10 Most Secure Linux Distros for Security, Anonymity, Privacy 2022
10 Most Secure Linux Distros for Security, Anonymity, Privacy 2022

Want to stay anonymous? Want to add more privacy and security to your life? Then start by having a look at the Top 10 Most Secure Linux Distros for Security and Privacy. You know, as the saying goes, “A private life is a happy life.” These Secure Linux Distros are great for Servers, Banking, Staying Anonymous, Security, Privacy, and Anonymity. We will also share a download link for the ISO file or installation setup.

If you are a Linux user and are looking for the most secure Linux Distro, then you have dropped at the right place. The Linux distro is used to provide you with all the privacy for your Operating system. Before we begin, let us see why Linux Distro is too important to avoid? As we all know that the core software that allows you to communicate with the hardware and software of your computer system is the Operating System.

If you are using a computer system that is not secure, then it becomes straightforward for the hackers out there to exploit the OS, see your files, the location from where they are being sent. For all this, Linux now brings for you the best and most secured Linux distros that will help you protect your system in the best possible way.


What are Secure Linux Distributions (Privacy-Focused Distros)?

Day by day, the number of Linux users is increasing. They come with a diversification that they are less common than any other operating system out there. Still, they are working to be more technical shortly. These are Linux Distros that can be used for online banking, staying anonymous, and hiding your identity online. Following is the list of the most secured Linux distros.

The 15 Most Secure Linux Distros for Privacy and Security Free Download

Tails OS

Qubes OS, Kali Linux and Tails Linux

Tails are considered to be the most secured Linux distros. It got released back in 2009.  This is an OS that got developed primarily to target personal computer systems. Tails OS is ranked number one if you are looking for an operating system that will keep you all safe and secure while you are browsing the internet.

Tails is a live CD Linux Distro. It is a pre-installed OD that comes with a tor browser bundle using the onion security. As all the outgoing connections go via tor, therefore it allows the user to use the internet anonymously, and no matter whatever you do, it won’t leave a trace behind.

The best part is that this Operating system does not occupy any space of the hard disk as it occupies only the required space in your RAM, but as soon as you shut down your computer system, it gets erased. It can be used either as a Live USB or Live DVD. It is, however, much more comfortable to boot from a USB than a DVD. There are specific issues with this operating system. It has been reported recently that tails required 2 USB sticks during installation, which is very dull.

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Qubes OS

Best Linux Distro for Privacy and Security

Qubes OS is seen as the most secure Linux distro for your desktop. This is seen to be at the top as it is a Fedora-based OS that focuses on desktop security. Qubes OD helps you by isolating and virtualizing different VMs separately.

It is also used to isolate your files from the malware without even being affected, which is cool. Keep in mind that this OS is best for advanced users. It would get a bit difficult to manage if you are a new user or a beginner.

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Download Qubes OS Linux

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Kali Linux (Formerly BackTrack)

Most Secure Linux Hacking and Server Distro

This is a pre-installed Debian-derived Linux Distro. It got developed to focus on forensic experts and pen-testing. With it comes along some tools like Aircrack-ng, Ettercap, Wireshark, kismet, foremost, maltego, and many more that help you in different ways like exploiting a victim app or network, surveying a targeted IP address, and performing network discovery.

It also includes a graphical cyber attacking tool by the name of Armitage. Now, this tool helps the user to lunch and exploit get all the exploits recommendations and advanced features of the Metasploit framework’s meterpreter.

This can also be booted as a Live USB stick or DVD just like tails OS and is much easy in use than any other OS.  Whether you run a 32 or 62 OS, the Kali Linux can be used on both. For this, the Operating system requires 512mb RAM and 10GB space on the hard disk to be installed.

Download Kali Linux ISO (Latest Version) 2019.2/2019.3/2019.4

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Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS was developed by a frozen box and got released around 2013. When it comes to computer OS privacy and security, then parrot security is a game-changer. It is designed especially to test an unauthorized simulated attack on your computer system. This then helps you to assess all the vulnerabilities of your order and tell whether they are strong enough or not.

Now the parrot security operating system comes along with a full portable laboratory that protects your system from all unwanted diseases. At the same time, you are working on the internet, browsing something, and playing your favorite game. This OS is considered to be best if you are a forensic expert.

Download Parrot OS – Advanced Security-Based Linux.

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Discreete Linux

Are you trying to keep your data safe? Don’t worry, we bring for you the Discreete Linux Operating system, which is considered to be the most secured Linux distros that are used to protect and secure your precious data.

This Operating system does not make any connection with the internet when you are working, which separates the data and the cryptographic keys to be more protected from any non-trusted network. Moreover, Discreet Linux is a simple live system; thus, you do not need to install it on your computer system inspire you can run it quickly with a USB stick.

Download Discreete Linux (Latest)

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Whonix – Linux Distro for Anonymity

Whonix, the best OS of you, wishes to private your IP address. It is a Debian-based OS that focuses primarily on anonymity security and privacy. The Whonix Operating system provides the best protection through isolation. This OS uses the core principle of separation to enable security, privacy, and anonymity.

It got developed by two major programs. One is a workstation and the other is a gateway. Gateway, which acts as a middle name, forces all the connections to go via the tor network. So there is no chance for the IP address to get leaked out, and this is actually how the Whonix operating system keeps you all safe and secured.

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Download Whonix OS Free

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BlackArch Linux

This is a new Linux security distro that is designed primarily to focus on security research and pen-testing. It comes along several different tools that are twice or thrice as more as Kali Linux

You can install the BlackArch Linux separately or even in a group as well. It is very straightforward in use. You can run the black arch OS on any hardware as it is very light in weight.

Download BlackArch Linux 

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Linux Kodachi

Do you ever wish to be fully anonymous while you are surfing the internet? The Linux Kodachi is seemed to be the best and most secured Linux distros that any user would love to have. Though many users claim that this is not the best they ever had, but in our say, we have never tested it personally. It, however, comes along with a VPN, Tor, DNS crypts, and thus can be booted very quickly from a USB drive or a DVD.

Download Linux Kodachi

Subgraph OS

The subgraph operating system, just like the tails OS, is also Debian-based. It is used to prevent surveillance and interference through sophisticated adversaries from the internet. The best part is that the subgraph is such an operating system that it is designed for everyone out there. It comes with a GNOME-based desktop environment that is indeed very user-friendly.

If we are told about security and privacy, then this security distro is used to prevent the attack via intelligent access control; memory corruption-based exploit prevention with a package of patchset (grsecurity patchset and Pax). The Grsecurity patchset is used to provide a package of security, such as addressing space protection, enhanced auditing, and process control.

Download Subgraph OS

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Heads Operating System

Most Secure Linux Distro for Banking, Privacy, Security and Anonymity

Heads OS is a GNU or Linux-based security distro. It comes in free. It comes with an operating system that is much smaller than the other OS out there; however, it is pretty easy to manage. The head OD only uses free software, which means that it gives more value to the user’s community and freedom.

It also uses Tor so that the user can be anonymized while surfing the internet. All the traffic is forced to go via Tor b default, but you have the option to make it stop whenever you want to. The best part about the heads operating system is that keep their users on priority.

Download Heads Linux Distro

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Which Linux Distro are you using for Security and Privacy?

In this article, we have shown you the 10 Best Most Secure Linux Distros for Privacy, Security, and Anonymity in 2022 to Free Download. That can help you with providing the best security and privacy for your system. Different security/privacy distros for Linux have been explained to choose the one that best suits your required needs. Some of the Linux Distros shared above are Lightweight and don’t need many resources to run.

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  1. discreet and subgraph are no longer available to download long before this was even written. discreet was discontinued and subgraph is on hiatus till a working version comes out as Tor was never working on it due to issues with instillation of it, a little research even on google confirms this.

  2. Heads didn’t have a release in 3 years by now, Discreet Linux most recent version is a beta from early 2016…


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