How to Delete Your Telegram Account Permanently in 2022

Telegram is a messaging application. It is just like WhatsApp, but the difference is that you cannot deactivate the account from the app, and you are required to use the browser. This guide shows you how to delete/deactivate your Telegram account permanently on Android and iPhone.

Telegram, without any doubt, is a secure application to use. Still, along with that, it creates groups of up to 100000 members, destructs system that deletes all your texts with timer message synchronization with all devices and much more.

If you are somehow not happy with your account and wish to delete it deactivate it then just follow through. Before doing so, keep one thing in your mind that this shall permanently remove all your messages, groups, chats as well as all contacts on it. Once deleted, you shall not be able to get them back again.

Let’s dive in!


How to Delete or Deactivate Your Telegram Account on Android and iOS (Easy Steps)

Method 1: Deleting from your Smartphone

  • In the first step, you need to open the deactivation page at:
  • Once there, you need to enter the associated phone number.
  • After this, a confirmation code is sent to you.
  • Then enter in the confirmation code.
  • Click on “deactivate the account option“.
  • There under the delete option, you need to click on “done“.
  • Hit yes, “delete my account button” – there is no coming back from this.
  • That’s it!

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Method 2: Deleting from your Desktop

  • In the first step, you need to open your telegram deactivation page from the link: either from your desktop or phone device. Keep in mind that the app does not allow you to delete it from here.

Delete Telegram Account iOS

  • Once the page opens, log in to manage the app by using the API or deactivate your account. Enter your phone number that is registered with it in the box “your phone number” with the code of your country like for the US it is +1, and for India, it is +44.

Once you have provided the phone number, hit the next button.

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Delete Telegram Account Android

  • As yes hit the next button, a confirmation code is sent. Open the application or web version to copy the received code to log in.

Delete Telegram Account on Desktop

  • We assume that you copied the code you received, after this, you need to enter in the confirmation code box that is given on the login page.

Telegram Account Deactivation Link

  • Now you are required to open the core page and shall three options which are as followed:
  • API development tools.
  • Deactivate Account.
  • Log Out
  • You shall get a confirmation message from it which shows if you delete then all your applications, groups, notes and contacts shall be removed, and there is no chance of getting them back.

If you are sure about it, then just hit the done button. If you are thinking on deleting your account and need to change the telegram phone number then that can be done as well, given thereon the deactivation page of yours, like this users can save their chats as well as messages.

  • You shall be asked again for your surety. If you are sure about doing it then just click on the red color button with the text “yes, delete my account”.

Confirmation to delete your account

After following the above steps, your account shall be deleted and a confirmation message shall be shown on your screen.

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Why You NEED to Delete Your Telegram Account

Though it is a secured messaging application as compared to other apps and in many cases, we recommend you to use it still here are reasons why someone would want to delete their account. These are as followed:

  • It has experienced some security issues in the past like hacker attacks, leaks and breaches. Back in 2017 the hacker spreader malware to Windows computers through telegram. Moreover, it also, at times, leaks metadata. Organizations like Stiftung Warentest and Committee to protect journalists have deemed it to be unsafe. It is still much secured, but users may wish to move to other apps as well, which are guaranteed.
  • The chat participants can delete not only their messages but also of others without any notification. This provides users with lesser control over other conversations and can enable manipulation. The person with which you chat may alter the chat’s content by removing your texts.
  • It uses a proprietary messaging security protocol known as MTProto whose security has not been fully proved yet. Many cryptographists have criticized it for not being secure enough. The open-source version has not been provided.
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Keep the following things in your mind that you may want to consider before you vanish:

  • Deactivation cannot be undone.
  • All your contact lists, messages, groups, and channels shall be deleted completely.
  • If you sign in later again into your account then any of your messages, channels and contact lists shall not be restored from your older one.

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Deleted Telegram Account now what?

I hope after you have read the above article you know have learned how to delete your Telegram Account on Android and iPhone permanently. We have also shared the steps that allow you to do it on the desktop too merely.

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