Best KickAss Proxies List in 2022 - New KickAss Alternatives

Many of you may not know what torrenting is, it is a simple means to share a huge chunk of records data utilizing peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing know-how as you are not depending on a single supply or site. User needs to have a search engine and a client in order to obtain records data utilizing torrents. Today we are sharing with you our list of the best KickAss Torrent Proxies and alternatives that are unblocked!

Many are there that can be utilized but selecting the perfect out of them is a process.

These are seemed like the best yet hottest sites to obtain them, this is the reason why these proxy sites pop up on the net after their disappearance.

It is the best source to download:

  • Latest games.
  • Movies.
  • TV shows.
  • Music.
  • Software.

All these come in free. It is seemed to be popular for downloading movies due to:

  • Simple user interface.
  • A number of torrents.

In spite of using the latest streaming video apps, use the simple. For now, the site has been banned for copyright infringement in various countries like Canada, Britain and the US.

Following is the list which we have examined and all have been working on the time of writing.

Unblocking KickAss Proxies

Visit UnblockNinja (Our Pick)


Why even use a Proxy Site in the first place?

There are no means and ways to get this unblocked but there are proxy sites that can be obtained to host torrent records data.

If you want to get them you need to utilize these sites which supply many torrent records data and magnet hyperlinks with the purpose to download favorite content.

Note: The sites talked about are only for informational purposes and we do not utilize them to copyright-protected content material.

How to Access Kickass Website using the Tor Network

This is the free communication software that is anonymous. It is based on a global network of nodes that is:

  • Used to route internet traffic from one node to the other with a purpose to hide location and use of user from people performing traffic analysis or network monitoring.
  • Allow users to access anonymous hidden services which can be accessed through this network only. These services are recognized through their suffix .onion domain which only applies to this network and is not in the root directory of internet DNS.

To access its address you need to:

  • Download its browser, this allows you to use it on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS or Linux/GNU.

Unblock KickAss with Tor Browser

  • Browser installation for this is not allowed, you simply need to unzip the downloaded file in any folder then run it by clicking on the app icon.
  • Once started, enter address Kickasto4kpnn.onion in the address bar and hit enter.
  • At times it takes time in order to form a strong connection. Thus downloading this may take some time.
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Using a VPN Service to Unblock KickAss

As we all know this is a virtual private network which:

  • Allows accessing blocked sites quite easily.

We have used this to access blocked services and at times various sites are blocked due to internal propaganda.

Use this to unblock extras of chrome or Mozilla browser. For this:

  • In the first step, you need to download any VPN in Google Chrome or Mozilla browser.

We used Betternet for chrome and you can also download it for windows and Mac OS X.

  • After this click on the three-dot setting there on the top right corner chose additional tools and then select Extensions.
  • Tab shall open which you can enable. If you have not downloaded it yet then you can get it from the chrome store.
  • This can be enabled in incognito mode as well as use it privately.
  • To block service you need to click on Betternet or chosen VPN and it shall resolve it automatically.
  • After this copy any URL below and paste it in the browser.

Note: Keep in mind that the VON server is busy therefore the speed of download shall be slow.

New KickAss Torrent Working Alternative Sites Available in 2022


This provides the same experience that you were getting from the original website. You need to be careful while using this as it carries viruses and does load additional and unrelated pages whenever you click on anything.

P2P file type: Magnet links and torrent files.


RARBG v2 Download Site

This is though not that much of a popular site but still has a lot of traffic. It is in the crosshairs due to its popularity that is increasing slowly so this is something you need to consider before using it.

For now, it is not blocked in most of the countries and has rarely experienced the takedown issue that larger yet popular website experience often. You still can download files though you shall not be able to the server as a seeder and upload files to the website due to some restrictions related to registration.

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This opened after the shutdown of This made sure in the world of torrents that though it was not original stand-in after the original site that was closed down. It is able to search for them on more than 60 websites and specialized private trackers.

It allows all the users to find almost of type of content that is both legal and free. Now, most of the users use this for illegal file-sharing which for sure we don’t recommend. This is useful for legal purposes but the site is operating illegally in many countries as most of the content available through it breaks copyrights.

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Zooqle Site

In this user can get both torrent files and magnet links and is quite a unique option for all. Users can also get direct downloads. It carries a lot of suspicious content therefore you need to be wary.


This is a closed community. Any user can use the website to look for and download torrents. This is however closed to sign-ups for newcomers who may want to contribute. Also, have a look at Demonoid alternatives if the main one is shutdown.

Torrent Downloads

With this, you can download as many as you want. Direct downloads are available on this site as well as expected file downloads.

Glo Torrents

This is a fairly run-of-the-mill site that is used to post specific files, magnet links and direct downloads for anyone to use out there. All the expected information like leechers, seeders and uploads dates are available.

Torrent Funk

It provides a pleasing user interface as compared to other sites. Information is there down the page on the right side. It also lists how many files are there in total. At times you can also see who has uploaded it.

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YourBitTorrent Site

This adds in some more personality to the process with its interface and logo. The website adds in news updates from the Torrent Freak news website at the bottom of the page. As it carries direct downloads alongside the files, these appear to be suspicious when clicked on.


This is a family-friendly website. This is used to provide a toggle for filtering out adult content. It allows all the users to report adult content in order to make the site more family-friendly with adult content filter active. The best thing about this one is that it carries a streaming option on a lot of content.

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A little doubt is there to what it offers. It has its prime focus on DVD rips. This site has its prime focus on unlicensed content. It has much of a modern site design than other sites that have been listed. It provides streaming links to websites such as Openload which leaves little elbow room for anyone who is looking to download content that is available legally.

Disclaimer: We do not condone Piracy or breaking any copyright laws. These are only posted here for reference and educational purposes.

Closing Statement

So, these were the newest and most stable working KickAss proxies that I gathered in a list for you! They are amazing and work flawlessly. Do let me know if you have any alternatives in mind below in the comments area.

Shaheer is the founder of SecuredYou. He is a cybersecurity freak and loves anything related to Computers and Technology. Apart from being a tech geek, he loves listening to music and going to the gym.


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