6 Best Free Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android in 2022

Today most of our day-to-day conversations take place through various message platforms on smartphone devices. We most likely use popular ones like Hike, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Now to have a conversation on Android, SMS is not out of date as it carries our sensitive information like debit/credit card transaction history, reminders for various important events to take place, and many other essential things. We do not want anyone to see this kind of information. We will be sharing Top 6 best apps to hide text messages on Android from your Girlfriend, Wife, or anyone.

All the mentions below are going to respect your privacy so that no one can get hands-on sensitive information through your texts. All this means that the next time you give your phone to someone, you would be sure that no one would be able to see your private conversations.


Top 6 Best Apps for Hiding Your Text Messages on Android

GO SMS Pro App – Hide your messages from Girlfriend

Hide Android Text Messages from Girlfriend

This is one of the most widely used applications. You can get it quickly from the play store. Till now it has around a 100 million download with many personalization options. It has taken customization to the next level with its version 7.0 and thus changed its interface, ultimately providing users with a fresh feel.

Now, apart from all the glitter and glow, With this users can set up a PIN-based lock for their private box. Users are given the option to hide this icon of the secret box so that no one finds out what they are trying to hide. Well, if you are not much impressed with the stock choice and want something that maintains your privacy, then you can consider this as an option.

Download GO SMS Pro for Android

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Private SMS Message Box and Call and Hide Text App 

Best Apps to Hide Texts from Wife

This one works by creating a space for you which it calls private space. Its initial setup is easy; It sets up a PIN-based lock that is used to access it in the future. When you set it up, you can also choose to hide it from the app drawer.

Once it’s on the run, you just need to transfer contacts into a Private Message Box. These shall be labeled as private providing you with the option to not show them there from your system address book as well.

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Now, whenever you send or receive messages from such numbers, they shall not appear in words in spite a dummy text shall be stored in their place. The best part about this one is that with this, you can also block calls at times you feel awkward from selected contacts. When a new text arrives, you shall be alerted by a dummy or any customized ringtone which you can choose.

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Vault: Hide SMS, Pictures and Videos App

Hidden Messaging Apps

From the name, it can be assumed that it is a vault that can hide your messages, pictures and videos among others. The best part about this one is that it is a vault as well as an SMS and contact hider, which means it provides the best of both worlds.

To put the long story short, this would hide your text as well as contacts from your system plus also do everything a vault does. In this again you would have to import contacts into it which are going to be labeled as private and shall no longer be seen in your phonebook and either their texts are going to appear in your stock messaging application. To access it from any other place that you choose to lock using it, a PIN-based password is needed.

Download Vault App for Android

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Calculator – The best disguise

Calculator Text Messaging App

This is the perfect cover for an application to hide messages. It is more like a calculator on the outside and a vault on the inner side. It works and looks like a calculator thus won’t raise any suspicions.

To access Calculator, you just need to enter 123+= there in the calculator, and it shall take you to the main screen, here add in all the contacts that you wish to make private. All the call logs from these contacts shall be hidden from the phone’s system and will be listed here instead. Its user interface is not that fancy, but it gives you the benefit to avail of what you want without people interfering with your stuff.

Download Calculate Photo Vault App for Android

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Message Locker (SMS Lock) App

Message Locker SMS Lock App for Android

Now, this is not going to hide your messages, but instead, it is an app locker that is going to lock your stock messaging app and others (if you wish), just like locking your house, no one can get in!

Now again to access this, you need a PIN-based password that can be changed to a pattern later on. Its main screen tells you what you can lock, including Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and many others.

You can add more by tapping on the + icon there at the bottom right of the screen. If you wish to lock something; tap on the lock symbol. You can do the same to unlock. When you try opening the locked one, you need to enter the PIN or Pattern that you set earlier. Always keep it safe and do not give it to anyone; it’s common sense.

Download Message Locker App for Android

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Shady Contacts App

Shady Contacts for Android

Shady Contacts App is used to hide SMS and call logs. You first need to install it, once done it you will be required to set up a lock screen pattern. In here call logs, SMS text and contact numbers can be hidden.

With this, users can put their SMS and call logs away from the stock list. They can also unlock code protection either PIN or Pattern. It comes with an option to hide from the launcher (you need dial ***123456### to open by default).

Download Shady Contacts App for Android

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Any alternatives in mind?

Are you trying to hide some text messages from your Girlfriend or wife? If the answer is Yes! We have listed the six best apps to hide text messages on Android in 2022! These hidden messaging apps help you to keep your essential conversations safe and secure, so they are kept private from prying eyes.

Please do let us know in the comment box if you have any alternative options that you would suggest.

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