How To Xfinity Gateway Router (2022 Login) - Default Password

In recent years Xfinity was able to set its line of routers. If you considered this aesthetically designed brand then do not worry follow through as we have some helpful stuff for you.

This ultimate guide is all about teaching you how to login into Comcast Xfinity router and find the default password. We are humans at the end of the day. According to research by Art Kohn about “, 50% of people forget the information they are presented”. This proves that people also forget their passwords a lot too!

Let’s get on!


Who is Comcast and what is Xfinity

In the US this is seemed to be the biggest internet service, provider. They along with internet packages also rent them. When you do not have a stand-alone router these can be rented. Pretty cool business model.

Other brands are allowed to be used by consumers. Top notches on this are:

  • Motorola Arris.
  • Xfinity Router.

xFi Gateway 3 is the one that shall get when you avail an internet plan.

How to Access Xfinity Router Admin Page

Forgot Xfinity Router Admin Password

  • Connect the device with the router, use a wired connection when using a laptop to have a secured laptop.
  • Open any browser; enter the IP address. This is present at the bottom. You might key in

If the IP address does not load its web interface then follow the steps below:

  • On login page; enter “admin” for username and “password “for the password.
  • Click login and you would see its web admin homepage. If you did not log in successfully then try again. Is try 2 is not successful again then there are chances that it is hacked.

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How to Login into Comcast Xfinity Router Gateway (2022 Guide) – Default Password and Username

Xfinity Router Login Password

Xfinity router control panel is where its settings are stored and changed. To make changes; login into it.


  • Xfinity router.
  • Access to network.
  • A PC or Laptop.

Following are ways to connect to its interface for configuration and diagnostics.

Make sure to be connected to Xfinity router

To reach set up make sure on this point.

  • Connect with the network via wifi or Ethernet cable
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Tip: If you do not know the password then connect with using this.

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Open Browser and navigate to or

For this:

  • Open your browser.
  • Type its IP address in address filed; most common is
  • If this does not work, search list for your specific model.

SecuredYou Tip: Use to find IP quickly.

Enter username and password

For this:

  • Enter current username and password in the specific field.
  • Press enter.

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Default Login information [Latest]

Xfinity Router Username and Password

If the user is not sure regarding username or password then look at default login details to see what they are and how to reset them.

These are also printed on the label at the back.

Router not turning on? Reset it

  • The generic 30 30 30 hard reset trick.

This is the last resort and if you have access to its interface then you can always login and try to revert the settings first. This assumes that you wrote the original value before changing it.

Default Xfinity Router Login (WiFi Device Only)

The consumer receives a router in factory default settings usually. The default login is:

Username: Administrator.

Password: Administrator

Note: Make sure to change its login credentials before someone else changes it. This is the key factor that would reveal all private information online which includes identification and bank details.

Be aware: Different brands carry different default login credentials.

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How to Configure Your New Xfinity Router

Configure Xfinity Comcast Router Login

Change details, to prevent yourself from getting in trouble like identity thefts and hacking.

  • Connect the device, use a wired connection while doing configuration.
  • Once connected login to its web interface by using personal login details if you can’t, try default settings.
  • On the homepage choose wizard. This shall land you on the password change panel.
  • You can now change it by entering an old and new one. Make sure to make it strong!

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How to Reset Xfinity Router Credentials (Easy Way)

Circumstances that lead the user to reset it are as follows:

  • Route Error (2123).
  • Hacked login details.
  • Forgotten admin credentials.
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Don’t need to worry as these can be addressed easily. For this:

  • You need to look for a button at the back.
  • Look for a long yet thin object to press it, use the tip of the hairpin or paper clip.
  • Press it for around 15-20 seconds, red light shall blink in the process.

Power Cycling the router

This is a process in which electrical devices are either turned off or plugged out. This helps RAM or internet memory to refresh when having much data or when gets overheated occasionally.


  • Makes the router be back in its optimal condition.
  • In case you have a slow or no net connection then turn it off for a few seconds and turn it back on. This shall enable it to refresh in-built RAM and re-transmit data once plugged in.
  • It prolongs the life of the modem too. Like other machines give it some rest, it gets tired as well!

Users can perform power resets on other brands as well.

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Image Credits: Comcast Corporation.

Conclusion: Did you get access?

I hope after reading this guide you now know your default Xfinity router login password. We also shared steps on how you can log into Comcast Xfinity. Do let me know in the comments below if the ( address worked for you!

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