The 20 Best Avatar Creation Sites that are Free in 2021 (Realistic Avatars)

In recent times sue to privacy threats people hesitate in sharing their real photos on social media platforms. To have a photo avatar has become a necessity in today’s insecure online world. This is why we are now sharing the top 20 free best Avatar creator websites online of 2022!

Now, what is this? It is just like a profile picture but different from the actual one. It turns your real image in the form of a cartoon character or Anime. This is a fun task, especially if you wish to use them as a profile picture.

Follow below to learn how you can create Anime Avatars online that are the full body!


Top 20 Best Free Avatar Creation Sites For 2022 – Create a Realistic and Cartoon Avatar

Face Your Manga – Look Cartoonish

Face Your Manga Avatar Creator Site

You can make a cartoon lookalike of yourself by visiting It helps you in making one that is very close to your actual look. It carries different features like adding

  • Band-Aid.
  • Third-eye.
  • Moles and much more.

It carries a feature with which you can set your eyebrow as you wish. Use this to get the best cartoon avatars.

Visit Face Your Mange Website

Avachara Anime Avatar Creator

This is deemed to be the personal choice of many users to create a character online. It provides you with clothing choices as well as accessories to choose from including tiaras. This application provides it, users, with many different options as compared to others mentioned on the list. As you use the demand for the very first time:

  • Start by putting your face together.
  • This includes face, skin colour, eyes and much more.
  • As it gets completed, move on to fashion which has all the accessories like guitar and then finally the wallpaper.

It would be great if they would provide us with a landscape background but whatever is being provided by the application is good too as long as it is free.

Visit Avachara Anime Avatar Creator Site

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My Blue Robot – Cartoon Inspired Avatars

My Blue Robot Cartoon Avatar Creator

This is considered the best maker for avatar cartoons. It comes with only one drawback that it does not provide its users with all the options like the others mentioned on the list, but it has the following unique features:

  • Making eyes, mouth and head look bigger by using the magnifying glass with a minus and sign inside it.
  • Allows you to tilt your head to create them.

The user can set his eyes more full apart and even be able to move them up or down.

Visit My Blue Robot Website

Marvel Superhero Avatar Creator

Things that are lacking by other websites mentioned on the list are included in this one. With this tool, users can give their most favorite superhero the look and power he misses like adding wings. This is seemed to be the best fantasy avatar creator there on the internet.

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Visit Marvel Superhero Creator Website

Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker (Realistic Avatar)

This is yet another best website to create what you wish for. In this, all you need to do is click on the randomizer button, and the site with the blink of an eye creates one for you. Manually users can edit the avatar with this tool and then use it on their blogs on any social media platform out there.

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Anime Avatar Creator – Anime Lovers Favorite provides users with the ability to turn them into an anime avatar. With this users can edit there:

  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Hair
  • Eyebrows

They can add-in:

  • Ponytails, facial hair and other accessories.

Picassohead – Create Avatars from your photos

Create Avatar from Photos

This is a digital tool that allows users to create their very own masterpieces using the great features that were drawn by Picasso. You can now create paintings just like him, which are then quickly transformed into avatars.

Visit PicassoHead Website

Gravatar – Popular Choice

This is an image that represents your online identity appearing beside your name whenever you make a comment or post a blog. With the help of this website, you can create an 80 into 80-pixel Gravatar which shall be associated with your mail address and appear on all the sites that have enabled this option, a most popular one is WordPress.

Visit Gravatar Website

Cartoonify – Free Cartoon Avatars

Cartoonify Free Avatar Creator Website

If you are looking for something real, then this website here can quickly create a cartoon for you without the need of any software. It carries around 300 illustrated parts only to make your look all special and unique. This is the best and easy way out there to turn your picture into a cartoon.

Visit Cartoonify Website

DoppelMe – Dynamic Feature

With this users can create a new graphical likeness of themselves, their friends, family, or any group of people out there for use as an avatar in messenger, blogs, forums and almost anywhere they are on the web.

Visit DroppelMe Website

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Full Body Avatar Creator

This is yet another best site with which you can turn any landscape image into a watercolor drawing. Moreover, on this, you can also set your picture into a watercolor sketch. Isn’t that awesome? Plus it allows all of you to change your facial expressions.

Visit Website

South Park Studios Avatar

In this, you can create your online. This is a creative tool that is provided by Southpark studios. In this, you shall find various useful features to create a personal anime avatar.

Visit South Park Studios Avatar Site

BeFunky – Edit your digital Avatar

BeFunky Avatar Editor

If you are a photography lover, then you might be familiar with this photo editor. Its web interface allows you to create almost anything. Use this to give your pictures a cartoonish look.

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Visit BeFunky Website

Pick a Face

Visit this fantastic website to Cartoonify yourself. The best thing about this one is that it provides a feature-rich photo editor which is used to give the image a new touch. This is the most popular and widely used site to create avatars.

Note: I would NOT recommend this site. This is because it still uses Adobe Flash.

Visit Pack A Face Website

Kartunix – Anime Avatar Creator

Anime Avatar Creator Website

Are you looking for a simple web-based avatar maker? Then you have landed at the right place. This one carries an interface that is out of the box. It uses a different range of styles to create them. It is a vector file (SVG) based maker which can be used to generate fresh yet fabulous:

  • Manga styles.
  • Cute anime and much more.

This is the best website that you can visit.

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Dudes Factory

Dudes-Factory is the best avatar-making website that comes in free. The best thing is that it provides a wide variety of outfits and body parts from which the users can choose. The best thing about this one is that all the features that can be used come free.

Visit Dudes-Factory Website

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GetAvataaars – Generator hundreds

GetAvataaars Site

This is yet another online avatar generator that comes in free. Use this to create some beautiful personal online identities. The application provides users with two options to create:

  • Create it manually.
  • Click on the random button to find something that they want.

Visit GetAvataaars Website

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Avatar Maker

This is a free online site that can be considered for this purpose. It carries quite a clean user interface. Customize everything from face shape, eyes, hair color to clothes.

Visit Avatar Maker Website

Place It

This might be the perfect pick if you are looking to create one for gaming channels and social media accounts. It carries quite an appealing user interface, and it seemed to be easy to use Avatar maker that you can use.

Visit Place It Website 

This is an avatar maker from Japan that helps you to create high-quality original chibi. It carries a straightforward user interface and is very best for all anime lovers. It provides users with:

  • Pre-made characters.
  • Colors
  • Different costumes and much more.

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How have you created your Avatar Online?

So these were the 20 best free Websites to Create Avatar online in 2022. These have various features including the ability to make Realistic and full-body ones too that are Anime inspired.

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