The 18 Best Cydia Sources For 2022 - A list of Repos for iOS 13 and above

Many of the iOS versions can be jailbroken, and once it gets done, users rush into installing the third-party hacked games or applications, including Tweaks. This page will provide you with the list of 18 Best Cydia Sources / Repos in 2022 for your iPhone and iPad.

These sources are valid for any iOS version jailbroken with checkra1n and unc0ver for iOS 11 to iOS 13.5, iOS 14 and iOS 15.


How to add Sources in Cydia (Quickest Way)

Just follow the steps below to add new sources to Cydia for apps and hacked games:

  1. First of all, open Cydia.
  2. Go to “Manage.”
  3. Now click on “Sources.”
  4. Now you need to click on “Edit” and then click on “Add.”
  5. Enter the URL of the repo, and you are done.

18 Best Cydia Sources and Repos for iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15 and above 2022

Best Cydia Sources For iOS 13

Now first things first, keep in mind that at times users may face some trouble accessing the store with an error message that says:

Cydia size mismatch error

Fix #1:This can be fixed by going to Cydia > APT Sources and removing any sources that are not valid anymore.

Fix #2: Make sure to close it in the background and Respring everything.

FIRST: Please make sure you are Jailbroken on iOS 13 before continuing any further in this article.


If you are somehow the creative use of your phone device and wish to customize it, then this is the best source for you. This is because it is filled with many packages that help you to customize your device with free applications, themes, games, and much more.

With this, you shall never run out of amazing packages as every day new ones are bring added by the developers. Like this, its reputation is retained in the market as well. can add the repository

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App Cake

This one provides users with many free games for your Ios device. If you are the kind of person who loves games, then you need to have this one on your device. It provides games in various categories, which makes your work easy when you are trying out new games. This was previously known as the iPhone cake.

The repository can be added by

Sinful iPhone

This is one of the most significant blooming communities that can help all its users by providing them with support and forums. It has more than 3000k followers. This can provide the users with Cydia applications of good yet supreme quality. It is known to provide users with free apps that are very hard to find somewhere else.

This is seemed to be the best Cydia source that not only provides users with a free version of paid apps but also many other great features. The best part about this one is that with this, you can change the complete interface of your device.

The repository can be added by sinfuliphonerepo.

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ModMyi Repo

Top Cydia Sources List

With this, users can give a new touch to their devices. It is filled with applications, tweaks as well as utilities and allows users to do things like changing the theme to loading new ringtones of your device. The best part about this one is that it comes with both free as well as paid applications that are updated regularly to meet the demand of all its users. You shall find its compatibility with ios 7 and above.

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The repository can be added by Cydia/APT

BigBoss Repo

Ever since it has come in the market, it has retained its position as the best. It keeps on adding new utilities as well as tweaks to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices as it does not want to lag. The best thing about this one is that it provides users with both paid and free tweaks, applications, and utilities. Moreover, it is also known for its Winterboard theme.

The repository can be added by Bigboss Repo.

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This one is similar to the source. Now, this is an Italian source that is filled with various popular apps, tones, tweaks, and mods. Its popular apps are Wifi Sync, Folder Enhancer, Gridlock, z Toggle, Insomnia Pro, GroupSMS, and Springtomize 2. In this, you can get almost all the popular tweaks.

The repository can be added by biteyourapple.


This one comes in with many more tweaks than the usual ones like it is famous for Intelliscrren X, MyWi, My3G, and InterllilD. The applications it carries are updates on regular terms to provide users with the best.

The repository can be added by Cydia/APT

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iForce Repo

You need to stop searching for Bluetooth sharing applications for the iDevices as you are not going to find it. You can now get many helpful Cydia tweaks that are related to Bluetooth file sharing, such as AirBlue sharing. This is a lot different from others mentioned on the list as it carries unique tweaks.

The repository can be added by apt iforce.

ZodTTD’s Beta Repo

This one is used to download many different iOS emulators such as N64iOS and gpSPhone. In the upcoming updates, users shall be able to find packages related to N64 and PSX iOS emulators.

The repository can be added by cydiabetas.

xSellize Repo

This repo is all for the gamers out there. It carries various emulators as well as ROM packs for NES, Game Boy Advance, N64, and many more.

The repository can be added by cydia xsellize


Now people may think that this is of no use as it only carries three packages. It is wrong to feel like this as these three packages may be less in number but are very high in quality. With the help of these, users can customize their devices. The modified version shall pamper your device surely. If you wish to enhance the look of your iPhone device, then you need to try all the packages being provided

The repository can be added by theeitapp Repo-

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It carries thousands of different tweaks that get updated regularly. By viewing it in Google Chrome, users can try a vast number of free applications. This is because its main website is in the Italian language, and to use it; you need to use the translation feature of chrome to convert the page in English. Once all this is done, you are good to go.

The repository can be added by


This is an Amalgam of the Sinful iPhone source and xSellize source. This one can provide almost every app and mod available for your jailbroken device. Now it also provides users with a vast collection of ROMs game collection and emulators apart from the regular mobs and apps. The best part about this one is that it can add up features to the existing applications of the device. Users can also install it on their devices manually.

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The repository can be added by ihacksrepo.

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By this, you can break all the barriers that indeed force your device to be and behave like an ordinary device. Most of the users know about this one as it has gained a lot of popularity due to its Dreamboard themes for both iOS 6 as iOS 7.

It provides users with various applications, mods, games, and tweaks. It is based in Italy and adds new stuff for its users. The few Cydia applications in this repo are biteSMS, iBlacklist, birthdays, Folder Enhancer, AdBlock, File, and birthdays.

The repository can be added by


With the application present in this, users can change the background of their device as well as icons very easily. Its applications and tweaks help all the users to customize their jailbroken devices. With this, you can customize iPhone, Ipad, and iTouch. It comes with a variety of themes as well.

The repository can be added by icausefx repo.


This one comes with tweaks of high quality. Useful yet popular tweaks are available in iForce and AirBlue Sharing, believer, and AirBlue GPS. The files can be transferred easily between devices through Bluetooth with the help of AirBlue sharing, and the very popular iBluever supports Bluetooth networks for iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

The repository can be added by iForce repo.

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The popular Cydia applications in this are Chatpic, CameraWallpaper, FreeSync, GroupSMS, and Pwn Mail. This one is a treasure house of tweaks, themes, music, games, and applications. The ios users can download many mods from this source. Just say hello to the demands and customize your device.

The repository can be added by ihackstore repo.

FilippoBiga Repo

This is new in the market. It carries many exciting applications from which users can customize their app icons, lock screen, status bar, carrier logo, folders, battery status bar, docks, and much more.

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Why trusted Cydia Sources are important

As your device will be jailbroken, it is still vulnerable because of the 0-day vulnerability it is using for the roof file access. You have to be extremely careful about what tweaks you are installing as you COULD be welcoming malware or rootkits on your device, which is not good at all.

The repos we have below are all safe and trusted by the Jailbreak community and can be added to Cydia without worry.

Which Cydia Repos have you got on your Jailbroken device?

These were the best Cydia sources for iOS 15, iOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12, and iOS 11 that you can install. This repo list has been reviewed individually for the integrity of the links.

Please do let us know what tweaks you will be downloading and if you have any alternative sources that you like to add to the list above.

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