The truth is that we all love media on our phones. Hence why this article exists today. We will be sharing with you the 6 best video player applications for Android in 2021 that you can free download as APK files. We have handpicked and tested these media player apps without ads for you.

The 6 Best Free Video Player Apps for Android in 2022

It takes no time for Android users to realize that the stock gallery application carries little or no skill at all. Well is there any other option that can be utilized? There are many out there that can be used in fact.

The entire media player applications out there are many crucial apps an android phone device needs. What other allows you to play music or watch videos? What is the prior benefit to having an Android smartphone if you are not able to watch videos or play audio on it?

There are many options today that the user can use or try therefore we listed for you a list that carries the best media player applications for Android that can be equipped with android smartphone devices. We hope that brings ease to all


6 Best Video Player Apps for Android 2022 [Without Ads]

VLC Media Player

Best Video Player Application for Android without ads

The VLC media player is seemed to be a very well-known video player for android smartphones. It has gained popularity among its users by making itself the ruler of entertainment in the world of computers. The VLC media player in android phones as well brings the ability to play both video and audio files although the audio needs a little fix, especially in the widget department.

It is not much different from the Google play music interface w\hich is good as most of the other players are too much of a shock for the user and takes plenty of time to figure the entire application. All of this does not mean that it has comprised innovation. The best part about the VLC media player is that is its built-in equalizer that lets you visit the same song within different settings.

You may have seen a feature on youtube videos and on Facebook as well that their videos get minimized into a small window well don’t need to worry VLC can do the same as well. Whenever you play a video on the VLC media player then your video can be seen outside the application while you are using any other application and even you can position the window differently.

Download VLC Media Player APK

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MX Player

Best HD Video Player for Android

Today all the applications out there cannot claim to be at par with the MX player. It has set its standards very high and no other application can surpass it. The MX player comes with a USP that is a touch-friendly interface that allows the user to change some most important parameters of the video via simple slides and touches.

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By touching at the seek bar the user can seek, with many other applications out there but here the user is able to slide forward, horizontal as well as back for much better seeking.

With the help of vertical scrolls, the user can change the volume and brightness there on the left and right sides. On the top right of the application, the users can also access different menus which come with different options for ease.

It used to be free but for now, it comes in paid. However, if you have the audacity to watch some ads then still it is a good yet worthy choice. Though you can always get the cheap pro version to exclude all the ads.

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Best Video Player APK Download for Android

If you thought of the VLC player to be a little too sweet then no need to worry you can always use Listen to It that will spice up your music needs. It comes from the makers of Share It which is also an amazing music application and is able to share different files between devices over a proxy wifi network. This music application usually includes a sweet equalizer with more tweaks options than the VLC player.

The past thing about it is that it comes with a Ringtone cuter with the help of which the user can pick out bits and pieces of the songs and set it as his/her ringtone. It comes with a user interface that is a bit edgy yet interesting as well. In this, you can also command the player to stop playing after a certain time that saving a lot of phone battery for the people who tend to sleep while listening to their favorite music.

Visit Listen. It Media Player

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Vidmate is yet another media player application for android smartphone devices. Vidmate provides users with diverse choices like downloading different videos, creating memes, getting you the best and latest apps, games and encrypting files out of your way. Its video player is the reason it has been made a part of the list. As users tend to neglect this thus it is a hidden gem of an application.

Like the MX player Vidmate also lets you control different parameters of the video yet it is a bit more sensitive and you do not need to keep on scrolling the screen as you can be one just with a single swipe. Too much sensitivity is also not that good as many users have reported that when they scroll towards forward ahead with swipe then they always have to tap the screen many times to go back at the point where they left. The best about Vidmate is helps you create memes and share them with your friends. Isn’t that cool?

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Download VidMate Media Player APK

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KMPlayer for Android

Today there are many applications out there that can help you to control the playback speed of your video but to put it in fine words KM players lets you do that in the simplest ways. It also is used to allow for a screen float as you access the other apps which is very handy for multi-tasking peeps.

Now the best part about the KM player is that it can be used as a cloud storage device as well in which you can keep favorite or important videos present all across the device. It also comes along with a neat mirror mode. Although such a music player came well but was a bit repressed in the package.

Download KMPlayer APK For Free

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ES File Explorer

Best Video Player to Watch Movies on Android

To be very honest the ES file explorer is not a music player yet it comes along with pretty good and near features through which you can listen to your favorite music files there on your device. It also has a video player that is in good quality than the android gallery application. If we talk about its music player then it is quite handy and can be used to listen to podcasts which you have stored. The best part about this is that in this you can access it from the lock screen which is a plus point.

Download ES File Explorer APK

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Update: Some apps have been pushed to a newer version because of a bug causing the camera to crash.

Which is your top choice of Android Video Player?

So these were all the best video player apps for Android without ads. These media player applications will be available with free download links. These apps will be able to play HD movies for you the same as the ones with Netflix quality or even higher. Also, these apps support HEVC playback too.

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