Good were the days when we all had our Sony PSP in our school bag and play popular games like GTA, God of War, PES and FIFA anywhere! Today you have the 9 best PSP Games of 2022 for Android to free download.

Top 9 Best PSP Games For Android in 2022 (APK Download)

All the PSP lovers out there can now play their most favorite PSP games with a lot of fun, joy, and pleasure as well as know regarding the latest action. They can also download all the thrilling yet exciting games for all the fun. We have also shared how you can play the PSP games on your Android mobile too! We have you covered for every question!

PSP is known best for its exceptional features that include:

  • Good portability
  • Excellent audio

All such things make it much easier to carry about and play your favorite games anywhere you want with good sound to catch within the background. Now keep one thing in your mind that without having your favorite games installed, you are not able to play games with your PSP.


How to Play PSP ISO Games on Android? Use an Emulator.

This is a question many gamers have asked us in the past. You can play PSP games on Android using an app called “UltraPSP” This is a PSP emulator for Android mobiles that you can download and install for free!

Download UltraPSP PSP Emulator APK Free

Now that you have installed the emulator you will need to download a “Game Rom“. This is the actual game file that you will need to load. Once you have downloaded your desired game Rom you will need to “Extract” the file and load it in the emulator, in our case it’s “UltraPSP”. Here is our guide on how to open and extract RAR/Zip files which will come in handy.

FAQ: My Game Quality is low compared to actual gaming on PSP, why is this?

Answer: You have to keep in mind that at the end of the day this is emulation, it is not the real deal. When comparing it to real PSP performance, there will be major differences. These differences can range from graphic quality, loading speed, and compatibility.

The Best PSP Games For Android Free Download (Top Choices)

Following is the list of PSP games that are best for your Android smartphone:

God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP Game APK

The first one on the list is God of War, now do keep in mind that the Ghost of Sparta actually bridges the gap between the first and the second God of war and is also seemed to be the second entry for the franchise on the platform of PSP.

PSP Games APK For Android Free Download

Now the chain of Olympus is seemed to be the second God of war PSP game that can show a personal part of Kratos’ life being combined with battles as well as also tells the story that how he became a complete god there from the transition of God of war towards God of war 2.

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PES 2021 PSP PPSSPP ISO for Android

This is the top game on the list. One of the best football games ever to be played with having updated players, excellent and fresh graphics, as well as a stunning live commentary to keep your mood all light and sound.

Pro evolution soccer is seemed to be highly improved in goal tactics and goal techniques along with a good improvement in the passing of balls as well as in the trading of players.

Download PES 2021 PSP ISO for Android Free

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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Game for Android

Download best PSP games for Android APK

Now the peace walker is seemed to be a new yet latest entry there in the metal gear franchise; the second canonical metal gear title is produced for the PSP. Set in Costa Rica, the peace walker is used to put you in control of the big boss as again as he prepares the rise of outer heaven.

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The game metal gear reliable- peace walker, was made by Konami and Kojima Productions. It carries the two basic playing modes; mission and mother base. If we talk about mission, then it is the real action sequence of the game where the player needs to infiltrate enemy territory. The mother base is indeed a crew that is managing simulation mode that is very much similar to the comrade system there in the metal gear solid- portable ops.

Download Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PSP Game for Android

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Assassin’s Creed – Bloodlines PSP Game for Android

Almost one month has passed since Altair has assassinated all the leaders of the Templar of the holy land. For now, he shall be facing a different enemy there under the Armand Bouchart leadership, who is a Templar leader. He shall also travel across Cyprus to hunt down the leader of Templar and stop the scheme of the temple.

The first assassin’s game on PSP is the Bloodlines. It follows the same story as Altair. Right after the events of the assassin’s creed as Altair is used to track down all the latest Templars who actually fled the holy land and retreated there to the island of Cyprus.

Download Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines PSP Game for Android Free

The 3rd birthday PSP Game for Android

Another one to make it list is the 3rd birthday that is a third-person role-playing shooter. It got developed by Hexadrive and was published by Square Enix.

The 3rd Birthday PSP Game for Android

It is more of a spin-off of the parasite eve kind of series that features the incredibly impressive Aaya Brea, who is the protagonist of the series that comes with mutating mitochondria that provides her with many useful advantages like delayed aging and many other benefits.

Now to keep it a bit more interesting, let’s say that it comes along with an incredibly long story mode plus with some best graphics as well. The graphics are coupled with responsive controls. To put in short, it is a must-have game for all the game lovers out there.

If you think that the storyline is a bit too drunk, then you are not alone on this list, but still, it comes with features that were not seen in the previous PSP titles. The most prominent among them is the damage system. This game comes with a unique feature of a damage system where when Aaya takes all the damage, then the parts of the clothes she carries on with gets ripped off.

Download The 3rd Birthday PSP ISO for Android Free

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Killzone Liberation PSP ISO APK for Android (Refreshed)

The kill zone- liberation PSP ISO APK android for PPSPP cheats can be downloaded all for free both on PC and mobile. In this game, two months after the occasion of kill zone (PS2) maximum of the Southern Vekta controls to be underneath the control of Helghast.

Now keep in mind that the guidelines of the conflict have been cast aside with the Helghast standard, Metrac, who employees brutal measures to seize the initiative to give a boost to his role similarly. Returning as Templar, the players can be dispatched there with a challenge to adopt a covert operation to shop hostages captured employing Metrac, at the same time as ISA troops retain the combat there for liberty.

It also features a suitable person digicam device; kill zone: the liberation is used to permit the players with a more tactical surveillance perspective to view their motion as well as study the conduct of the enemy throughout the gameplay for ease.

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Killzone Liberation APK Free Download APK and ISO

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories PSP ISO for Android

There in Vice city, 1984, an opportunity abound in the city that is emerging from the swamps where its growth is fueled by the violent power struggle in the lucrative drug trade.

GTA Vice City Stories PSP Game APK Free Download

Now Vic Vance as a soldier has always protected his dysfunctional family, the country as well as himself. He makes one wrong decision, and that job is about to get very hard.

Now kicked out there on to the streets of the city between glamor and gluttony, Vic Vance indeed faces a stark choice that is to either build an empire or to be crushed. The GTA: VCS is a PlayStation portable follow-up to the rock stars grand handled entry in the series, Grand theft auto: Liberty City Stories.

Download GTA Vice City PSP Game for Android

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Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII PSP ISO APK

Another on the list id crisis core- final fantasy VII, it is a story that focuses on Zack Fair and his adventures of being a member of a soldier in the Shinra corporation.

If you are a good fan of the final fantasy 7, then you are going to have a deep love for the crisis core as well. It takes place before the FF7 events and also provides you with a background story of the various characters. It comes with a much different style of gameplay that is no longer turn-based but still uses the turn meters so that it carries a bit of style as well.

So, for now, you have free motion during the combat that gives you permission for different strategies. It is an excellent, mission-based RPG that comes with a new style of slot machine-style meter that is used to grant bonuses as well as summons during the battle. It is so far seemed to be the best PSP game, and more likely for all the fans of FF7, it is as if you are going back home.

Download Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII PSP APK

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God of War – Chains of Olympus PSP ISO APK

PSP ISO Games APK For Android

Have you yet played the God of the war game? If yes, then you shall be able to play it as well. The dark world of the Greek methodology comes back to life right before your eyes.

As soon as you take over the role of Kratos, then a story starts to unfold with a different plot twist and various endings that take you through the traps, puzzles as well as stunts. Now as it comes with an intense combat system, that is built around the double blade weapons, the games place you around in different environments in which you have to fight with some challenging enemies, swing on the ropes, scale the mountain cliffs, swim across the rivers and well as slide down the zip lines.

Download God of War Chains of Olympus PSP Game for Android

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Which PSP games are you playing on Android?

In this article, we have handpicked for you the best PSP games that can be played on your android smartphone device. Features and storylines of all the games have been explained in detail for better understanding. These PSP games APK for Android can be installed on any mobile running Android 6.0 and above.

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