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DiskCryptor download is an open-source and free full disk encryption system. It is for Microsoft windows. It is used for the encryption of a computer system’s entire hard drive or individual partitions. It also includes the ability to encrypt the disk and partition on which the Operating System is installed. It is available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

It was designed originally to replace the commercial disk encryption system like the Drive Crypt plus pack and PGP whole disk encryption. It uses either a combination of cascaded algorithms in XTS mode, AES-256, Twofish or Serpent. This page has all the information about DiskCryptor latest version.


What is DiskCryptor?

DiskCryptor is used to support encrypting internal and external drives, the system partition and also the ISO images. It has a handy feature that allows you to pause encryption and resume it later or even on a different computer system. The DiskCryptor can support a wide variety of encryption schemes, file systems and Operating systems.

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DiskCryptor Features

  • It can be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and windows 2000
  • It supports windows server 2012, 2008 and 2003
  • It supports standard file systems like exFAT, FAT12/16/32 and NTFS
  • It supports Twofish, AES and serpent encryption algorithms
  • Critical files can be used to increase security. The disk cryptor can help essential archive for added protection. If you are going to go for this option, then you do not have to create a password although you can create for more yet better security.

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DiskCryptor Advantages

  • It is used to encrypts external and internal devices
  • It can be used to encrypt more than one partition simultaneously
  • It has a tiny download size
  • It installs quickly
  • It can Support pausing encryption to reboot or transfer the drive to another computer
  • The custom keyboard shortcuts can be used for rapidly mounting/dismounting drives
  • It can work with dynamic disks
  • It can work with RAID volumes
  • It is used to dismount volumes on logoff automatically
  • It can encrypt ISO images to make encrypted CDs/DVDs.

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DiskCryptor Disadvantages

  • It comes with some significant bugs
  • It has not been updated since 2014
  • It does not help many files or documentation
  • Not updated in a while

How to use DiskCryptor for File Encryption (Tutorial)

How to use DiskCryptor for File Encryption

Your laptop might only cause a few bucks, but if you are using it to work with sensitive data like personal or business-related information, then the data that it carries is way more than the price of the drive. This is the reason that we are going to see regarding disk cryptor that is a free third party utility from DiskCryptor.net. This is used to encrypt all the contents of your hard drive so that outsiders would not be able to gain access towards any information without a password- even if they can steal your password.

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Although this kind of attack is considered prior for laptops and netbooks as they get lost very quickly, it is best if you have it for your desktop computer systems as well.

The disk cryptor, as mentioned above, is an open-source program that is used to encrypt the entire drives, also including the drive where Windows is installed. For this, you do not need to format your windows disk. You can apply the encryption without worrying about reinstalling your windows.

The TrueCrypt that is another free utility offers the same encryption, but it sometimes does not allow you to format the windows drive. The windows 7 and windows Vista ultimate and enterprise editions offer a disk encryption utility that is known as the Bitlocker yet it can be tricky to set it up.

You need to be aware that as soon as you apply encryption with a Disk encryptor, you shall be asked to enter the encryption password every time you turn on your computer system for it to boot. As you enter the password, your computer system will boot up and windows will start-up as they do. You need to enter a password if you have a set a separate one.

If you want to use DiskCryptor, then you can always download it from the company’s website. For this, you need to choose the latest stable installer version.

The makers of DiskCryptor suggest for you to create a bootable windows disk that is a live CD with disk cryptor. Do this by following instructions given by the company before encrypting the windows drive. Like this, if you run into any booting problem sometimes later, then you can insert the disc and use the included disk cryptor facility to decrypt the drive by using your password.

You shall not be able to retrieve your files if you do not follow this step. You can also use any other computer system to create such a bootable disc if you later run into any booting problems. It is good to create one before time so that you have it when needed.

Now when you are ready to encrypt, you need to open the disk cryptor, then select the system drive C: and then click on encrypt. To configure various settings, follow the prompts. You would want to keep the boot settings and the default encryption. Now when you are setting the password, you should keep it a bit complex including upper and lower case letters and yes throw in some numbers as well.

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Keep in mind that you should select a password that you can remember when needed as if you forget the password, you shall not be able to recover your files.

It takes a few hours for the DiskCryptor to encrypt the files. This usually depends upon the size of the drive. During this, you can use your computer system but do keep in mind if you require shutting down or restarting your system then clicking on the pause button first.  For the process to resume, you need to select the drive and click on the encrypt button again. If you are encrypting a laptop, then do keep it connected with a wall plug so you do not lose battery during the process.

As the process gets completed. DiskCryptor lists your drive as “mounted”. Once you’re done with the encryption, you need to back up the volume header information of your trip. Like this, if the header gets corrupted or lost, then you can restore it and protect your encrypted data. For this to back up, you need to open the disk cryptor; click on tools, back up the header and then save the backup in a USB drive or any other computer system.

You need to keep in mind that utilities outside the windows like Live CDs or bootable USB drives cannot access the encrypted drive. As a result of this, you shall not be able to repair, reinstall or upgrade windows without first decrypting the system drive, either by running disk cryptor in windows or using the custom bootable windows disk.

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Download DiskCryptor Latest Version – #1 Encryption Tool

In this guide, we have shared DiskCryptor Free Download and how you can use it to encrypt your hard drive. For better understanding, we have mentioned its features. DiskCryptor has one big major letdown, and that is its active development which has been very low for quite a long time.

DiskCryptor Free Download Latest Version

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