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This section will contain all the useful information for Microsoft Windows. This will include lots of recommendations and the best software for this amazing operating system along with some helpful tips and tricks.

What Actually Happens When System Restore Interrupts / Stucks in Windows 10

What Happens When System Restore Is Interrupted (2021)

Let's face it; the reason you are here is that you are waiting for hours on "restoring the registry" for hours. Whenever users go...
How to Fix Windows 10 Kernel Security Check Failure Error (Tutorial)

How to Fix (Kernel Security Check Failure) Windows 10 Error 2021

We have discussed many errors that occur in Windows 10. Another standard error that annoys the user is the kernel security check failure stop...
Top 10 Best Free YouTube Apps For Windows 10 in 2020 (Download)

Top 10 Best YouTube Apps For Windows 10 (2021 Edition)

Youtube has gained a lot of popularity for being the largest video site. It has millions of content for users to view and enjoy....
How to Remove Annoying 'Activate Windows 10' Watermark 2019

How to Easily Remove Activate Windows 10 Watermark in 2021

A little disturbance while you are working bugs the user a lot while it is operating anywhere in the office or sitting in front...
How to Login as Administrator in Windows 10 Without Password (Guide)

How to Login as Administrator in Windows 10 Without Password

When a user installs Windows 10, it asks to create username and password which are used to login as administrator in it. This might...
Best Audio Enhancer Software For Windows 10

Top 8 Best Free Audio Equalizers For Windows 10 (Latest) 2021

If one wishes to enhance their listening experience on quality audio hardware, then audio equalizer is a must-have utility for them. They also allow...

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