CCMaker Free Download 2022 - #1 Adobe CC Activation Tool

CCMaker, also known as Creative Cloud Maker is software that allows you to install and activate Adobe products officially. The best thing is that with this one can select which language package and features you want. CCMaker free download is now available and tested on Windows 10, 8, 7 along with macOS.

You shall get a language package with many unwanted features; both of these make the size of the Adobe suite quite big.

Then comes the second option; this allows the user to only download the package and can be installed later. Works best if you are in a hurry.

In this, an xml file is generated which you need to select from the install section, and then it shall begin. This is a good option when you want to use a package on another system.


What is CCMaker v1.3.8

About CCMaker 1.3.8

Adobe has developed this product which stands for creative cloud. From here users are able to download all of its apps. It performs the same as CC.

But, what makes it different is that it has more options when compared to the creative cloud. With CCMaker users are not able to download and install the application, though it comes with a built-in AMTEmu which is able to activate the product automatically after the process of installation.

CCMaker New Features

CCMaker New Capabilities

Adobe CC and Normal Adobe accounts are not a requirement

If you have ever been a user of a creative account then you would then it needs an adobe account in order to proceed to the next step. This tool is quite helpful if you do not have an account. Get all the products without signing in quite easily.

All Official Files

Users get the latest yet original application which is awesome. It downloads all applications from its very own serve of Adobe. This means you getting everything in a 100% legal way.

Get the latest version of all apps of Adobe. It saves users from the hassle of going to the site to get the latest version.

Activation is auto and seamless

It is activated automatically once the product is installed, this is awesome and super handy It comes with an in-built AMTEmu made up with PainteR. AMTEmu; a tool used to activate products of Adobe without paying any penny for the product key.

Multiple Installations

With this users can select from different options for the app. This includes selecting a certain language package, an option to download the specific components which help users to decrease file size.

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Why use CCMaker (9 Reasons)

Why Choose CCMaker

  1. Get file which you select in the CCMaker, even get language components and many other components.
  2. If you get a package that carries more components then you are given a message to keep these packages and make the product key.
  3. With a new kind of distribution, it allows the user to download as well as install the product.
  4. If a language pack is there on your hard disk for some of the applications then it shall offer you to install them.
  5. Products files that are downloaded of the same size shall be combined into one collection called a master collection.
  6. The distribution package stores all the files in only one folder with an original setup.exe installer.
  7. Where driver.xml is available, it uses a folder of that product along with component files.
  8. On JSON the installation is based and carries information of the components and pix files which carry instruction of installation process, it also helps in the entry of windows registry, creating shortcuts as well as launching apps.
  9. AMT Emulator is applied to all the products once they get installed on the machine, which modifies the original amtlib.dII file.

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How to Use CCMaker – A Step-by-step Tutorial

How To Use CCMaker Tutorial

  1. You need to extract “CCMaker” which has been downloaded. Add in the password if it asks and then it gets extracted to a folder.
  2. Open the “folder” and click right on “CCMaker.exe” and run it as “administrator”.
  3. After this, the program shall open.
  4. Then select option you want. After clicking on this, it shall request a few files on the system.
  5. Once done, it shall open another window. In here you shall be asked to select the product which you wish to get with many versions.
  6. After this select your product of preference with the version,
  7. Hit the “Browse” button where you wish to save the file.
  8. Once a location has been selected, click on “next”, it shall ask you for additional components.

Make sure to tick the activate AMTEmu to activate the file otherwise you shall be using the trial version.

  • Hit next.
  • The file shall begin to download.
  • Time depends on internet speed.
  • Once you have it, it shall begin the installation process.
  • Follow on-screen instructions and wait for it to complete.

After this, your app shall be activated automatically.

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CCMaker Quick FAQs

CCMaker Quick FAQs

What is the error “Retrieving Creative Cloud Products data Failed” and how to fix it?

This is seen when a user has the wrong Microsoft Universal C Runtime (CRT). Be sure to get the correct version on the machine from the official site.

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I forgot to enable AMTEmu, what now?

This can be done manually as well. Please turn it on when you run the .exe from the desktop.

Can it patch Adobe 2019 and 2021?

This is due to the fact that in the latest version there is no amtlib.dII file which it patches. In such a case, one cannot patch the latest version.

Is an Adobe Account required?

An Adobe account is not needed to use this tool.

Does it support Apple macOS?

No, only on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 for now.

Is CCMaker Safe and not a virus?

It is 100% safe, with this users can download the latest products of adobe from the server directly at a good speed and from a reliable source. It does not even ask for permission to access local drives and others.

What is the activation process?

It comes with a built-in AMTEmu activator which is able to activate the app while being downloaded and installed. If you activated it, then do it manually.

Download file failing keeps failing what to do?

Restart your browser, clear your cache and try again. If this not fixes it please check your internet connection.

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Are there any system requirements?

Yes, you can use the below ones as a reference:

  1. Space: 20 MB.
  2. OS: Windows 10, 8, or 7.
  3. Software: Microsoft Universal C Runtime (CRT).
  4. CPU: Intel Core i3 or higher.
  5. An internet connection (preferably a fast one).

CCMaker Download (2022 Latest) – Top Adobe Activation Tool for Windows and macOS

CCMaker is very useful if you do not want to use your account to install and activate any of the popular products such as Adobe Photoshop. This is where CCMaker download 2022 helps you to achieve this without requiring an account and it all just works without extra effort.

Follow the steps below to get the setup file:

  1. Click on the button below.
  2. This shall redirect you to another page.
  3. Hit this, you shall be redirected to the direct link.
  4. Click on this and wait for few seconds.
  5. Once done, it shall ask you to select the location where you wish to save the file.

Technical details you may find interesting:

Build1.3.8 (Most current and stable)
Setup size20 MB
Installs1 Million +
Rating4.5/5 based on our testing

Download CCMaker 2022 (Latest Version)

CCMaker Download (Latest Version)
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