Cerberus RAT Free Download (2022 Latest) - #1 Remote Access Utility

There are various FUD RAT’s available in the market at the moment. The downside is, they are mostly detected by any scan or are blocked and unreliable. This is where the Cerberus RAT download provides you with a better package overall.

A quick summary on why you should choose Cerberus:

It is famously known for being very stealth on the device installed without causing any performance issues or giving away any clues of its existence. Apply the method on your device if you are a white hat, pentester, or some other security professional for educational reasons:

  1. You shall have a good practice and will be fast enough when you have the target device in your hand. This shall reduce the chances of being caught.
  2. The team decided that to make an account you need to install the application, therefore doing this shall on your very own device shall save you from creating an account during the attack and to be sure that you have subscription setup successfully.


What is Cerberus RAT and How does it work

What is Cerberus RAT

Ever wanted to access a device remotely while being fully undetected? Cerberus allows you to do just that! Now, if you do not have the credentials then you shall need to have physical access to the device and unlock it, follow through to know regarding certain scenarios to get access and unlocking:

  • The easy way is to tell the target what you’re doing. If it is someone you know then simply say that you are putting an anti-theft app on their device but keep in mind to not mention that you shall be using this to spy on them. If he is the kind of person who loses his phone then we might be helping him out.
  • If he is someone not close then you say that you got X number of devices with the subscription plan and you have extras. Offer these to him and they might even pay you for this. This is the best thing about this application that is being an anti-theft app and nobody devices. If you get caught then you can always say that you were worried about them and did not know what you were doing.

If these options did now work let’s suppose then you need to see if they carry any lock or pin on their phone, if yes, then you need to remember it and write it down. If it is a pattern then you need to make get it perfect and try it. Moreover, it can also be analyzed by the screen smudges under bright light, line it up with the dots which appear for the lock.

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If it is a face lock then you can hold the target’s picture to unlock it. An easy way is not to open their Facebook account and hold it up to the phone. Keep in mind that this shall not work if the device is having 3D facial recognition. In this case and fingerprint lock, you need to social engineer then into giving you their device unlocked. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Say you are interested in their device model and thinking to get one.
  • If you traveling with them help them with navigation and pretend to say your phone doesn’t have it or the service is dead. You can also offer to text from their phone on their behalf and say it is not safe to text while driving.

Other than this you can grab their phone while they are asleep or in the shower. Just get physical access to the phone and you are good to move to the second step.

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How To Install Cerberus RAT (A Step-by-Step Guide for Android)

How To Install Cerberus RAT on Android

First of all, you need to have access to the mobile device physically as without this the application cannot be installed without knowing the credentials for the user’s Google account. However, if you are able to hack this then you can get the app from the PlayStore online but for this again you need to have access to the unlocked phone for further steps

  • You need to open “Google PlayStore”.
  • Search “Cerberus Anti Theft”.
  • Hit “install” and wait for it to download, its size is 6 MBs roughly.
  • After this click on “open” then “grant permissions” and then click on “apply” around 7 times. With this you shall get permission to remotely track the device therefore it is important to allow all of them.
  • Once this is done you need to skip over to “battery optimization”, this can be done later but for now, you are making an attempt to get all the things required so if you lose access to the device suddenly the application will still work, after this click on “modify system settings”, turn the toggle to “on” and then press “finish”.
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How to Stay Safe from Cerberus Infecting your Mobile

Keep Android Safe from RAT Virus

To prevent anyone from attempting these attacks you need to follow the steps below

  • The fingerprint is the best option if you are using the last two generations of flagship Android as these provide the best security and are fast as well.
  • If the fingerprint is not an option then make sure to avoid facial recognition unless it’s 3D capable else the attacker can present your picture in front of the phone and unlock it
  • Avoid patterns as well because the attacker can easily analyze and unlock it.
  • The best option besides fingerprint scanning and 3D facial recognition software is to use a 6-digit pin, we suggest a full password.
  • This process is 90% identical to how Zanti app works.

Try not to allow anyone to touch your phone device as it is pretty hard for anyone to download a RAT. Keep your device in your sight all the time even when it is on charge or you are taking a shower. It has also been found to affect devices using MDM solutions e.g. Endpoint Manager.

Moreover, also keep in your mind that the attacker can make an attempt to get you to download a malicious APK from them therefore be careful about what you click on your mobile phone device and be suspicious of any unknown sources or activities immediately.

Cerberus FUD RAT Alternatives

Download Cerberus RAT Latest Version v1.2

This is one of the new players in the fully undetectable remote administration tools category. However, it was quickly taken down due to the unethical uses as the news media have covered. You can now download Cerberus RAT for free in its latest build to try for informational and educational purposes.

Version: v1.2

VirusTotal scan result: clean.

Cerberus RAT Latest Version Download

Cerberus RAT Download v1.2 (Latest)
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