14 Best Free Typing Software for Windows 10/11 2022 (Download)
14 Best Free Typing Software for Windows 10/11 2022 (Download)

We have compiled for you a list of the best and top free typing tutor software download, so if you are planning to learn to type with the help of a typing tutor, you have come to the right place. These are the best out there in the market for our computer, and to add on you do not need to spend a single penny and can learn to type fast. They are recommended typing software for Windows 10/11.


Best Free Typing Software for Windows 10/11 (Free Download)

Following is the list of the best top typing software’s for you to make your life easier, note that the list is in no order of preference.

Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Klavaro Typing Software

The best software that helps to acquire skills in touch type is the Klavaro touch typing tutor. Here the user becomes well versed with the skills that are required for typing as it provides a solid structure, has different terms for easy learning and also increases the pace of typing.

A person must have proper skills for typing if he/she wants to establish a successful career. In today’s era of modern technology and modern approach, the need for typing has become a must. Today the knowledge of typing this is very important. This software helps in providing this to its users.

Klavaro Typing Software Download

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Key Blaze

Key Blaze Typing Software

Key blaze helps users to learn easily and fastly. It is free typing software. It is used to impart the learning process for typing through its cool GUI. It also helps the user to type with good speed in a short period of time. This software is also used to help beginners in demonstrate the process of typing. The best part, it can be used by different schools and institutions to impart typing knowledge easily and without any cost.

Download Key Blaze

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RapidTyping Tutor

It is free typing software and is based on learning the skills of typing. In these various games and sessions are provided that help to increase the ability of typing and yes the speed is also increased with precision. It helps children learn from easily provided features. The simulated keyboards that are produced by the software itself are also provided by this application. It is available in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Russian
  • French
  • Dutch
  • English and many more

Download RapidTyping Latest

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Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer for PC

Typing Trainer is a free typing tool software. It is best in its way for learning and mastering the technique of typing. You will face a lot of difficulties in your daily job if you do not have the knowledge of typing, so it is necessary and with the help of typing trainer you can learn the art of typing. The application often begins with starting with a short course in typing that is of less than one hour in duration.

After this, it is used to analyze the speed of your typing and provides you with suggestions. It also offers various lessons for learning for you to practice typing. Typing trainer is the kind of software that helps in understanding and acquiring the skills for typing easily. Today, you will face a lot of issues and problems if you are unknown of a particular skill. This software is best in serving you out and helps you learn all the basic techniques that are required for fast and proper typing. The course provided in the beginning by the software is used:

  • To evaluate your rate of typing
  • Provides you with a lot of typing advice
  • Provides different programs that enable the user to learn more and proper processes for typing.
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Download Typing Trainer

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The Type Faster

The Type Faster for Windows

The type faster is free software on usage. It enables the user to adopt techniques for typing and also lets him practice. This skill is highly required when your jobcentre around typing on computers.

Type faster is used to help in touch typing and other associated skills. Now, most of you would not know what touch typing is? When a person can type on the keyboard without looking at the keyboard is known as touch typing. It is not hard to understand software but yes indeed is a trivial one.

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MaxType Pro Typing Tutor

Max type pro is free software that is used to improve the technique of typing in its users by its multi-functional typing interfaces. By using this software:

  • The speed of typing is increased
  • Accurateness is increased
  • The level of typing is increased from beginner to advance.

The best thing about max type pro is the weekly reports and practical sessions that are included.

Download MaxType Pro

Stamina Typing Tutor

Stamina Typing Tutor Best Tool for Writers

Stamina typing tutor is used to help in acquiring skills of typing and practicing the same. The speed of the user’s typing is enhanced with the help of proper practice on this software. The software provides a number of options that help the user to choose from virtual keyboards. This particular software comes in a number of different languages. The stamina typing tutor displays in a user the graphical representation in a very friendly manner for his daily improvement.

Download Stamina Typing Tutor

Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard

Bruces Unusual Typing Wizard

Bruce’s unusual typing wizard software helps in learning the art of typing and starts from the basic level. It is free software. It is mainly built for beginners or the novice but also provides levels for advanced learners. The software also includes a game in its course that lets the user practice typing words and letters. Bruce’s unusual typing software provides its users with a lot of support. In this software, the user is given the privilege to construct his lessons for typing and for a practice-oriented reason.

Download Bruces Unusual Typing Wizard

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Letter Chase Typing Tutor

It is also called the “Learn the Keyboard” software. It is free typing software. It enables the user to learn to type. This software also imparts knowledge about the character and numeric keys. Moreover, the letter chase typing tutor explains the easy method for memorizing and helps in learning the entire keyboard. In the long run, this software can be used by schools and institutions and impart education to students and children regarding typing skills.

Download Letter Chase Typing Tutor

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Bodie’s Typing Tutor

Bodies Typing Tutor Software

Bodie’s typing tutor software is easy and free software that enables the user to learn the skills for typing in a few weeks only. On the daily and proper use of this software:

  • The user can find improvement in the rate of typing
  • See a precision in his/her typing with a lot of improvement
  • Help learn techniques about touch type
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Download Bodies Typing Tutor

TIPP 10 Typing Software

TIPP 10 typing software is free of cost and helps a person acquire skills for typing. It includes a number of typing sessions for its users that teach them how to type. Self-practice lessons can be made by the user in order to enhance his speed and skill. The user can see his progress in typing and speed every day on the screen. It is trivial software that’s very handy and easy to use.

Download TIPP 10 Typing Software

Kiran’s Typing Tutor

Kiran’s typing software is easy to use and helps the user understand and gain the process for proper typing. Again, it is free of cost software. The software is used to:

  • The rate of typing
  • Improve precision
  • Comes with games related to typing that help improve the speed of typing

With the help of Kiran’s Typing Tutor software, the user is able to view his everyday improvement that is displayed on the screen.

Download Kiran’s Typing Tutor

Analytical Eye Typing Software

The analytical Eye typing software is easy to use software that provides easy learning and acquiring the right skills in typing. Today, the task of typing has become highly essential. This software is used to enhance the speed of typing and provides the knowledge that is essential for typing.

This software includes different games and exams that enable the user with proper and regular practice. The software is capable of monitoring and even tracking the day-to-day development of the user’s typing ability.

Download Analytical Eye Typing for Windows 10

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Ktouch is for Linux only. It is an open-source typing tutor. It is free software and holds such popularity that people keep on asking for its window version, but unfortunately, it is only available in the Linux version only. It is very cool and lightweight typing software that is used to learn to type on Linux Operating System.

Download Ktouch

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More additions

Tux Typing Tutor: A great program to help kids type on a keyboard. It teaches kids how to type by making them play a game.

Ratatype Online: An online-based typing software for your PC!, the biggest advantage is that there is no installation required. It allows you to compete with other players online.

GNU Typist (Gtypist): Another free and open-source fast typing software that allows you to further advance your writer skills. Comes with support for various languages such as Czech, French and Spanish.

Which is your favorite typing software?

I think we have given you quite a lot of choices on this page. It’s now your turn to tell us which is your best typing software download and why? We have shown you the top free typing software for Windows 10/11. They are the latest updated editions of the programs listed above with great new features. These will definitely help you improve your typing speed without taking an online course.

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      My recommendations are:
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      These two are hands down very good! They have premium features and very easy to get started with. Hope you will like them.


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