30 Best MEE6 Commands List For Discord (Easy Prefix)

One of the most popular bots on discord is MEE6 as it carries various functions and is able to replace many others like Bastion. The issue is that most of the users are not able to use it to full capacity and are unaware of its potential. After reading the post below you will learn about the best MEE6 bot commands for Discord in a list of nearly 30 with prefixes. These include Education, Funny, Moderation, Levels, Rank and Currency-based commands to give you the full Pro experience. Excited?

There are however many underrated features in this that can be accessed through commands. We have compiled for you a list, so follow through to know more and take full advantage to make your server management easier, engaging and more fun.


30 Best MEE6 Commands List With Prefix

Best MEE6 Commands with Prefix

You need to know about a few things first; its prefix is !(Exclamation mark). It reads only those command messages which carry this prefix only. Option to change prefix unlike other bots is a premium feature. Now, if you are already a premium user then you need to open MEE6 Dashboard > settings > go down the commands section to change the prefix. But, if not then you need to depend upon the default prefix even if it is interfering at times with the other bots.

For each bot / (slash) can be used as a prefix. Let’s begin with moderation commands which are used primarily by many users.

MEE6 Moderation Commands – Great for Admins

The basic ones which all know include !ban, !unban, !mute, !unmute, and !Kick now to many muting, banning and kicking might look the same but let’s talk about the differences

  • When we ban users who can’t read or write texts.
  • When we mute users can read messages but can’t reply.
  • When we kick then the user is removed from the server directly.

!ban @username- With this we can ban but use the same structure for other commands.

Temporarily ban anyone

!tempban @username duration- Duration can be around 4 hours 30 minutes or even 4 days 12 hours 30 minutes and 20 seconds. In the same way, we can also mute anyone with !tempmute command temporarily.

!warn – Warn users

This is used to warn the user by giving them a reason in the end as well. Series of warnings results in a decrease in user ranking if we even use leveling system which is supported by MEE6.

!user-info – Find out about the user

With this we can get information regarding a specific user like his role, what permissions he has, warning and ban history, discord joining date as well as the joining date of the server.

Also give try to !role-info [role name] and !server-info [server name] in order to find out details regarding roles and the server itself.

!Infractions – Know pas infractions

This lets us know about the past infractions of the particular person and provides details such as warnings, bans, mute and much more. History of last 24 hours, 1 week and then the total which is 3-time ranges. From here we can remove infractions from here as well.

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This is used to remove all infractions of a certain user.

We can do a lot like setting up automatic moderation controls like banning someone if he gets more than 3 warnings in less than 1 hour. By using specific words we can warn the user as well. This helps to maintain a healthy server without putting in too much effort.

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MEE6 Music Commands

MEE6 Bot Music Commands

We all enjoy listening to music so we have compiled some music commands as well which includes music bots for discord.

This includes the following

  1. !play [URL] or [song name] playing the song.
  2. !resume resuming.
  3. !queue to start queue.
  4. !add [URL] or [Song name] add to queue.
  5. !clear-queue clean queue.
  6. !skip to the next song.
  7. !previous  Go back to the last song.

!seek [position]

This is used to change the position of the current position. Like !seek 1m25s to begin playing a current song from the specified time onwards.


With this, we can add a bot to the voice channel so that whenever we switch to the voice channel the bots follow you in spite of changing the bot channel every time. For the bot to stop following us we can use !leave.


This one is quite interesting as with this we can create a vote to skip a song in spite of skipping on our own. This is very useful when there are many people on the server.


This is used to start a music-based quiz show on the channel.

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MEE6 Levels Commands (Ranks)

MEE6 Level Commands

We all know that levels feature work automated, there are some commands with which we can check stats.


With this, we can get a link to the leaderboard for the server.


Get rank details.


Get rank details of a specific person.

!give-xp and !remove-xp

This is used to add or remove points that affect the rank of the user in the server but keep in mind that this feature is premium.

MEE6 Birthday Commands

This is a recent addition and quite useful for all those who have a weak memory in remembering everything related to birthdays. These are used to grab all such details from users’ profiles and make list to send reminders.


This is used to display a list of the next 10 birthdays in the server.


With this, we can view a specific person’s birthday.


[Date] – use to add your birthday. Add the date in YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD format.

!set-user-birthday @username

With this, we can add in another person’s birthday.


Remove your birthday.

!unset-user-birthday @username

Remove someone else’s birthday.

MEE6 Search Commands

MEE6 Search Commands

These are used to directly find things from discord. In this we have many different options such as !anime [search]; to search anime, !manga [search]; search manga as well as Pokemon if you are a big fan of it,

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There are more as well.

!imgur [search] – Can be very funny

With this, we can post memes trending on keywords right away. Give try to something such as !imgur Ferrari.


With this, we can search for Twitch streams from within the discord.

!youtube [search]

This is used to search the Youtube and play videos within discord where all can watch it, keep in mind that the video shall be embedded.

MEE6 Currency and Economy Commands

There are also currency commands that allow you to build and manage the artificial MEE6 currency. This is useful if you want to check if unusual amounts are being moved.

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MEE6 Message Commands

MEE6 Message Commands

!clear [1-1000]

This is used to delete X number of messages.


This enables the user to slow mode with a set time. In this what happens is that if time is set to 10 seconds then users shall have to wait for 10 seconds before they send in another message. This is quite helpful in controlling spam.

MEE6 Temporary Channels Commands

MEE6 carries an option with which we can make a temporary channel which is known as hubs, by default is gets enabled but if you are the admin then you are able to disable it from its dashboard. To access such a feature you need to be a premium subscriber.


This is used to claim ownership of the temporary voice channel.


With this, we can delete all temporary in-active voice channels.


Let’s you find the owner of every voice channel.

!voice-limit [number]

It helps us to limit users to that particular number.


This is used to transfer ownership from the first to the second user.

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MEE6 Commands FAQ

How To Use MEE6 Bot and the commands?

They are very easy to use, just install the MEE6 bot in discord and start pasting the commands from above in any of your channels.

MEE6 Commands are not working, what to do?

It is always a grammar or typo. Double-check your command and try again, it will work. Make sure to clear your clipboard.

Can I disable the MEE6 bot in my channel If I don’t want anyone to use it?

Yes, you can. Just ban the MEE6 prefixes in your channel and no one will be able to search for one.

Conclusion – Powerful MEE6 Commands List

MEE6 is the best bot available for Discord, there is no doubt or second guess in this. We have combined the 30 best MEE6 commands in a list that includes a fraction of funny, moderator, levels, and currency commands. All of these include their full prefix so you do not have to look for them, it is a simple copy and paste, that’s it! Ah and don’t forget, we didn’t rank them in any order they are all great.

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