8 Best Free WiFi IP Camera Software for Home Security 2022

Wireless Cameras are great for home security purposes as they are:

  • Less expensive.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world (internet is needed).
  • Can be accessed from Android or iPhone.

By spending a little less, you can now layout wifi cameras all-around your house. With this you can:

  • Keep an eye on your children’s room.
  • Make sure your house isn’t flooding with water.
  • Keep an eye on all the entries made into the house.

Today we have curated a list of the 8 best Free IP camera apps for Windows 10 and Windows 11 that will help you to do video surveillance.

This IP camera monitoring software is quite easy to set up. You need to make sure that it is connected to the same network along with a dedicated IP address.


8 Best Free WiFi IP Camera Software For Windows 10/11

IP Camera Viewer 

IP Camera Viewer Software for Windows 10

This one functions just as its name suggests. It carries a free version that is only used to view IP cameras on your network. You can set up four cameras in your house; then add them to this specific application to see them all the time on your screen.

How to configure:

  • You need to click on the add camera icon.
  • Then choose either is it an IP camera or a connected USB webcam.
  • Then type in its IP as we all as the port number.
  • Provide with ID and password if the camera has one.
  • After this, select the brand and model of the camera.
  • Hit on test connection to be sure the settings work first.
  • Hit ok to add it to the main screen.

You need to upgrade your version to security monitor pro for a cost if you want advanced features like motion detection and alerts.

Download IP Camera Viewer for Windows 10/11

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Xeoma – Video Surveillance did right

Xeoma Download for Windows 10

This comes with a scanning feature that helps to search all the connected IP addresses on the network to identify the attached wifi camera automatically. Once identified, it displays them in the form of a grid.

Xeoma Features

  • Record manually any camera you want.
  • Take screenshots of the cameras.
  • Keep it open to keep an eye on all the cameras at the same time.
  • You can set up automated actions such as alerts and motion-detected recordings.

With the free version (Xeoma Lite) users can monitor up to 4 IP cameras at the same time. If you wish to upgrade then it is not that expensive, the standard edition lets users monitor up to 4000 of them, whereas the pro version can feature a dedicated cloud service.

Download Xeoma Free for Windows 10/11

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Anycam.io – Compatibility King

Anycam IO for PC

This is deemed to be the most impressive wifi camera application that comes in free. Inspite of guessing the wifi camera settings like the port number or brand this one is used to scan for the accurate port and then connects to the camera with much ease. For this, you need to know only the IP address of the camera and any other login details (if required).

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Anycam Features

  • You can capture screen-shots.
  • It runs automatically when the windows start.
  • Carries cloud streaming with capable cameras.
  • Comes with motion detection video recording.
  • Has real-time video recording.

With this free version, you can connect with one wifi camera at a time, but once you upgrade by paying an affordable amount its lets you connect with multiple cameras.

Download Anycam for Windows 10/11

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iVideon – Cloud-based solution

iVideon for PC (Download)

This is unique as it does not provide a local surveillance monitoring system that can run on the local network instead it lets you run the server on your laptop which can collect all the video streams from the house then send them over the internet to your cloud account.

With this, users can have access to the video feed from anywhere as long as they have a good internet connection. It is quite easy to set it up; it detects all the devices connected to the network automatically that the server can collect sound or video feeds from.

In the cloud account, configure the following for every camera:

  • Real-time video feed display.
  • Motion detection event video clips.
  • Motion detection notifications.

Both the cloud account and iVideon software comes in free. The company is offering it yet with the hope that the user would buy their IP cameras.

Download iVideon for PC


This is one of the IP cameras that come in free and not just a trial version. It is though a little is challenging to connect it with the camera on your network. This one does not come with automatic scan features. Thus you need to know the IP, port number as well as the type of camera and the format of the video feed.

P2P Wireless IP Camera Software

ContaCam Features

  • Let’ you record the camera feeds manually.
  • You can set up the viewer software like an embedded web server.
  • Run the viewer as a service and launch each time the window boots.
  • Users can set automated logging from their cameras.
  • Let’s take snapshots of any of the connected cameras.
  • You can connect either an IP camera or an integrated USB-connected camera.

Note: keep in mind that its installation sets it up to launch every time the windows start.

Download ContaCam for Windows 10/11

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Perfect IP Camera Viewer – View Multiple Outputs

Best Free IP Camera Viewer Software for Windows 10

This one lets you add around 64 cameras that can be displayed on the main screen in various layouts. Just with the IP address of the camera, it is quite easy to add it.

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Users can:

  • Start motion detection monitoring on one or all the cameras.
  • Initiate recording.

The camera feeds updates in real-time and can work with a variety of camera models.

Download Perfect IP Camera Viewer for Windows 10/11

Agent Video Surveillance

With this, you can connect to any camera on the network quite easily. It comes in free. The app’s camera setup wizard scans the entire system as well as the list of the cameras. This is one of the few that can identify any camera brand.

It runs on your system like a server and can have access to the user’s free cloud account to run the connection wizard and view the live feeds.

Once the application has located the camera, you need to:

  • Return to the main window.
  • Then click on life to see all the feeds.
  • If the app is not able to connect with any camera, then you would see a connection error icon.
  • Right-click and edit the settings to connect.

Agent Features

  • You can record the video stream from any camera.
  • Take snapshots from any camera you want.
  • Let’s you set up alerts as well as notifications when there’s a movement.
  • Users can configure motion detection areas for the video stream.
  • Users can connect any camera from multiple locations to their single online cloud account.
  • You can access your camera feeds from any part of the world with internet access.

Download Agent Video Surveillance for Windows 10/11

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Security Eye – Monitor Everything

Security Eye for Windows

The first time you launch it, it scans the network for any local camera s you need to set up. If your cameras are not identified, then you can set them up by their IP addresses.

Its setup is quite easy and works with a long list of popular brands.

Security Eye Features

  • Comes with active camera monitoring and alerts.
  • Camera recording.
  • Let’s you pan, tilt or zoom the video streams.
  • Users can change the layout to display multiple cameras.

This application comes with a manual setup that helps them to connect with cameras and configure applications.

Download Security Eye for Windows 10/11

Any alternatives in mind?

Privacy and security are an integral part of our daily lives. Here we bring you the 8 best Free IP Camera Software for Windows 10/11 that you can download. These allow you to connect your CCTV or home surveillance cameras to your PC and watch the feed from anywhere in the world.

Do let us know if you have any other suggestions which we can add to the above. Do share this post with your friends and family.

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