11 Best Linux Live Security CD Distros for PenTest, Forensics & Hacking 2022
11 Best Security Live CD Distros for PenTest, Forensics & Hacking 2022

If you are looking for the 11 best Security Live CD Distros for Penetration Testing, Hacking, and Forensics, this is the best article. This will include Free Download Links for these Live CD Linux Security distros for Hacking and PenTesting. These will be provided in the form of an ISO image that you can boot from.

Computer forensics is the application of investigation and analysis techniques that are used to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computer system device in a way that is suitable enough to be presented in a court of law. The main aim of computer forensics is to perform a structured investigation along with maintaining a chain of documented evidence to find out what has happened on a computer system device and who is responsible for it.

The investigators usually follow a standard set of procedures. After isolating the device physically to make sure it cannot be contaminated accidentally, what they do is make a copy of the device’s storage media. Once it gets copied, it is safely locked in a safe or any other secure facility to maintain its pristine conditions. On the digital copy, all the investigation is done.


11 Best Security Live CD Distros 2022 – (Forensics, Hacking, Penetration Testing and Recovery) 

We bring for you a list of the best security Live CD Linux distros that you can download for free and install on your PC.

Operator Linux Security Distro

The operator is a fully-featured Live CD that is oriented around network security obviously with open source tools. It is a complete Linux (Debian) distribution that can run from a single bootable C and runs entirely in the RAM.

It comes with open-source tools that are used for discovering and monitoring the networks. This can be used to turn any computer system into a network pen-testing device without needing to install any software. The operator also comes along with a set of data recovery and forensic tools that are used to help you to retrieve data on the local system.

Download Operator Linux Security Distro

BackTrack – The Father of Kali Linux

Blacktrack is the newest contender on the block. It is the result we get after merging two innovative penetration testing love Linux distributions, namely Auditor and WHax.  The best from both have been combined, and paying attention to personal details backtrack is considered to be the best version of either delivery to come out.

As backtrack is based on SLAX (slack ware) and thus provides user modularity. All of this means that the distribution can be customized by the user straightforward to include additional tools, personal scripts, customized kernels, and much more.

Backtrack is seen as an excellent example of specialized Linux distribution. It comes with the primary aim to test your network and systems for security vulnerabilities. It is packed with every hacker and security tool that is used by professional hackers as well as security hackers.

Backtrack carries more than 300 security tools and utilities, and that too is all open source. These are being preferred over expensive and commercial programs. Above all, hackers prefer hundreds of no-cost, high-end apps to anything commercial. Anonymity is the main reason for its popularity.

For this, you do not have to register (as it is optional). For this, no bank accounts, names, or user accounts are associated with obtaining the ISO image. Moreover, no spyware will be reported back to any vector.

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Download Operator Linux Security Distro

Auditor LiveCD

The auditor is yet another excellent choice to be used. For now, it is on its way to merging with WHax. It is a live system that is based on KNOPPIX. Comes with zero installation process, the analysis platform is directly started from the CD ROM and within minutes get accessible. As it is independent of the hardware in use therefor, the auditor security collection offers a standardized environment for working for you to build up know-how, and the remote support is made easier.

Download Operator Linux Security Distro

PHLAK – Professionals Hackers Linux Assault Kit

PHLAK is abbreviated as professional Hackers Linux Assault Kit. It is a modular live security Linux distribution, which is also known as Live CD. PHLAK comes with two Graphical User Interfaces that are flux box and XFCE4, different security tools, and a spiral notebook that is full of security documentation. It is a derivative of Morphix that is created by Alex de Landgraaf. PHLAK is a must-have for any pro hacker or pen-tested as it is based around penetration testing.

Download Operator Linux Security Distro

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LAS Linux (Local Area Security)

Live Security Linux Distros for Hacking Forensics Download

Local Area Security, mostly known as the LAS, has been around for quite some time now. Although the development process has a bit slow, still, it is an instrumental live CD to have. It aims to fit on Mini CD that is 180MB.

L.A.S is a live CD distribution that emphasizes strongly on security tools and a small footprint. For now, it comes in 2 different versions; one is MAIN, and the other is SECSERV. This project is released under the terms of GPL.

This project started back in 2000 for researching topics related to information security. At this time, no real LIVE CD tool kit was available on security information. Due to this reason, the project co-founder, Jascha, built one from the stripped-down version of Knoppix known as Model- K. Both of which were built from Debian Linux

Linux was the only command line until version 0.4 L.A.S came out. It made it limited to some of the tools as many required a graphic user interface, or at least for most, it was preferred to have one. Therefore Flux box was added to the desktop for its lightweight and best features.

During this time, Jascha decided to make it as small as possible and lead to the target of max 180 MBs in size. This made the selection of tools and features to be heavy as, unlike other LIVE CDs that threw in everything, including the kitchen sink. L.A.S was designed in a way to be a tool that was not an all-inclusive bag of apps. After this, it got a lot of media attention.

Download Operator Linux Security Distro

Helix – Swiss Army Knife for Forensics

The Helix Live CD focuses more on the incident and forensic response side rather than pen-testing or networking. It is a handy tool to carry indeed. It is a customized distribution of Knoppix live Linux CD. Helix is much more than just being a bootable live CD. However, still, you can boot it into a customized Linux environment, which includes Linux kernels, excellent hardware detection, and a lot of apps that are dedicated to incident response and Forensics.

Helix is easy to use. For this to work, you need to put the helix live CD into a machine and boot it from the CD drive. The CD shall provide with operating system plus the tools to audit and copy data from a suspect machine. As you boot into helix, it offers a graphical menu to access forensic tools. These tools allow bit-for-bit copies of the data to other media, detect viruses, search out rootkits, and look for the hidden data.

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Download Helix3 CD Free

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Knoppix S-T-D Linux Distro

Linux Security Distro Live CD ISO Files

STD is a Linux-based security tool. It comes as a collection of hundreds to thousands of open-source security tools. It is a live Linux Distro meaning it can run from a bootable CD in memory without even changing the native OS of the host computer system. Its main aim is to put as many security tools at your disposal as possible with a slick interface.

Knoppix S-T-D Linux Distro Download

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nUbuntu – Ubuntu for Security Folks

nubuntu kali-linux backtrack helix live cd distros

The nUbuntu or network Ubuntu is new in the world of live CD arena as Ubuntu; this is on which it is based as is unique itself. Its main goal is to create a distribution that is derived from the Ubuntu distribution, add packages that are related to the security testing and remove all the unneeded packages like openoffice.org, Evolution, and Gnome. It is a result of an idea that is created by two people to create a new distribution for different learning experiences.

nUbuntu Download

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F.I.R.E – Live Bootable Distro for Vulnerability Assessment

Although F.I.R.E is out of date still, it is considered to be the most robust bootable forensics solution. It also carries some pen-testing tools on it. It is a portable and bootable CD ROM that is based on distribution with the goal and aims to provide an immediate environment with the purpose to perform forensic analysis, incident response, data recovery, vulnerability assessment, and virus scanning.

Download F.I.R.E Linux Distro

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INSERT – Live CD for Security Rescue

Considered as a solid contender that has no particular focus on any area (can be network analysis, anti-virus, disaster recovery, forensics, and much more).  It is a complete yet bootable Linux system. It comes with a GUI that runs the flux box window manager while being very small to fit on a credit card-sized CD ROM.

Download Insert Linux Distro

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Kali Linux – The King of Linux Hacking Distros

Kali Linux is one of the most popular hacking distributions based on Debian. It has every hacking tool, penetration testing tool, and network tool you will ever need. It is continually being updated with newer appliances and has a very easy to use interface that everyone can use.

Download Kali Linux ISO (2019.2/2019.3/2019.4)

Which is your favorite Live CD Linux Distro for Security?

We have shared a massive variety of Linux Live CD Security Distros for Hacking, Forensics, Data Recovery, and Penetration testing. We have also provided you with free download links for every Linux hacking Live CD image. LiveCD List is an excellent resource if you want to keep an eye on any latest Live CD releases for Linux distributions.

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