10 Best Free Battery Saver Apps APK For Android (2022 Edition)

Battery consumption is a huge issue. We want our phones to last the full day without having to recharge in the afternoon or evening, right? This article includes the top 10 best battery saver apps for Android 2022 that are free and work.

We have tested them rigorously over and over and made sure they give you an improvement. Please be aware as some of them might affect performance and slow down your phone.


Top 10 Battery Saver Apps For Your Android (FREE)

McAfee Security Innovations

McAfee Security Innovations App for Android

This is the first one to make it to the list. This is seemed to be remarkable and carries a reputed name in the arena of anti-virus and security. It offers trustworthy as well as reliable security options for your phone. Moreover, along with the security protection, it is also able to provide with:

  • System utilities
  • Notification blocker
  • They are securing the QR code reader.

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Dfndr battery: manage battery life

Dfndr battery for Android download

Now, if you wish to save your smartphone charge for a pro-long time, then this one is for you. It keeps your phone stable by optimizing its background process. Such an application provides it users with intelligent and customized tools that help to improve battery life overall.

Download Dfndr Battery For Android

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Power Battery

Power Battery App For Android

Your phone is going to get a powerful booster once you install this on and shall increase the power save up to 60%. It provides with:

  • Charging booster
  • Running application optimizer
  • Battery power monitor
  • Memory manager and clean

Keep in mind that the power savings, as well as the profiles, can be customized as per the requirement.

One-Touch Battery Saver – Only takes a touch.

One touch battery saver apk download

This one is a very straight forward and useful power saver application that comes with a clean interface. By using a pre-defined, customizable save mode, it can save your mobile power. Once your mobile is on the verge of death, all you can do is activate the power save manner that will disable wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and background notification light to keep the smartphone device alive.

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360 Battery Saver Plus – Savings all around

This one offers users with a wide range of handy tools like:

  • Power saving mode
  • Battery charging time reducer
  • One tap battery power saver
  • 3- battery plus protector

All of this is done to provide users with:

  • Ensure fast mobile charge
  • Extending the battery life
  • Monitoring the suspicious battery drainage
  • Provide with overall security

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Yellow Battery Saver – A lite widget

Yellow Battery Android APK Download

This is a convenient battery saver application that provides one-tap optimization to extend the battery life of your smartphone device. The power optimization can able to reach the battery standby for up to 50%. The smartphone lets users monitor as well as analyze the battery use and background power consumption so that it can sort out that which applications are the reason behind your battery drainage and then take the preventive actions.

Avast Battery Saver – Trusted and secure

Download Avast Battery Saver App For Android

Avast is seemed to be the name of the trust. This is the top company that provides the best security for both desktops as well as mobile phone devices. It can increase the battery life by closing all the unnecessary applications running in the background. It provides users with one tap tool that can speed up your device and also save battery life.

Update: The app itself is now discontinued.

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Go Battery Saver and Power Widget – Efficient and Stable

This is one of the most downloaded yet best applications for your smartphone device there in the Google Playstore.  This one can increase battery life with the help of handy tools like smart saving, toggle control, power-saving mode, and power testing.

Download Go Battery Saver and Power Widget For Android

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DU Battery Saver – Personal favorite

It has more than 400 million active users that are using this application and are very much satisfied. This one can save up to 50% more battery life of your phone. It carries the following features:

  • One-touch control
  • Smart pre-set battery power management modes
  • Healthy battery charge stage
  • Smart charge
  • Battery saver and battery monitor
  • Able to fight against all deceptive ads
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Now all these features help to solve many issues that are related to battery and ensure very long-lasting battery life.

Battery Doctor – The name says it

Best Apps to save battery on Android

This is seemed to be one of the best yet popular battery saver application that provides features like:

  • Monitor Charge status
  • One tap power optimization
  • Control power-draining apps
  • Battery remaining time
  • Able to kill applications when the screen is turned off
  • Save and extend the battery life of your mobile

Download Battery Doctor For Android

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How are you saving battery on your Phone?

There you have it. Now you can play more games, listen to more music, or even watch two movies on a single charge? Thanks to the top 10 battery saving apps for Android, we have shared above. These also allow you to monitor your usage and see which app is eating the most.

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