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In our How-to section, you will find guides and tutorials on everything related to Security and Technology, and most importantly how to stay safe online.

7 Ways on How To Get Help in Windows 10 When Needed

7 Ways to Remove “How to Get Help in Windows 10”...

“How to get help in windows 10” Bing search pop up opens in the browser when the user presses F1 key. This happened to...
How to Secure Wifi Wireless Router Switch or Acess Point

How to Secure Wi-Fi Router/Access Point to Increase Wireless Security

Households and top companies make sure to go to extreme lengths to keep away the unauthorized users off their network. Still, routers and Wi-Fi...
Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Settings

How to Enable Dark Mode for Google Chrome in Windows 10/8/7

Google Chrome never fails to disappoint us with its latest updates and tries to make work life more comfortable, and today we are here...
How to Download and Install iOS 13 for iPhones and iPads (Early)

How to Download and Install iOS 13 for iPhones and iPads...

So have you guys heard the buzz about the new Apple mobile software iOS 13, yes it has been finally released! The best part...

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