HMA! Pro VPN Free Download for Windows 10/11 (2022)
HMA! Pro VPN Free Download for Windows 10/11 (2022)

One of the leading internet encryption today is the HMA! Pro VPN Free Download is based on virtual private network technology. Also known as HideMyAss! it has been one of the early players on the field. VPNs are used to connect people remotely with localized computer networks. We will also be showing you how to use HMA! Pro VPN trial.

The underlying security advantages that are in the form of encryption can be used to provide privacy services and VPN servers. Today the businesses and consumers connect with HMA! Pro VPN 2022 license key comprehensive services for their internet connections via the HMA’s! Server to get more privacy and security.

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What is HMA! Pro VPN?

HMA! Pro VPN Downoad is a VPN (virtual private network) service that is operated by Privax Limited. It is an AVG subsidiary. The HMA! Pro version 3 gained a much smoother user interface that made it easy to connect online. This was considered as a long-overdue improvement in which competing services like the Express VPN, safer VPN, Tunnel Bear, and many others

If you have not used a VPN before then, you need to know that HMA! is used to route your computer system’s internet traffic via a third-party server. This helps you to spoof your actual location with a virtual one and also provide security to your web browsing habits from evil eyes like a nosy internet service provider that is ISP or any hacker out there who is searching for victims on the public Wi-Fi.

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Why HMA! Pro VPN is one of the best?

You can use the HMA! Pro VPN for the following principal reasons:

  • You can use it for better internet security. The customers connect with the service to get their internet connection encrypted. Such encryption does not allow hackers and network snoops from intercepting their sensitive internet traffic. This is often used for Wi-Fi networks.
  • You can use it for censorship. Like the web proxy, the HMA’s! VPN can be used to bypass internet censorship. VPNs are however more flexible than a web proxy as they tunnel the entire internet connection and not just the web browser traffic alone. As a result, no rendering issues arise as there is no parsing of HMTL/JS and all the contents function as they should like a flash. Due to the more substantial network of servers in more than 190 countries, it would have fast speed. When you set up a VPN connection on your actual router, then the third-party devices can bypass censorship without any additional configuration required.
  • You can use it for privacy and anonymity. Like the web proxy, the VPN service is for the customers that wish to gain a measure of anonymity on the internet. It is also able to protect privacy and identity. The VPN service can affect all the apps on your computer system and not only your web browser, unlike a web proxy. This protects the internet connection and not only the web browser traffic
  • You can use this for technical purposes as well. The HMA! utilises different VPN technologies like OpenVPN (UDP/TTCP), PPTP and L2TP or IPsec. The VPN server carries a set of IP addresses; every time a customer connects to one of the HMA!s VPN servers, then they are assigned to a shared IP address. Customer connections are not NAT by the HMA!, it means that the total number of contacts they can support is the total number of IP addresses that they offer which is 2800 + IP addresses.
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You can get HMA! Pro VPN for Windows 10/8/7 and Vista as well. You can use award-winning HMA! VPN service on all your devices for one subscription. Securing and encrypting the internet connection was never this easy.

With the help of this service, you can access the network of more than 770 servers and 5400 IP addresses in over 280 locations in 190 countries around the world. The 2019 latest addition for HMA! Pro VPN carries some unique features which make it best to conquer your needs.

The fastest VPN servers for your connection can be located with the help of a speed guide. It becomes tiresome to find the quickest server, but all you need is to run a specific speed guide test and the wizard will help you to locate the best servers required for your connection.

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HMA! Pro VPN Features

The HideMyAss! Pro VPN carries the following unique features and highlights:

Easy connection with servers 
It comes with secure respect you need to enter your username and password into the dashboard and then select one of the VPN servers and click on the connect button.

Multi-protocol support
It comes with multi-protocol backing. The virtual private network is blazing fast, thus leaving the free proxy in its dust. This includes supporting different protocols at the

Load balancing servers
It offers load balancing. If there are more servers in a specific location, then the load balancing will advise you which server has the least users connected thus ensuring you to connect to the server that has the least load

Schedule IP changes
It is used to schedule IP changes. Such features enable you to randomly change your IP address at the set time intervals to increase privacy and security.

IP checker websites for peace of mind
It comes with IP checker websites. Third-party IP checker websites help make sure that your online identity has been changed.

IP address history – Keep track of your changed IP Addresses
It displays the IP address history. You can make use of the optional IP history feature to keep a local log of IP addresses you have used previously.

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Safe disconnections – Doesn’t kill any running processes or downloads
It comes with safe disruptions. In an unexpected intrusion, you can ensure selected applications will not go back to use your default unencrypted internet connection.

Forgetfulness – Forcing applications to use VPN
Use Secure IP Bind to force apps not to work at all unless they are connected to a VPN.

Geographic recommendations – Faster connections
It provides a user with Geographic recommendations. VPN servers that are located closest to you or your physical location are considered best and fast for your internet connection

Random server selection – More privacy
It also comes with random server selection. For increased anonymity, you might want to connect with random VPN server locations. In a specific country, you can randomly connect to any location or random servers.

Server map – Select your VPN server
It comes with a server map. All the VPN servers are present and marked out on the server map. Like this, it becomes useful for visual identification. Your physical location is also marked with the reason to help you see the distance between the servers.

An important thing that you need to keep in your mind is that it comes with a 7 days trial version and it requires a .NET Framework and an HMA! Account.

For more information about HMA visit their official website.

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Download HMA! Pro VPN (Full Version) – Trial for 1-Year

In this article, we have shared HMA! Pro VPN full version download. For better understanding, we have discussed HideMyAss! features and highlights, including how VPN protects privacy. Get it now to make your internet connection more secure and protected. This page includes HMA! Pro VPN latest version.

Version: 6.1 (Latest).

HMA! Pro VPN (Full Version) Download for Windows 10/11

HMA! Pro VPN Download (Latest Version)
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