6 Best Free VPN Services for Torrenting & P2P Anonymously In 2021
6 Best Free VPN Services for Torrenting & P2P Anonymously In 2021

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are used for numerous reasons. The top reason is to unblock blocked sites in your country. Another reason is for torrenting anonymously. This process involves the user downloading torrent content/files using P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing protocol. It also boosts your online security and keeps your data private. By using a VPN all your data is encrypted.

On this page, we recommend the 6 best free VPNs for torrenting anonymously in 2021. There are many benefits of using an unlimited VPN because you have the uncapped bandwidth and fast speed.

Let’s start showing the best FREE VPN services for downloading torrents in 2021!

Why you should use a VPN for Downloading Torrents?

The answer is security and anonymity! They keep your internet activities private. The data sent between you and other hosts on the web is invisible/encrypted. No one can see and analyze your traffic. Your data is routed through a secure tunnel that uses secure encryption protocols. These protocols include IPsec (Internet protocol security), SSL (Secure sockets layer) and TLS (Transport layer security).

P2P Free VPNs have come a long way now and are much more secure and advanced. The reason behind this is powerful data centres at multiple locations. This fulfils the user needs for torrenting much quicker and at a stable connection.

Many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) block your downloads and access to multiple torrent sites like KickAss torrents and Pirate Bay. A VPN will help you to bypass such restrictions and unblock blocked websites securely.

6 Best Free Unlimited VPNs For Torrenting Anonymously in 2021 (New List)

Below are all the great VPNs for your torrent needs. This list works from top to bottom.

Let’s begin!

NordVPN – Security at the core

NordVPN is one of the most secure and easy to use VPN services out there. It uses powerful services around in more than 60 countries to give you the best possible performance. It hides all your private details on the internet including your IP address. It shows websites and other places you visit on the web from a different country, town, and address.

Your data is always secure while you visit any torrent website on the web. Your downloads are also hidden from your ISP, neat right?

You can bypass censorship easily and access all of your favourite torrent sites. Nord VPN unblocks them for you in a single click. It allows you to download your favourite content using peer-to-peer file sharing websites. Below is a summary of features Nord provides:

  • Firefox and Chrome browser extension.
  • NordVPN app for Android and iOS.
  • The dedicated IP address for all their servers.
  • Military-grade encryption technologies.
  • Protecting you at the DNS level with leak protection.
  • It does not store any logs or your history.
  • Automatic kill switches to protect you in case your VPN disconnects.
  • Onion over the VPN feature that uses the onion router for complete anonymity online.
  • Servers designed especially for P2P torrenting.

Download NordVPN

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Hotspot Shield – The #1 Free VPN

This is one of the most popular and trusted virtual private network service providers out there. It has over 650 million users and counting. It has all the premium features you expect from the best VPN for torrenting. It has one of the most impressive UI. There are two versions of Hotspot Shield, a paid (premium version) and a freeware version. There VPN client for Windows PC is very lite and fast. You don’t need to have a high specification computer to run it, nor it affects any performance.

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List of features and extra’s Hotspot shield torrenting comes with:

  • Available for all major platforms and devices.
  • Choose from over 2500 servers and locations around the world.
  • Comes with the new modern automatic kill switch.
  • Uses a custom technology of servers called ‘Catapult Hyrda VPN Technology’. This gives you optimal connection and speed on longer distances.
  • Unblock popular torrent sites and download torrents safely and anonymously. Your data is hidden and encrypted from your ISP.
  • There is no limit on how much data you can use! Yes, you have unlimited bandwidth data.
  • Keeps you secure and safe over public WiFi connections from Hackers.

Download Hotspot Shield

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TunnelBear – Making Internet Privacy Easy

One of the most secure and privacy-focused VPNs out there is TunnelBear! It has super-fast servers that get you connected in an instant to a server near you. They promise you the highest level of anonymity while you are online using their VPN for torrents. Their support staff is excellent and very talented. They know their stuff. TunnelBear has a very useful tech called ‘GhostBear’ this makes sure you stay under the radar while using a VPN. Governments and ISPs will not be able to see if you are using such technologies.

Below is the full list of features TunnelBear torrenting comes with:

  • Most advanced military-grade encryption technology using AES-256 bit.
  • Gives you 500 MB of free data transfer for free tier users. There is also a Pro version which you can get by paying a monthly charge.
  • A global network of servers to give you a fast VPN connection for downloading torrents quickly.
  • No logs are stored, and all of your internet activities are private.

Download TunnelBear

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Windscribe – The All-in-one VPN for Torrents

This VPN was built to serve you with all of your torrenting needs! It is an AIO solution for staying anonymous online. Windscribe also comes with an Adblock service. You also get a firewall solution to keep other nasty surprises such as malware away from your PC. It is the swiss army knife of VPNs and has everything and every feature you want. The clients are very easy to use and show you all the nearest server locations for you to connect to. They do not store any of your browsing history and internet habits in any form such as logs.

Again, it allows you to unblock popular blocked torrent sites like RARBG, KickAss Torrents (KAT), The Pirate Bay and Lime Torrents. Windscribe also allows you to generate config files for OpenVPN, SOCKS, and IKEv2. You can also make your own proxy gateway and turn your laptop into a WiFi router. Do you know what the best part is? It comes with built-in ad-blocking features. Keeps changing your user-agent automatically to reduce the change of fingerprinting. Stops websites from tracking your internet searches.

Download Windscribe

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ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN for Torrents and P2P

ExpressVPN is known to provide the fastest VPN for torrenting at high speeds. It supports P2P file sharing which means you can torrent until your storage is full. It provides you with the best in class privacy and security while you are connected to the internet. It makes sure to hide your IP address, encrypt your browsing history from ISP and allow you access to blocked torrent sites. It also unblocks access to the popular movie streaming site Netflix.

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The best part of ExpressVPN torrenting is that they are based in the British Virgin Islands. There are no data laws there. They do not keep any of your logs for connections and anything you do with their VPN. Protects you from surveillance and other online threats. I.e. Being spied on or being watched by a state agency. Protects your DNS from leaking any information about you. Altogether this makes it an excellent VPN for downloading torrents.

Download ExpressVPN

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ProtonVPN Free – Unlimited Data

This is probably the greatest Free VPN for torrent downloads. This is because it offers unlimited monthly data. There are no limits on how much you can use. Proton, the company behind ProtonVPN is well known for its encrypted email service. They have a good reputation for providing privacy with their services. They are based in Switzerland. This VPN provides you with the freedom to do whatever you want where you want. In plain words, you have access to all blocked content on the internet.

Below is a full list of features ProtonVPN torrenting provides:

  • Secure core protects their own VPN servers from government espionage and surveillance.
  • Their network servers are based in Switzerland and Iceland.
  • Keeps no logs of their users.
  • Tor can be access over their VPN which will allow you access to blocked onion sites.

Download ProtonVPN

HMA! Pro VPN – Budget option

HMA! Pro VPN full version trial is your best bet if you want to quickly download a torrent and uninstall the VPN later. It offers the best in class connections with great speed and security, also they do not keep any logs.

They are known for their online proxy “HideMyAss” which they used to help people unblock blocked websites in censored countries.

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Benefits of using a Virtual Private Network for Torrenting

  • A VPN is much better in terms of privacy and encryption when compared to a Proxy.
  • Your full network is encrypted and hidden.
  • Many services provide you with hundreds of servers where you can connect. This gives you an edge of extra speed and reliability.
  • ISPs cannot see what you are doing on the internet. This stops them from selling your data to third-party advertising companies.
  • Your IP address and other details stay anonymous.
  • It provides you optimum protection from Hackers and other threats from spying on you over a public network.

Disclaimer: We do not support the downloading of illegal content using a VPN in any way. Please use these services at your own risk. Always respect copyright laws. You are responsible for any problems you come across while using the above services in an illegal way. The services shared above are intended to be used only for privacy and security.

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Do you use a Free VPN for Torrenting?

Well, if you are not using a VPN, you should immediately start using one. It is for your own benefit and advantage. In this VPN guide, we have shared with you the 6 Best Free VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously 2021. They are not a part of digital life. Almost every company out there is trying to gather information from you one way or another. It’s your own responsibility to protect yourself. The products shared with you above work on every platform you can imagine. This includes VPN for Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and ChromeOS.

Let us know in the comments below if you are using a VPN for Torrents that are not on the above list. We will love to hear any new ones from you. I have been recommended Just VPN for PC, it looks great and has fast servers.

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