Hashcat Free Download 2022 - #1 Hashing & Password Cracking Tool

Hashcat tool claims to be the world’s best and fastest CPU based password hash cracking tool; that is not as fast as GPU powered Hash brute-forcing (as CUDA multi forcer) but is pretty fast

Now you can Download Hashcat Password Cracking Tool for Free. Today it is easy for any person to lose his or her password has something like this ever happened to you? Then the software that you are looking for is Hashcat that is capable of decrypting passwords very quickly. A quick reminder that you should only use this program with your password and stop digging for other user’s password

The hashcat hash cracking tool can get passwords that are based on their hash, which is useful when you access a file or database that has stored encrypted user credentials.


Hashcat Password Hash Cracking Tool – A Little Knowhow

In mid-2009 Hashcat was written. At that time, there was some other close to perfect working tools supporting rule-based attacks like:

However, these both did not support multi-threading for some particular reason. That was probably the only reason to write it and make use of multiple cores of modern CPUs with a guarantee that it was not correct up to 100%.

John the Ripper supported MPI by using a patch, however, at that time it was only working for Brute Force attack. No solution was available at that time to crack plain MD5 that supported MPI using rule-based attacks.

V0 01 was known as “atom crack” from its first version. It was, however, imperfect but was multi-threaded, and in this, the MD5 Kernel was written in assembler utilizing SSE2 instructions. It was just a simple dictionary cracker, but it was fast. Some people got interested in this, and after a time frame of one week, there were around 20 beta testers. Everything was working in an excellent manner. The following was added:

  • A rule engine for mutation of dictionaries
  • Version of windows
  • Different modes of attack

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Hashcat Tool Features

Hashcat Latest Version

The tool comes out with the following features:

  • This tool is considered as the world’s fastest password cracker
  • The tool is the world’s first and only in-Kernel rule engine
  • It comes free of cost
  • It is an open-source (MIT license)
  • It has a multi Operating System (for Windows, Linux, and OSX)
  • It is a multi-platform (GPU, CPU, DSP, FPGA, etc. includes everything that comes with an OpenCI-runtime)
  • It is a multi-hash that is used to crack multiple hashes at the same time
  • It is capable of handling various devices at the same time
  • The tool can utilize mixed device types in the same system
  • It supports different cracking networks by using overlay
  • It helps distributed pause/ resume
  • It supports sessions
  • It helps restore
  • Hex-salt and hex-charset is supported by the tool
  • Hashcat hash tool is used to support automatic performance turning
  • By ordering market chains, it supports automatic keyspace
  • It has an inbuilt benchmarking system
  • It has an integrated thermal watchdog
  • It has around 200 plus hash types with the excellent implementation of performance in mind
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Due to a vast number of hash calculation algorithms we need to as its wide range of methods to produce input words that are why the final number of combinations is enormous. Hashcat Hash is the ideal tool out there to carry out Brute-force attacks, but you are not going to use it for that purpose.

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How to use and Install Hashcat Password Recovery Tool?

How to use Hashcat Password Recovery Tool

  • In the first step, it uses a set of plain text words as a base and then calculates their hash
  • It then compares the result with another file that is used to stores the hashes with original passwords: the matches mean recovered passwords.

To Install:

  • Step 1: Download Hashcat from this page by pressing the download button at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 2: Depending on your Linux distro install this: apt-get install p7zip.
  • Step 3: Extract the contents of the file: p7zip -d hashcat-3.10.7z.
  • Step 4: Now that you have the installation files, select your 32-bit or 64-bit version: cp hashcat-cli64.bin /usr/bin/.
  • All done.

Brute force attacks and dictionaries are the standard ways that are used to guess passwords. Such techniques make use of a file that has words, phrases, shared passwords, and other strings that can be used as a viable password.

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Other Approaches used to Crack Passwords

These are as followed:

  • Lookup Tables; in this, the hashes are pre-computed from a dictionary and are then stored with their particular password into a lookup table structure
  • Reverse Lookup Tables; this allows a cyber-attacker to apply a brute force or dictionary to attack many different hashes at the same time without the need to pre-compute a looking table.
  • Rainbow Tables; this is a time-memory technique. These are similar to the lookup tables except for the fact that they sacrifice the hash cracking speed that makes the lookup tables seem smaller.
  • Hashing with Salt; it is a technique in which the hashes are randomized by prepending or appending a random string which is called “salt.” This, however, is applied to the password before hashing.

Great Alternatives to Hashcat

Download Hashcat 2022 (Latest Version) for PC, Android, and Mac

In this guide, we have highlighted for you the powerful password hash cracking tool that is Hashcat Free Download. Get it now to get passwords based on their hash. Please do let us know if you want any other password hash tool. This is the latest version of Hashcat 2022 including word lists. However, I would also recommend you learning Kali Linux before downloading this tool.

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Hashcat Password Hash Cracking Tool Free Download (Latest)

Download Hashcat Word List from here:

Hashcat Word List Latest Updated

Hashcat Free Download - #1 Password Hash Cracking Tool
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