Privacy? Who doesn’t love privacy in this century? Your data is the new valuable companies are after. Well, today, we have reviewed the top 9 best private search engines that respect privacy. These are great alternatives to Google search.

Over the past few years, private engines have seen a lot of growth, and recently it became unthinkable that anybody could compete in the search realm with google. There are, however, so many small players in the search game that have outgrown themselves rapidly. The market share of Google has declined from 78.7 to below 70 percent in recent times.

9 Best Private Search Engines for Privacy 2022 - Alternatives to Google Search

Now some of the search engines like DuckDuckGo and StartPage started as conventional search engines that had no privacy enhancements. After this, when they realized the security related to storing much of the data, they decided to take a much different approach. Keep in mind that your security and privacy matter a lot, and all the search engines are here to help you ensure your security.


The Best Private Search Engines – Great Alternatives to Google

Startpage – The Worlds Most Privacy Rated Search Engine

Startpage private search engine

The first one on the list is the start page. This search engine uses results from Google, which is a perfect thing if you are the kind of user who prefers results from google without tracking. Ixquick is indeed an independent search engine that uses its effects; it developed a start page with the purpose of including results from that place google. Now it comes with many new features like:

  • It is a proxy service
  • URL generator which is used to eliminate the need for cookies as well as remember your privacy settings in a much friendly way
  • Provides HTTPS support

The start page search engine is being used around the globe and receives a much more significant portion of its users or visitors from Germany.

Visit Startpage Search Engine

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Search Encrypt – The name says it all

Search Encrypt Google Alternative

The search encrypts search engine uses local encryption to secure the user’s searches. Now what is does is combines the AES-256 encryption with the secure sockets layer encryption. It then retrieves all the users’ search results from the network of search partners. Once you are done with the search, your search term shall expire, so they are private even if someone else from outside has access to your computer system. I would recommend having a look at encryption tools for an extra layer of data security.

The search engine has added in new features in recent times like:

  • It carries privacy-friendly videos
  • Comes with news and map search
  • The video search lets users watch the videos directly there on the search engine along with additional privacy protection as well as without the pre-roll ads that are much annoying.
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Keep in mind that the Search Encrypts encryption, as well as the perfect forward security, provides better security and privacy than DuckDuckGo by default.

Visit Search Encrypt Search Engine

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Gibiru – The hybrid private search

Gibiru Google Alternative Search Engine

Another one to make it to the list is Gibiru. This search engine sources all its search resulted from that place a modified Google algorithm. The CEO of Gibiru, Mr. Steve Marshall, announced in a press release that Gibiru’s service is the same as google was early on. It can provide reliable search results without the tracking that is done by google today.

Now it positions itself as being faster than the NSA search engines as it does not install all types of personalization and tracking cookies there on the user’s system. Moreover, Gibiru is outspoken against Google’s ability to censor or manipulate the user’s search results.

Visit Gibiru Search Engine

DuckDuckGo – The new rising star

The Best Private Google Search Alternatives

The most popular alternative search engine to Google is DuckDuckGo. The CEO of this search engine Gabriel Weinberg said: “if the FBI comes to us, we have nothing to tie back to you.” The search is mostly sourced from Yahoo. The best feature of this search engine is called Bangs with the help of which users can directly search for other websites that include Wikipedia, Amazon, Yelp or Youtube, by starting their query with an exclamation mark

The DuckDuckGo search engine recently added a new extension to its product line. It helps to make all of your searches private as well as grade websites that you visit on their privacy.

Visit DuckDuckGo Search Engine

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Yippy – The organized search powered by IBM

Yippy comes in with additional features that categorize all the query results automatically. Like if you search for “dogs,” then it can display the top results but also carries categories for photos, training, rescue, dog breeds, and much more. The best part about the yippy search engine is that it does not follow search users around the web with ads. Moreover, it also comes with a search product that can compete with Google’s Search Appliance.

Visit Yippy Search Engine

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Swisscows – The Semantic Search Engine (Privacy-Safe)

A tech company by the name of Hulbee AG based in Switzerland has made the Swisscows search engine. Like many other search engines mentioned in this guide, this one is not used to build tracking profiles or use any unique identifiers for its users.

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The critical difference that it carries from others is that it is a semantic search engine, which means that it can use artificial intelligence as well as machine learning to evaluate the context of the user’s search. As a result, the Swisscows provide results that learn to answer all your questions like a cool search tool.

Visit Swisscows Search Engine

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QWant – No search log kept

This is a very private search engine that is based in Europe that never guesses who you are or what you are up to. Now regarding its about page, it never records the searches you do or uses any of your data for advertising or any other purposes. Now it comes with a feature that is similar to DuckDuckGo!bangs that are called Qwant search shortcuts.

Visit Qwant Search Engine

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Bitclave (DSEARCH) – The decentralized search engine

Another one to make it to the list is Bitclave. This is a decentralized search engine that is built with a blockchain to protect the privacy of the user. The bit clave search engine is used to empower consumers by allowing them to choose what kind of information they share with the advertisers.

Moreover, it is used to eliminate middlemen in the advertising process. It makes the contract between the user and advertisers directly. It then incentivizes the users by providing them the consumer activity tokens (CAT) to make searches more relevant to the advertiser.

Visit DESEARCH (BITCLAVE) Search Engine

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Discretesearch – Search Engine Built for Privacy

The last one is a discrete search. It is a meta-search engine that is not able to track any identifiable information. Anyone who is looking for quick results in a clean and user-friendly form; this is the best choice. The search engine uses end-to-end encryption to keep all the searches as private as they can be.

Visit Discretesearch Search Engine

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Which Private Search Engines will you recommend?

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns of this decade. Data is becoming the new gold and currency. This was our list of the nine best private search engines for 2022 that are fantastic alternatives to Google. The difference? Privacy. It is all about searching history; what people are searching for or their private life online?

Let us know in the discussions below about any private search engine recommendations you have, and we will add them to the list above!

Search Encrypt
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