14 Best iOS 13 Hidden Features coming to iPhones and iPads in 2020

Apple has been a trademark in the history of times due to its unique features and excellent outcomes. Today we see users shifting from android to iPhone; as it has marked its place as one of the best.

Recently, a new and latest version has been announced by apple regarding its Operating system that is iOS 13. The new version comes with several brand new features that shall be discussed in the article below. Today we will be revealing hidden iOS 13 features for iPhones and iPads.

You can download the public beta of Apple’s iOS 13 software for nor on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This was released by apple earlier than expected. Let’s have a recap of why this is coming and how it is such a fresh update.

In the previous times, it was advised by Apple to only test the new software out on a secondary device. A lot of applications shall not be able to be compatible just now. Be safe with the battery as it drains off quickly with the beta software on board.

What is iOS 13?

The new version of Apple iOS 13 is the 13th major release of the iOS mobile operating system and is developed by the apple corporation. The latest update came as a successor to iOS 12. The latest version was announced at the company’s worldwide developer’s conference on 3 June 2019. This is expected to be released in the fall of 2019

iOS 13 Hidden Features and Improvements over iOS 12

Following are the best features of Apple’s new Operating System iOS13:

Dark Mode 

The first feature to be discussed is a dark mode that is there is the latest version of iOS 13. The dark way usually is a crowd pleaser and offers a very definite and understanding look to the iPhone. The notes, messages, mail, etc. often have a whiteout of black look and that’s very attractive.

However, if you are an iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max user then they have classy OLED displays, the dark mode saves a lot of battery and does not allow it to drain at its routine. The battery saving mode, however, does not imply to the iPhone XR as it has an LCD screen and note down that apple is not making any claims in this regard.

Being system-wide, the dark mode works very well. This means that the apple design of apple watch and calculator applications already give the user a preview of what it looks like as they have always looked that way. Now you will have the same elegant color choices as they are now available in the apple store, news and more.


The best thing about iPhone is the camera and the pictures it clicks. This is going to be very interesting for all the photo lovers out there as the photos app is getting updated and looks fantastic. The application has been redesigned to show you your pictures more easily. It makes finding those particular clicks much quicker and more enjoyable.

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Moreover, the videos run automatically in windows among the still shots, alongside live photos, for instance. Another interesting point is that the pictures jump out with the best captions to identify the place and date. With the application, there are even more photo and video editing tools.

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Sign in with Apple

This too is a very cool update. When you sign up to a new application, you are given different options which include the opportunity to sign in with Facebook, Google, or email. However, apple being in its typical privacy-conscious way offers an alternative that helps the user to avoid running the risk of being tracked down, which further leads to targeted advertising, for instance.

When you sign in, your Apple ID will be there as an option that is present alongside the others and shall offer beneficial benefits. As an extra layer of security is has an in-built two-factor authentication.

We can put it in his way that where a developer asks for name and email address you choose whether to give or not. If you prefer to provide the details then a random email address shall be created by apple so when the app sends you to message it comes to our apple ID email but through apple, so no one gets to know about your email credentials.

Improved Performance

You shall see better and improved performance in the latest version of iOS. In this, the applications shall launch twice as fast as in iOS 12. Thanks to the software improvements, Apple ID unlocks will be nippier on existing devices as said by Apple. Due to the new way of packaging, the applications will be smaller. To put in short form, the download size is reduced by 50%


Apple iPhone iOS 13 Features

Updates to the camera are also there. With the new iOS 13, you can now adjust in intensity the portrait lighting effects that turn out to be very useful. A unique result by the name of high essential light mono is also added to the pile.

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The new look of the map application comes from the original base map that is achieved by apple’s car driving 4 million miles. As claimed by apple, it wants its maps app to be perfect around as erasing all the bad memories of problems that were seen is the application in the beginning.

The application comes with certain new features like it includes correct addresses, more detailed images, and much more. It involves looking around that promises to what Google street view should have been. Apple introduced aerial photography with Fly Over thus bringing the same high-resolution 3D graphics to streets. To add in yes it will be revealed city by city. The 4 million miles cover less than that you think and shall roll out across states this year with other countries following in 2020.

Memoji Stickers

Now let’s talk something about the Memoji stickers. By using Memoji labels in messages like videos, sticker packs of a cute little cartoon of yourself can be created automatically to sue in massages, mail, and others. The new upgrade is just beautiful.

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Quick Path

Apple as we all know works on the motto “don’t do it first, do it right” and due to that we know that why the new keyboard system known as the Quick Path came so much later than rivals from companies like Swift Key

With this, you shall now be able to stroke the screen in a continuous movement to type the letters, and this entire works well.

Improved Siri

Siri sounds excellent but sometimes not quite realistic enough. Expect a change in how realistic the virtual personal assistant shall look

Uninstall apps from the update screen

Remember how you used to download applications months before that is never used now? It gets annoying when you get to know that they need an update, mainly when they cannot be found being buried among other applications. Now with the new update when you are asked to update an app, all you need to do is swipe left, and it’s gone.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth in the Control Centre

In the latest update, whenever you launch the control center, you are no longer limited to turning on and turning off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. By pressing long on the right widget, a menu shall appear that leads to the available Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth items.

Better Battery Health

This is a handy way to extend the lifetime of a battery. Sony had something like this, but this is even better. Instead of charging to 100% instantly it can charge it to 80% overnight for instance and then you can go to the full charge a little before you unplug it. This is then based on your daily and regular charging habits.

Silence the unknown Callers

With the new version of apples iOS 13, you can now silence the unknown callers. The callers that you are not aware of can be sent directly to voice mail if you wish so that you do not have to deal with the mess of spam calls. This, however, is a smart solution to all of your problems.

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Voice Memos

For all voice memos lovers, out there. The new update allows the user to let you pinch to zoom and make the granular editing far more approachable. We shall see new features in this, features that include trim and replace. The best part about this is that the app will be there on the apple watch as well.

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Which iOS 13 Features are you excited about?

In this guide, we have highlighted for you all regarding the latest version of Apple iOS that is iOS 13. We have discussed with you a list of features that come along the new update. Get to know about the latest best features and make your apple journey more beneficial. If you found this article useful, then leave your comments in the section below.

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