The 8 Best Christmas Themes For Windows 10 Free Download 2021

Christmas is seemed to be the annual festival celebrated by Christianson the birth of Christ. It is held on 25th December in the western church. The tradition dates back to A.D. 273. The two pagan festivals in which the sun is honored are also celebrated on that day, and it is quite possible that this day was chosen to counteract the influence of paganism.

Today we bring you the 8 best free Christmas Themes for Windows 10 to download. These contain excellent desktop theme packs with Winter, Snow and Tree (nature) inspired styles. Even today, many people are uncomfortable as they think, the Pagan festivals somehow taint it. The Christians, on the other hand, have their belief that the gospel not only transcends the culture but transforms it.

This holiday season adds some festivity to your computer by using the fantastic Windows 10 Christmas desktops. You won’t have to enable visual aero effects or play with the settings manually.

These are programs that are applied to bring in variation towards the look of your system. In recent times many different ideas have been introduced in this latest operating system.

With this, it carries many personalization items used to decorate your PC. These:

  • Make the themes least granular.
  • Allow users to set options individually.

All the skin packs mentioned below not only change the appearance of the system but provide many features as well. Windows 10 carries a wide range of collections, so if you use the same one, again and again, it creates a monotonous feeling. Now many users look for something different. Follow through to know about them.


8 Best Windows 10 Christmas Themes For 2021 (Free Download)

Winter Garden Theme

Winter Gardens Theme for PC

This is all for the nature lovers out there. Give this one a try and make your system look like a beautiful garden. Hayley Elizabeth developed it.

Theme Features:

  • Carries close-up pictures of trees, leaves, branches of flowers and berries.
  • Offers users with life in cold sitting in their room experience.
  • Allows you to download amazing wallpapers.
  • Comes with 8 unique wallpapers all for free.

Download Winter Garden Theme

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Blue Christmas Theme

Christmas Theme for Desktop

This is seemed to be the best most colorful theme for PC, including the previous versions. United developed it with the reason to provide the best features and ease of access.

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Theme Features

  • Carries subtle sounds providing users with a festive mood.
  • It carries 11 adorable and subject-related wallpapers all in the color blue.
  • The screen saver incorporates new Christmas wallpapers.
  • Offers an advanced dark mouse cursor and some other gadgets with modifications.
  • Comes with desktop icons in all shapes.
  • Quick installation with no additional tweaks. Install it with a click on the file.

Download Blue Christmas Theme

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Snow Panoramic Theme

Snow Theme for Windows 10

If you wish to have a snowfall experience on your desktop, then this theme is designed for you. It carries some fantastic features as well as beautiful backgrounds.

Theme Features

  • Carries 12 images that can be used in dual monitors as well.
  • Breathe taking images from the cold regions of the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy and Netherlands.
  • Allows you to download free landscape images from cold countries, including snowfall.
  • Let’ you sip your hot cocoa in the cold snow while sitting on your chair upon the application.

Download Snow Panoramic Theme

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Christmas Trees Theme (Nature-Inspired)

Christmas Tree Theme Download

Get these to experience the spirit of Christmas on your system. It carries some fantastic 16 images of the trees in HD quality. These send pictures of trees that are decorated with some lights and snow, thus enhancing the sprits of the even to the next level.

Theme Features

  • It comes in free.
  • Has compatible with an older version of the OS.
  • Carries amazing 16 wallpapers in the best quality.

Download Christmas Tree Theme

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Ice Castle Theme (Princess and King Inspired)

Ice Castle Theme for Windows 10

This one lets you deck your desktop with some amazing castle-themed wallpapers. It carries some lovely pictures from throughout the world of beautiful ice castles. Your days of waiting are now over, get this to make your desktop look all royal.

Theme Features

  • It carries 6 amazing pictures of the ice castle.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 OS.
  • Use this to change desktop orientation into a soft icy blue hue.

Download Ice Castle Theme

Traditional Christmas Theme

Christmas Holiday Theme for Windows 10

With this enjoy the look of a Christmas tree on the other half of your desktop screen. It comes with a blur-colored background. Carries some fantastic images with are 16 in number that too in HD quality. The theme is seemed to be best during the festive season. The best part is that it does not change the interface of your system. Use this to enjoy the holiday season.

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Theme Features

  • It comes in free of cost.
  • Present different photos and gifts on the desktop, which makes the season look much colorful.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easily compatible.
  • Carries 16 images in HD quality related to the festivities.

Download Traditional Christmas Theme

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Cursor Snowflakes

Winter Desktop Theme for Windows 10

This is freeware as well as an amusing software tool. It is designed with the purpose to provide the user with a winter mood as well as a snow feeling mode even in the hot month of July.

Theme Features

  • Lightweight in nature can be applied without installing. Just unzip and start using it.
  • The snowflakes appear on the screen with the movement of the mouse cursor.
  • As the movement increases, snowfall appears to be more significant.
  • It is easy to minimize it in the system tray, allowing you to adjust settings or make an exit whenever you want.
  • Comes in with some regular adjustments for menus as well as sub-menus.

Download Cursor Snowflakes

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Snowing Desktop (Winter Theme)

Christmas Theme Free Download

The festive season along with happiness carries the snowfall. If you want to enjoy it on your desktop, they grab two awesome snowing themes. Many tools are there to display dropping snowflakes on your system.

Download Winter Snowing Desktop

Which Christmas Theme are you going to use?

We have shared the top 8 best Christmas themes for Windows 10 to download for free in 2021! These are great theme packs that include a mix of Nature, Winter, Snow and Trees and will fill your desktop with the spirit of this event and the sounds. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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