9 Best Dark Web Forums of 2022 - Deep Web Forum Sites

Over the years the dark web has grown in popularity as users have become increasingly technology savvy. Using a browser like Tor or I2P allows you to stay anonymous while browsing online. Below are some very popular and best dark web forums with deep web links that you can visit.

There are different reasons why users desire anonymity online and some of these are legitimate enough, like they may have concerns regarding big companies able to track their online activities, they may not feel comfortable in giving Google all their data. Alternatively, they might be living in a place where there is a restriction on freedom and speech and turn to its anonymity to have access to world news or freely share journalism.

Keep in mind that the same anonymity is which is used to protect users is a boon for criminals as it allows them to operate across borders, organize crime, trade in illegal items, both physical and digital. Moreover, you can find any number of topics on these forums being discussed including hate speech, extremist ideas, threats of violence and even plans for cyber-attacks.


Why use Dark Web Forums

This is seemed to be a broad array of dangerous activities on this which is a big concern for the security professionals. By monitoring this with OSINT tools such as signal, the security professionals are able to exploit kits targeting their organizations, get early alerts of data preaches and prevent physical attacks on assets as well as on employees.

Follow through to know about some common dark web forums and how professionals can utilize OSINT tools such as signal to efficiently monitor threats.

Due to the anonymity afforded by the dark web, users feel comfortable discussing all kinds of stuff. The dark web especially the web forums is seemed to be a valuable source of intelligence for all security professionals. Monitoring these can help expose out real threats ranging from planned attacks including both physical and digital to fraud someone, data breached and much more.

Top Dark Web Search Engines to Browse the deep web

Top 9 Best Dark Web Forums (Carding, Tor, Deep Web)


This is a forum on this which mirror’s Reddit’s function. It provides with the same community discussion boards. It takes different ideas from Reddit like sub-communities and user moderation responsibilities. The site manages to mimic this function without any JavaScript. The main aim is to provide a censorship-free forum but it also provides some services like pen-testing.



This is an online forum board that has more than 3 million members as of 2020. It is used mostly by cyber-criminals to trade and purchase leaked information. In 2016 it was known as the target of a data breach which helped law enforcement to get information regarding possible aspects that were registered on it.

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Cryptbb – Hackers favorite

This one was launched back in 2017 and started out life as English speaking hacking forum which was known for its rigorous app policy and accepted members that passed the interview. However, they have been expanding Cryptbb with a new section of the site for newbies.



A community forum which provides tutorials as well as tools for hackers, moreover you can also find information regarding and from data leaks and also gain access to their market place.

Freehacks Forum

This is seemed to be a popular and largest hacking forum on the web. This Russian hacker and cyber-criminal community collect its resources to expand and solidify its knowledge base.



A website that is dedicated to shared hacked databases as well as tools to perpetrate credential stuffing attacks. RaidForums also carry a web version of their website.


This is an educational platform that has many courses which focus of hacking for profit. It aims to educate new thefts and criminals to develop their skills and pull of fraud successful, phishing campaigns and much more.


4chan forums

This one is based on anime, a Japanese-style film and TV animation. It also carries adult content and offers great anonymity than others in which users can post without a username by leaving the area blank. After a set period of time posts disappear making it impossible for other users or law enforcement agencies,

It has gained a lot of attention for being a source of cyberbullying, harassment, threats of violence and much more.

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This is a rebrand of the Russian language forum which was previously known as DamageLab after its admin was arrested, it is well known for its 220k posts to total out of which 120 are made daily on illicit topics related to hacking and fraud. It carries additional sections and threads which are hidden and can be accessed only via paid partnership from a permanent account.

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Dark Web Forums Monitoring – Is this the way forward?

Many challenges have been faced by security professionals when it comes to monitoring the dark web. To start, there are many posts. Each of these forums and marketplace operating across many time zones have continuous activity. Popular ones get many posts a day. It is a feasible task to monitor these sites manually.

Explicit forums and marked places shall require you to create an account and might even go some way to verify you to carry skills to be allowed in. while the anonymity of this means they likely cannot work out exactly where you came from or what your purpose is on their platform, ones who are interested may attempt to get more information out of you to get to know about your real identity. When you create an account make sure to hold no relevance to any other online account you hold if you want to have complete anonymity and do not become the target of those same criminals you are looking to monitor.

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Once you are on these forums you are required to remain active, without arousing suspicion else you could have your hard-won access revoked.

Finally, many security thefts on this would be willing to turn their talents and attention towards you, some sites shall infect your device with malware and all links or downloads should be viewed with suspicion. Moreover, if you click on any of the links then you shall be taken to the material you don’t wish to see that many users would find disturbing, as such, unless you are confident you can safely navigate the dark web. It is good to look for safe yet efficient alternatives.

OSINT tools work by scanning the surface, deep and dark web continuously. You can create searches by using Boolean logic and selecting from different data sources. Search results can be filtered using advanced Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) which enables users to search across different languages, find a location, analyze copy in imagery, and have assessed the emotional intent behind text via NLP software spotlight.

The benefits of having a tool like this are to monitor the dark web which includes efficient continuous monitoring and assessment of many sites allowing security teams to monitor more of the web in order to catch more threats at a fast speed. Moreover, they can also access this data without having to hunt down and access different forums and marketplaces which are both more secure and more time-efficient.

Now, this approach allows users to leave behind dark web monitoring on autopilot and not only reduce cost but increase the scope of monitoring ability and the overall amount of hyper-relevant intelligence at their fingertips.

Disclaimer: Please use these sites only for educational and informational purposes. We will not be held responsible for anything you do on these forums/sites.


Dark Web Carding Forums

So these are all the worthy dark web forum sites that you can use. There is a lot of different variety available above including carding forums that you can explore. I am curious to know if you have any better alternatives or choices that you would like to add above? Any such deep web links are appreciated and will be shared with our readers. Don’t forget to turn on Tor before visiting any of the above.

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