As humans, we are very curious. Today we are talking about the Best Programming Language for Hacking and Cybersecurity. Haven’t you thought about what programming languages are used by Hackers? We have a list, and it’s pretty exciting.

10 Best Programming Languages for Ethical Hackers in 2022

Ethical hacking is considered as the art of legally penetrating different networks with the purpose to discover potential flaws that hackers may leverage for creating an entry point in a particular network. Such hacking endeavors target to find out any exploit before they fall in the hands of dangerous attackers and then patch them in time before any attack can take place. I would also recommend having a look at the best hacking books of 2022.

For this purpose, ethical hackers usually use a full set of hacking programs and hacking languages. In this guide, we bring for you different programming languages that will help you successfully hack a corporate network. Do keep in mind to obtain all the necessary permissions that are required.


Why not Every Programming Language is suitable for hacking

Before discussing the different hacking programming languages, you need to keep in mind that the best programming language for hacking will depend upon what kind of attack you wish to carry out. As long as you can create a perfect strategy, any language can be a deal-breaker.

The Best Programming Language for Cyber Security and Hacking in 2022

SQL – Famous for SQL Injection

Programming Language used by Hackers

SQL is abbreviated as Structured Query Language. This is considered to be the most popular hacking programming language for ethical hackers. With the help of this, the ethical hacker can get information from the databases. As we know that most of the web-based software’s out there keep private information like user credentials in some form of data; thus, SQL is considered to be best for hacking into corporate databases. You shall not be able to counteract database attacks unless and until you have a complete understanding of the Structured Query Language.

Why this is a great programming language for hacking:

  • It is not a traditional programming language used merely for communicating with databases.
  • Black hat hackers use SQL to develop hacking programs that are based on SQL injection.
  • SQL is popular because it is currently being used by all kinds of hackers to try to hack databases and run unauthorized queries.
  • The accessible SQL databases include MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL.

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Python – Easy to learn Hacking Language

What Programming Language do Hackers Use

This is considered as the de-facto language for hacking programming. Python is regarded as the best programming language for hacking in 2020. Ethical hackers use this for scripting their on-demand hacking programs on the go. With python, you can do almost anything if used in the right way from testing the integrity of corporate services to automating most of the hacking programs.

Why this is a great programming language for hacking:

  • The interpreted nature of Python allows the word to run without any need for compilation.
  • It is an easy-to-read language that is very helpful for beginning ethical hackers.
  • It carries a massive community that wields useful 3rd-party plugins or libraries every day.
  • It is considered one of the best programming languages for hacking into web servers.
  • Makes it very easy to write automation scripts.
  • Python programming hacking language lets you do a quick survey of the target network, thus making prototyping much faster.

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All hail to the recent formation of the node.JS. Thus javascript has become the best programming language for hacking web apps. Many of the security professionals out there at times mimic the black hat hacker’s method of writing cross-site scripts in JavaScript. As the javascript language can manipulate both the front-end web components and back-end counter-part thus it has become a well sought-after style for hacking the difficult yet complicated web application out there.

Why this is a great programming language for hacking:

  • It is seen as the de-facto choice that is used for developing cross-site scripting and hacking programs.
  • JavaScript can manipulate the browser DOM very quickly, thus making it a viable solution for building internet worms.
  • Java script can be used for mimicking attacks on both the server-side and the client-side.
  • JavaScript is the go-to language that is used for creating adware hacking programs that are rising in recent times.

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C Language

Hacking Programming Language List

C programming hacking language is the holy grail of modern programming language. It is indeed by no surprise at all that the C is being used for hacking the security industry. It has a low-level nature that gives it an edge over other languages that are used for hacking programming as it comes to accessing the low-level hardware components like the RAM. Many of the security professionals out there use the C language to manipulate the system hardware and resources at a lower level. It also provides penetration testers with the ability to write blazing fast socket programming scripts.

Why this is a great programming language for hacking:

  • It is a low-level fast programming language.
  • Many of the modern systems, including Windows and UNIX, are built by using C. Thus, the mastery of this particular language is essential if you want to understand these systems thoroughly.
  • C is often being used to gain low-level access to memory and system processes after compromising a system.
  • Veteran security professionals out there often use C to simulate the library high jacking attack.

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C++ Language

Language Required for Ethical Hacking

The best programming language for hacking corporate software in C++. As we all know that most of the corporate software comes under a proprietary license and requires paid activation, thus the hackers to bypass that require to do some reverse engineering. The C++ hacking language is used to provide the low-level access that is necessary to analyze the machine code and bypass all such activation schemes. If you can master C++, then you would be able to crack enterprise software or even build proprietary hacking programs all by yourself.

Why this is a great programming language for hacking:

  • The object-oriented nature of C++ allows all hackers to write fast and efficient modern-day hacking programs.
  • C++ hacking language is typed statically, which means you can avoid many trivial bugs right at compile time.
  • The high-level polymorphism feature allows all the programmers out there to write metamorphic computer viruses with C++.

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PHP Language

Hackers Programming Language Choice

It is an acronym for Hypertext pre-processor. It is deemed to be a dynamic programming language upon which modern CMS’s like Drupal and Word press is built. In-Depth knowledge of the PHP programming language is a must as most of the personal websites that you interact with within your everyday life are based on these CMS’s. You need to sharpen up your PHP skills if web hacking is your niche.

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Why this is a great programming language for hacking:

  • It is being used widely in server-side scripting; thus, knowledge of this hacking programming language is essential if you wish to develop server hacking programs.
  • Older PHP websites may contain deprecated scripts; therefore manipulating them effectively can give you easy access to different servers.
  • If you have a deeper understanding of this hacking coding language, then you’ll be prepared to take down all the faulty websites out there as soon as you spot them.
  • PHP is undoubtedly seen as the best programming language for personal hacking websites.

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Ruby Programming Language

Ruby is considered to be the best programming language for hacking different corporate systems. It is syntactically very similar to the python hacking language. Though both the words are best at automating standard hacking programs still ruby is considered to be much more focused on web hacking. The most infamous penetration testing framework known as the Metasploit choose ruby as its base language after knowing all its great features.

Why this is a great programming language for hacking:

  • Ruby is required if you wish to master the art of writing active exploits.
  • Rube is a scripting language that borrows a lot of syntactical elements from Smalltalk and is considered the best option for writing fast hacking programs.
  • Veteran hackers often use it to write CGI scripts after compromising a network.
  • A lot of next-generation web apps are built with the Rails platform, thus making Ruby the best option for breaking them.

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Assembly is considered to be the best programing language for hacking primitive systems. It is the most potent hacking coding language that is very hard to learn. The one essential thing that makes this hacking language as most suitable for developing fast and effective hacking programs is its ability to manipulate the low-level system processes at ease.

It is very suitable to build malware such as Trojans and viruses. Thus if you are not able to withstand its steep learning curve, the results shall be gratifying. There are not just programming languages but also operating systems for Hackers too.

Why this is a great programming language for hacking:

  • It offers hackers the ability to manipulate different systems directly at the architectural level.
  • You can also easily modify the processor accesses and execute instructions of the compromised systems with the help of Assembly hacking language
  • This is the de-facto language used for developing computer viruses and other malware.
  • You can also easily create complicated hacking programs that leverage interrupt service with Assembly.
  • Although it is hard to master yet, Assembly is the best language for time-critical jobs.

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Final Verdict

In this article, we have researched up the best programming languages for Hackers and Cybersecurity. All of these languages have different benefits and depending on how you learn; you might pick up one word faster than the other. However, this page should be enough to answer “What Hackers use programming languages?“. There is no fixed ethical hacking coding language, but, Python hacking is pretty famous among hackers for writing exploits.

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