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This section covers everything related to websites, from security to new technology advancements, tips, how-to and much more.

Is Facebook Opening Slow? Here are 5 fixes

Facebook is Opening Slow 2022 – 5 Ways To Fix Slow...

Are you a frequent social media user? If yes, then this page will help you fix the error of why Facebook is opening slow...
Rythm Bot Commands (Full List) - Best Discord Bot To Have

Rythm Bot Commands (Full Prefix List) – The Best Discord Bot

Rythm is a popular bot used to play music and for now, is running on more than 10 million servers. It is being used...
How To Do Superscript and Subscript in Google Docs (2020 Edition)

How To Do Superscript and Subscript in Google Docs (2022)

If you are frustrated and are trying to work out how to do Superscript or Subscript in Google Docs, then worry not anymore! You...
Watch Movies Using IMDB Free

8 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites For 2022 – No Sign-Up...

We all love watching different movies from time to time to relax, as watching online movies can be a stress buster. The easiest thing...
15 Best Free XMarks Alternatives For Bookmarks Synchronization 2020

15 Best Free XMarks Alternatives 2022 – #1 XMarks Replacements

Very sadly XMarks was shut down once LastPass bought it. Talk about creating an Eco-System. It was loved and used by millions of users...
How to Change Reddit Username 2020 - Reddit Account Tips

How to Change Reddit Username 2022 – 2 Working Methods

Isn't it annoying when you can't change your username for a site online? Well, worry, not anymore! Here is how to change your Reddit...

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