How to Play PUBG on Chromebook in 2022 (Working Guide)

This is one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) in which unknown players fight in a battle royal mode. This article is about teaching you how to play PUBG on Chromebook; this will involve downloading and installing it too! For now, the game has more than 500 million installs and 25 million active users daily. It is compatible to play on:

  • Chrome OS.
  • Xbox One.
  • Windows with PlayStation support in the future.

The players in this may play/fight solo or in a small group with the winner being the one who lives till the end. Its popularity led to the formation of many other similar games like Fortnite. Tencent, who is the publisher of the game, regularly provides updates related to improvement and new features.


PUBG on Chromebook – what you need to know

This is an online multiplayer shooter game in which the players need to locate weapons, vehicles and kill each player in the ground that shrinks with time. It is the player’s will to play in a team or individually. As the game runs on powerful Unreal Engine 4, it provides some rich in detailed realistic gameplay effects along with a massive HD map. It is deemed to be the best MOBA game. It carries:

  • Stunning 3F audiovisual animation.
  • Good quality, 7.1 surround sound.
  • Carries realistic weapons.
  • You can fight as a team.
  • Good-quality graphics.
  • High-quality HD audio.
  • Inspired battlefields from real life.
  • Fair and straightforward due to anti-cheat technology.
  • Clutter-free motion.
  • A big map for the gameplay.
  • Play solo or as a team.
  • Carries low version for low-end smartphone devices.

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How To Download, Install and Play PUBG on your Chromebook (Ultimate Guide)

PUBG Mobile Chromebook Version

It can be downloaded and installed from the PlayStore directly, but many of the manufacturers have not yet made it available for it. Let’s see how you can get it for free if it is not on the Playstore.

For this:

  • You need to enable developer mode in the Chromebook.
  • Enable applications from unknown sources there on the android settings screen.

For this go to chrome OS > App settings link under the android apps > security > enable unknown sources.

  • From Google Play install File Manager.
  • From SecuredYou or a similar website download PUBG APK.
  • Now open the file manager app and then go to the APK file that has been downloaded.
  • Click on the package installer app and install the APK.
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Enable the Developers Mode option

  • You need to press and hold the Esc and Refresh button at the same time and then hit the power button.
  • It shall boot with a message “Chrome OS is missing or is damaged”.
  • Now you need to press Ctrl + D.
  • Hit enter to turn OS verification off, on the next page.
  • CBook shall restart. Press Ctrl + D to begin the process or wait for the OS to start itself after hearing the beep.
  • It shall start transitioning to the Developer mode.
  • The system shall start preparing the laptop for developer mode.

Can you play PUBG on Chromebook

  • Now after some time, you shall be in the Chrome Home screen with the developer’s mode enabled.

Note: To turn this off, hit the space button at the start-up screen.

Make sure to have PlayStore Installed

Note: Once you have downloaded the Playstore if the game is available then you can go forward without any manual APL sideloading.

  • Visit the Chromebook settings and click on the about chrome OS option.
  • Click on more info.
  • In here there will be a change channel, open it.
  • Then select developer – unstable.
  • The Chrome OS will begin to download the latest developer channel Chrome OS build.

How to Install PUBG on Chromebook

  • One download you would find restart to update option in the status bar.
  • After it restarts, you will see a Playstore icon in the bottom shelf.
  • You need to enable android app support on Chromebook.

For this, go to > settings > enable android apps to run on your Chromebook.

  • Open the Playstore and download PUBG if it is available or you can also get it manually from the steps mentioned above.

How to Delete PUBG from Chromebook

If you are tired from playing PUBG and want to get another action game like Fortnite, then you can remove it from the Chromebook.

This is quite easy to do.

For this:

  • You need to press the launcher button from the bottom left corner.
  • Then search for PUBG or look for it in the list. You may need to click on expand arrow or else swipe up if you carry touch screen version to see the entire inventory.
  • Right-click on PUBH and then click on remove.
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This is it; you have successfully removed it from the device.

PUBG APK for Chromebook

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Why PUBG Runs Slow on Chromebook

Always know the basics of each game you play. This was originally a PC game then it was ported to consoles and later to phones.

The game was never developed for Chrome OS, which means that you are actually emulating the game on your laptop using the android version.

This shall cause:

  • Game crashes.

Expect all these with the hope that they shall improve with time as the platform gets optimized.

Increase FPS rate and make it more smooth

It does not carry many graphic settings to mess with, but you can do the following to have a better FPS on it:

  • Set graphic to smooth.
  • Change frame rate to low.
  • Set style to classic or soft.

Doing this would get you a substantial FPS boost.

To have a better yet good gameplay performance, do the following to optimize your game:

  • Change crosshair to something visible like green.
  • Turn the aim assist on.
  • Enable blocked by the wall.
  • For shotgun firing mode, use tap.
  • For bolt-action rifle/crossbow firing mode, use tap.
  • Enable the peek and fire.
  • Enable the peek and open scope.
  • Tap to lean peel options.

You need to adjust the following to your best liking:

  • Quick chat.
  • Camera settings.
  • Controller config.

Note: Keep in mind that you are emulating the game from android to a laptop, so don’t expect the game to run correctly.

You can also increase the FPS and performance of the game by adjusting the in-game settings.

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NOTE: If you are someone who learns by looking at an example. This is a video tutorial on YouTube.

Do you enjoy playing PUBG on your Chromebook?

I love just playing it on my Android phone; however, for users who are used to their laptops and bigger screens, this is the best option. I hope you have now learned how to download and install PUBG on Chromebook. Share this with your friends so you can help someone else out too!

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