Chegg Bot Commands List for Discord

Chegg is a next-generation education technology company located in California that offers students, users, textbook rentals both physical and digital, textbooks as well as many online student services including:

  • Online homework assistance.
  • Tutoring.
  • Scholarship.
  • Internship search engines.

It is also being used to complete papers, assignments, exams and quizzes. This is why it is important to know about the best Chegg Discord bots that you can join on your channel or server.

Its name is quite unique which is a combination of chicken and egg. After 5 years it started providing similar services to education blogs coming in today which included the following:

  • Advice on college admissions.
  • Internship matching.
  • Search for scholarships.

After this, in the year 2007, it took a page out of Netflix book and made full efforts to renting textbooks to students. This has a great turnout and textbooks are used by college students throughout their course.

In 2013 it went public and outgrew itself through partnerships with college textbook giants like Ingram Content Group and Pearson. It mostly had its partnership with Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) which was home to free college writing resources online.

It helped many companies to come in which helps explain how the education technology powerhouse has outgrown it over the past years.


How does Chegg Bot Work on Discord (The Technology Behind)

Chegg Discord Bot Technology

It works on modern educational technology and helps students around the globe with many needs such as:

  • Renting textbooks.
  • Writing papers.
  • Doing homework.
  • Finding internships.

As a student, if you need any service then do check out Chegg as the first option.

It has some best services:

  • eTextbook rentals can be found through the website.
  • If you are in need to rent out a textbook then you need to sign in to your account, print a prepaid UPS return label, put books in the box and then drop it off at UPS.

As students the services can be accessed by making an online student account over it, once done you can enroll in many services and also avail the bundle like Chegg Study Pack.

Now you might have a question how does it answer for students? The Scouring Forbes piece states that it employs 70 thousand plus experts with advanced math, science, engineering and technology degrees in India. Now, these can be found 24/7 to answer subscriber questions.

This is an advanced Artificial Intelligence used to proofread, improvise grammar, scan for plagiarism and also used to create instant citations. This includes an expert review of the paper as well.

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The site boasts that this AI has put in some great yet serious work with:

  • More than 6 million assignments were checked.
  • More than 5 million plagiarism scans.
  • More than 20 million grammar errors were caught.
  • 1.5 billion Citations have been generated.

If you do not know anything regarding this then Grammarly is the best to compare with as these two compete for subscriptions.

Its plagiarism checker is seemed to be the best yet advanced in the market. If it finds that your paper has plagiarism then it shall help you either to remove it or cite the source accurately.

Its plagiarism checker is quite similar to Turnitin which currently is being by different universities to check papers. This similarity between Chegg’s writing and Turnitin has created a lot more drama and cheating accusations, as it allows its students to see whether their paper shall be flagged by the software of their university or not.

Though it lacks certain features carried by Grammarly like tonality check still it is more capable for the college coursework. This is the right choice for college students.

The Best Free Chegg Bot Discord Server in 2022

This bot is used to provide students around the globe with answers available on Chegg’s original site. You can search them on their official site but keep in mind that all cannot afford their premium subscription therefore we can use this bit that discord offers.

For all those who do not know the paid bot includes CourseHero doc gen, Bartleby, Numerate, and Quizlet+.

Bot Code To Join

For this we can either:

  • Join the discord server which has the bot setup already.
  • Make bot join the discord server.

As the first one already has the Chegg bot on discord, therefore, it is a lot easy to join but these are difficult to find as the server is not capable to handle Chegg bot requests and thus the server goes down.

Download Chegg Discord Bot Server List

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How To Add Chegg Bot to your Discord server

Add Chegg Discord Bot to your server

The servers we joined tagged with Chegg answers were either redirecting us to another server or if it was a link then it was invalid. The one on Reddit had many invalid invites. The reason might be that their servers have tossed it down.

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We suggest that you search Reddit, Facebook and Twitter for Chegg discord servers. We hope that you get yourselves a server that works well with the working version.

We can also search them on different sites like,,, and other sites. The sites come with many servers which are useless, not working, down, or have an invalid invite therefore it is kind of a hit and trial to find the perfect working server.

Note: For the servers keep one thing in your mind that many of these will not have a working Chegg bot or they may redirect you to any other discord server so you need to have the luck to find the one which is good.

Another place to look for a good bot server is Youtube. For this, all you need to do is search on Youtube and you shall find videos that carry links to the server or they shall ask you for an email id so that that they can mail the server link.

This can also be added to the server and this shall be a lot more difficult than finding a Discord server. Now for this, it might not work as expected plus creators have not maintained these bots properly therefore you shall have issues when trying to add this to the server. Keep in mind that it might not work or have functioned as expected.

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Commands to Control Chegg Bot

Unfortunately as of current, we do not have an official list of commands that we can share. This may be added in the future so please keep checking. Just type (!help) in the channel and it will give you basic ones to get started.

Alternative Discord Bots that are free

  1. Octave Bot Tutorial with Commands List.
  2. Rythm Bot Prefix and Commands.
  3. MEE6 Commands List with Rank and Fix for not working.
  4. Hydra Bot Tutorial with permissions and commands.


This is one of the rarest Bots you could ever search for a Discord Server, it is popular with students. It helps user exchange their assignments with others worldwide and also find free answers.

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