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Low Orbit Ion Cannon also known as LOIC Free Download, is a tool. It is used to launch Dos and DDoS attacks. The small orbit cannon was initially developed by praetox technology. It is a network stress testing application, but now it is used with malicious intent as it has become open-source. It is a very user-friendly tool that is easily accessible. It has gained a lot of fame because of its use by the members of the hacktivist group anonymous as well as the users of the 4Chan forums.

The best thing about Low Orbit Ion Cannon Download is that it lets it’s users to launch DDoS attacks with very little and basic technical knowledge. The tool is available for download and has a simple point and click interface. The users, however, with the help of web browsers such as the Javascript version called JS LOIC and web version called the low orbit web cannon, can launch the attacks.


What is LOIC?

The low orbit ion cannon tool is used as political cyber-terrorist attacks against the larger capitalist organizations. Its hive mind version provides the average non-technical users a way to give their bandwidth with an idea of supporting a cause to which they agree with. It’s a DDoS booter software used to DDoS targets.

The LOIC is the top security project of Git Hub. It can be downloaded for free. In the project, there has been a total of 256 commits that were done in 3 branches with 31 releases by six different contributors. The project is named as Low orbit ion cannon by its community.

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How to use Low Orbit Ion Cannon for DDoS

Download Loic Low Orbit Ion Cannon Free

The low orbit ion cannon is a straightforward and accessible tool. For this, you need to fill in the URL or the IP address of the particular system. Select the attack method then port and press the big button that says, “IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER.”

Follow the steps to use Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC)

  • In the first step, you need to run the tool
  • In the second step, enter the IP or the URL of the website in the particular field and then click on Lock on.
  • If you are 133t, then you would have to change the parameters, or you can also leave it at default for the rest of the time
  • Now click on the button that is labeled as ”IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER”.
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For now, you have mounted an attack on the target that is great!! In the tool, you can see the status of the attack (that is the number of packets sent)

It is important to remind here that use this tool very carefully. It is illegal to carry out DoS or DDoS attacks in most countries; however, using this tool is no exception. You can use it to test different networks; you have permission to test and demonstrate the power of DoS attacks.

You need an extensive network of users to get full leverage, that attacks the same target at the same time which becomes a very useful DoS attack (as seen by the anonymous attacks on PayPal, Master Card, and many more)

Low orbit ion cannon usually work by flooding a target server with:

  • TCP packets
  • UDP packets
  • HTTP packets

Now, all of these services with a fundamental goal that is disrupting service. An attacker using low orbit ion cannon is not able to generate much junk traffic to make any serious impact on a target. For dangerous attacks to occur, you require thousands of users to coordinate a simultaneous attack on the same goal.

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Users, however, to make these coordinated attacks easier can make use of IRC chat channels to run a “hive mind” version of low orbit ion cannon which lets the user master user control several networked slave computers by creating a voluntary botnet. Thus is a popular approach as owners of the slave devices may claim that they were innocent victims of an involuntary botnet.

The low orbit ion cannon was used in 2008 by anonymous to attack the church of Scientology websites in response to the legal efforts made by the church to take down the Youtube videos. LOIC was also used in 2010 when the supporters of wiki Leaks went after the sites of Visa and Master card in response to the credit card companies freezing payments to Wiki Leaks.

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How to Stop and Defend Against LOIC Attacks

The smaller attacks of LOIC HHTP are usually mitigated with a local firewall by having a server administrator look at the logs identify the IPs of all the attackers and also drop down their requests. This strategy, however, is not able to stand against large-scale and high attacks in which hundreds or even thousands of various attackers are working in tandem.

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Moreover, the local firewalls are also not able to provide security and protection against the TCP or UDP floods, the latter of which can even target and disrupt a firewall. The WAF that is the Web Application Firewall can protect against the HTTP floods, and thus the dedicated DDoS protection can also stop the TCP and UDP attacks.

Also, it is straightforward to detect the attackers that use low orbit ion cannon (LOIC), it is done through a Proxy so that the attacker’s IP addresses are visible o the target. The various countries that have taken legal action against all the attackers that use the low orbit ion cannon are as followed:

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain &
  • Turkey

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Famous DDoS Attacks of all time caused by LOIC

The notable DDoS attacks of all time are as followed:

  • The 2007 Estonia Attack
  • The 2000 Mafia Boy Attack
  • The 2013 Spamhaus Attack
  • The 2015 Git Hub Attack
  • The 2016 Dyn Attack

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More Hacking Tools and Tutorials:

Disclaimer: Please use this software on systems/networks you have permission to do so only.

Update: A new build has been released to prevent antivirus programs from marking it as a harmful tool. It is now also supported on Windows 11.

Various users have requested an “anonymous edition“. Unfortunately, such a release is not available and it’s only a re-release of the official tool provided below under a different naming convention.

Download LOIC Latest Version for Free 2022

We have discussed with you regarding the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) Virus Free Download like how it can be used and how the attack can be stopped. You can download LOIC the tool, and the source code from the links provided. If you found this article useful enough, then comment down in the section below.

Note: The file below is virus-free and safe to install.

Download LOIC Latest Version for Free

LOIC Download (DDoS Booter Tool)
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