binaries from the net and provide the user with an easy to use Graphic User Interface in order to perform scans. With this:

  • Perform a comprehensive scan on the network in order to identify live hosts and gather information such as open ports, network attributes, OS information and many others.

Tests performed vary from regular ones to ping, intense, slow, quick and much more.

It works both on rooted and non-rooted devices. On non-rooted ones, functions ate limited due to android phone restrictions.


This is a complete network analysis kit that carries different advanced functions to provide with complete penetration testing environment. Now, from ping to port scanning, DNS lookup and reverse IP lookup it works quite smoothly to keep you aware of everything that is going in the network. Most of the features are supported in the free version but keep in mind that the pro-version gets you dark mode and many other advanced features.


As cybersecurity professionals, we at times require means to visualize threats with real-time threat notifications. This is a leading application that uses AI algorithms, machine learning and many other intuitive methods to detect threats in physical, cloud and virtualized networks automatically- all from the comfort of your phone.

To use this, you need to purchase access to Darktrace Enterprise immune System V3 and IMAP email server. Either it is unusual connectivity or unusual data transfers; it keeps track of visualizing all threats in the user’s surroundings.

Conclusion: AndroRAT Alternatives

These were all the top alternatives for AndroRAT that you can use if you are not satisfied with the features it offers. These Remote Administration Tools are mostly free and do not require you to have a root access device. Let us know in the discussion below what you think of these and what you have been using.

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