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cSploit is a tool that is used as Android network analysis and penetration suite. cSploit offers IT security professionals and geeks the most complete and advanced expert tool kit so that they can perform network security assessments on a mobile device very quickly. Today we will be sharing cSploit APK Free Download.

As soon as you start working with cSploit, you will be able to:

  • Map your network
  • Fingerprint alive hosts operating systems
  • Running services
  • Search for known vulnerabilities
  • Crack the logon procedures of TCP protocols
  • Allows to perform a man in middle attacks which include password sniffing with many standard protocols dissection
  • Real-time traffic manipulation and much more

cSploit is an application that usually requires a rooted device with Busybox installed. You can now download the latest version of cSploit that is available at the end of the article. cSploit is used as the best hacking application out there. It is a legal application that is used for ethical hacking and other prior purposes. However, it is an android application and a tool used for IT administration Purposes.

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What is cSploit?

cSploit is a full tool kit application that is used by security officials of different organizations and agencies that are related to the field of IT. The tool, however, has the best tool out there for IT specialists and other cybersecurity professionals. The application is not only meant to be used by IT professionals but can also be used by android users for educational purposes and other moral and ethical hacking purposes.

cSploit was launched as an android tool; it helps to find loopholes and other vulnerabilities in any network. Moreover, cSploit is also used to enumerate local hosts as well.

cSploit also helps the user and aware them regarding the different attackers or hackers that can exploit specific vulnerabilities in your network.

The best thing about cSploit is that it provides the cracking of Wi-Fi passwords after it cracks and hacks it for both private as well as public Wi-Fi network. This application is being used by thousands and millions of android users and is considered as the best application for androids that has no security or any other issue.

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cSploit Features

cSploit provides with the best features. These are as followed:

  • It helps the user to map his or her internal network
  • It has the fingerprint host that is used to handle system and open ports
  • It lets you add your hosts outward towards an internal network
  • It has the integrated traceroute
  • It comes with an integrated Metasploit horizon RPCD
  • It is used to search hosts for vulnerabilities that run around the built-in Metasploit daemon
  • It is used to adjust the feat settings, launch them and emanate bombard consoles on exploited systems
  • By using this, you can now forge the TCP or UDP packets
  • You can now perform male in a center attack (MITM)
  • Image, text and video replacement- you can soon reinstate your calm on unencrypted web pages
  • It also includes the javascript injection- you can now supplement your javascript to unencrypted web pages
  • It helps the user to capture the PCAP network trade files
  • It helps the user in real-time trade strategy to reinstate images, text and even inject into web pages
  • It has DNS spoofing to route trade to the opposite domain
  • It helps the user to break the existent connections
  • It helps the user to redirect business to another address
  • It is used for session hijacking- it listens for unencrypted cookies and counterpart them to take the web sessions.

Some other features have also been added after 2012 after being initially created by evil socket. These are as followed:

  • It is used as a vulnerability finder
  • It is used as an exploit finder
  • It is used as a Metasploit framework integration.

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What is cSploit App used for?

cSploit targets to be an application that s able to do the following things:

  • It is used to enumerate the local hosts done
  • It is used to find the various vulnerabilities
  • It is used to find exploits for these particular vulnerabilities
  • Then use those exploits to gain access to the target done
  • It is used to crack the password of a Wi-Fi network
  • You can also install back doors for later access 

The cSploit apk can now be easily portable all thanks to the new core.

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Moreover, it can run on any UNIX based system, but for now, it only supports the android version. When the beta state version is reached it is considered to work on IOS, OSX, GTK+, and QT

The project is in a new phase and is not stable yet, but eventually, we are moving into a new core. Even if you see a release marked as a release it does not mean that it will have no bugs our apologies on that. We are doing our best to achieve a stable application for the users.

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Update announcement: Support for Google’s latest Android 11 has now been added.

Download cSploit Apk Latest Version (2022)

In this guide, we have highlighted for you about CSploit 2022 and how it can be used to find vulnerabilities and many other things. You can download it from the link provided below. If you found this article helpful, then do leave your comments in the section below.

Note: This apk requires no root to work. It will work on any device which doesn’t have root access enabled. It was updated from 2021.

Download cSploit APK for Android

cSploit Download (IT Security Suite for Android)
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