Best Windows 11 Version For Gaming 2022 (Full Comparison)

Gaming is a good business for Microsoft and the Windows platform was primarily built for this. This is the main reason why gamers opt for Windows over Mac and Linux. Using this one is simple as version 11 is the recent version of its operating system for gaming. Now, a question might arise in your mind that which Windows 11 version is best for gaming?

If you want to build a gaming system then select window inspite of Linux or another operating system. Today Microsoft knows the importance and market of gamers therefore it make sure its OS is specially tailored for them. When it comes to gaming windows OP is a no-brainer with all from PCs to Xboxes to mobiles.


Windows 11 – What has changed

Windows 11 Changes for Gamers

The new version has been released for systems, laptops as well as mobile devices. It is designed primarily to replace windows 8 off features with a cohesive platform that is appealing both to desktops as well as touch screen users.

Better Peripheral Support

This is used to see either the device is being used as a PC with a keyboard connected and a device with a touch interface. It converts into a more touch-friendly interface on the removal of the keyboard. This is a good feature as users get more freedom.

Versatile Start Menu

This has been returned in the new version and is a relief for window 8 users. Many users found it a lot difficult to navigate between apps in version 8 without having it but now it has been reinstated. Now, users can access programs, including mail, temperature, maps, banking and much more very easily. The issue has been resolved as now it can be used both on the system and touch screen.

Start Menu is optimized

Users are able to resize it in order to suit the lower portion of the window or shrink in it the form of a strip. If you are a tablet user then this would be beneficial for you as they see the content of different sizes. This provides users with more options.

Faster RAM management

It comes with a multi-purpose tool known as Task View through which users can see all open windows in one location. You shall see the “task view” option there in the taskbar which when pressed shall bring all open windows of the desktop thus allowing you to activate its interface. As you initially open it, it provides users the option to “create desktop” with which they can create multiple desktops.

Better resolution

With this users can easily resize windows in order to meet any section of the screen. Moreover, also put two windows next to one other.

This helps improvise the user experience while using multiple desktops. If you are a tablet user then this would be beneficial as switching between apps and scrolling would become much easier.

Many users believe that now the charms bar shall be eliminated but there is good news that technical preview still features it. Till it is released, it shall be modified so that it becomes user-friendly.

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Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise – Recommended Version For Gamers

Windows 11 Pro Gaming Edition

Users shall see a new feature known as the game feature in Windows 11. With this, they can capture game footage or even pictures from PC games. This includes titles purchased via Vale and other websites.

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To bring this up:

  • From the keyboard press “Windows + G”.

Once the recording is done, it’s simple to upload it to Youtube or any other site you want. Moreover, it also allows Xbox devices which are becoming very common as more PC games are accepting controllers plus it also includes the new and upcoming Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

For the following reasons it is good for gaming:

  • It improvises games and programs performance.
  • It enables new games to be played on windows with technologies such as Dx and Xbox Live.
  • It delivers games and features of Xbox to Windows 11 PC in such a way that gamers would love and appreciate.

A Good Gaming Setup List

Windows 11 Gaming Setup

If you are into games then keep in mind that correct hardware specifications with the correct OS are rare and crucial. You cannot play any game efficiently if you do not carry the proper hardware. The OS is useless if you do not meet system hardware requirements.

Basic requirements include the following:

  • Processors.
  • RAM.
  • GPU.
  • Video cards.

Accessories include:

  • Ethernet adapters.
  • Sound cards.
  • USB connections.

If you have a modern PC then you do not need all these as they carry a new connection and have a developed sound card. As a gamer, your primary focus needs to be on hardware specifications.

Keep in mind to never download your first game till you carry:

  • Hexa core CPU.
  • 500 GB graphics card.
  • 32 GB SDRAM (64 GB is optional)
  • I GB CPU under 720 p, 2 GB for 720, 3 GB for 1080.

NVIDIA and AMD are used to control huge bulk of the GPU market plus many users are not concerned about quality.

For gaming, Dual-core can be installed but it is only compatible with previous titles. Moreover, solid-state devices outperform conventional hard drives when we talk about speed.

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Windows 11 Home for Gaming

Windows 11 Home Gaming

Version 11, for now, delivers the best experience when we talk about gaming. This one is the most popular OS and new PC games are designed on the new version. If we talk about other then Linux is too restricted and Mac does not carry graphic processing capability to run top games of today.

There is no reason to acquire anything other than Windows 11 Home according to Microsoft if we want to play any supported game. But gamers would see flaws in the home ecosystems and patches might be applied in order to deal with them.

It has the following well-known problems:

  • Crashes occurring occasionally.
  • Forced updates.
  • Slow down the life of the system.

All these have solutions and you do not need to be a computer geek to implement them.

Why Windows 11 is optimized for 1080p and 4K Gaming

It carries specific capabilities for gaming in addition to functions such as Cortana, Windows Vr and Virtualized Desktop.

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The most important this is to connect the entire windows ecosystem. The Xbox live accounts can also be accessed through the system. Moreover, gamers can also play games on any system on a local network if they carry an Xbox one.

In Windows 11 Home a game mode is present which is used to improvise performance while allowing you love, user might also directly stream via their systems to mixers without having any the need for additional support.

Windows 11 Gaming Edition Best Feature

The best it provides for gaming is the ability to sync the entire windows environment to the system. The most notable feature is to maintain Xbox live accounts from the interface directly. If you carry an Xbox One then users are able to stream their games to each system which are connected to the same internal network. This is a most welcome feature to the previous version.

One of the handiest tools in the gaming bar in windows home 11 with which users can handle gaming features. It can be used to broadcast video and audio and record and take screenshots. Users can check their hardware and software performance. It is can be configured which means you can experiment with the settings till you discover them.

In this mode the game mode is present. This helps to improvise performance and allows users to stream videos from their system to the mixer without installing any additional software. It also reduces down the number of computing operations that obstruct applications. Many gamers say that this mode helps to improvise performance but there is also a devoted anti-game mode audience. The main reason behind this is that many games do not work well enough in this mode and the reason is that they might be too big or are designed that way.

Windows 11 Graphics

The review would not be complete till we include graphical capabilities. The operating system does not control graphics as much as GPU or VRAM does. However, OS is able to determine the max visual display present. It allows max screen resolution which most of the time is 4K.

Now, if the game is not able to support original HD resolution then it would show it at minimum HD which is 1080 x 1920. It is also compatible with overclocking capabilities.

Since most of the systems do not run windows, graphic capabilities are a problem. The only consumer system which is built on the Microsoft platform is Xbox. Moreover, PS4 and Nintendo switch feature different OS with completely different structures.

Which Windows 11 Version have you chosen for Gaming?

Which Windows 11 Version have you chosen for Gaming?

Gaming is so popular than ever now! This is why you need to know the best Windows 11 version for gaming in 2022. Microsoft tries really hard to be the leader when it comes to games because of their Xbox console. Although this OS is great we had really hoped for a Windows 11 Gaming Edition to have debuted this year that was lite on the resources.

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