Looking for a free vulnerability scanner to scan weak networks and systems?

Download Nessus Professional and you will forget every other tool out there! Nessus is a vulnerability scanner developed by a company named Tenable Network Security. According to the surveys which were done in 2009 by an organization named Tenable Network Security.

Nessus Professional Free Download 2022 - #1 Vulnerability Scanner Tool
Nessus Professional Free Download 2022 – #1 Vulnerability Scanner Tool

Nessus is the world’s most popular vulnerability scanner, which took first place in 2000, 2003 and 2006 security tool surveys. It was estimated over the world and it was found out that Nessus was used by over 75,000 organizations or companies all over the world.

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What is Nessus?

Nessus is basically a remote scanning tool for vulnerabilities, this software scans the computer and it raises the alert if it finds any vulnerability that any of the malicious hackers could use to gain access to your computer or any of your devices which you have connected over the internet or any network. This software performs this after running over the 1200 checks on the desired computer, it tests to see if there are any available attacks available that could be used to attack and break into or even harm your Personal Computer (PC) or any of your devices.

Nessus Free Vulnerability Scanner Software

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Why use Nessus?

Well, this question can be answered like if you are an administrator like the user of any of the computers (or any type of network) connected to the internet, Nessus is a very good tool to help you keep the domains of your PC free of the vulnerabilities which might be uploaded or sent by the hackers and they can also be very common viruses which may perform a lot of damage to your Personal Computer (PC) or any other device.

But you should know that Nessus is not a total or complete solution to the security of your Personal Computer or the network in which you are connected. But still, it is a very bit good security solution strategy.

Nessus actually does not directly prevent the attacks, this is the tool that will only check for any sort of vulnerabilities available on your Personal Computer (PC) or the network that any hacker could have uploaded to exploit your PC or Network. The solution to this problem is actually in the hands of the administrator of the network. He can only patch up these vulnerabilities in order to secure the network and keep it safe.

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Activation Code for Nessus Professional

Benefits of Nessus

If you have used or heard about any other vulnerability scanners, you must be thinking that what are the advantages of Nessus as compared to the other vulnerability checking software. There are several points in which this question will be answered. These points are listed and completely explained below:

  • Unlike the other vulnerability scanners, Nessus is more intelligent and it does not make any assumptions about the configuration of your servers. This technique causes the other scanners to miss real vulnerabilities.
  • Nessus is very capable of extension, it also provides a scripting language for its users. So it means you can write the tests according to the specific system that you are using once you become familiar with the software. This software also provides a plugin interface and there are many free plugins within the Nessus which are also called as Nessus Plug-in suite by which you can use to detect common viruses and vulnerabilities.
  • Nessus is always updated with the information of the new vulnerability and virus that can be used to attack your network or any specific PC of the network. The team of Nessus software always keeps its vulnerability definitions up to date.
  • Nessus is an open-source software which means that this software’s cost is nothing and it is totally free and you are free to use and modify this software as the way you want.
  • Nessus also offers the matching service which means that whenever Nessus detects a vulnerable file they often suggest you the way which is better to solve this problem and help you solve it fast. They often provide you with the best way you can mitigate the detected vulnerability. Alternatively, you can also try the Metasploit Pro framework for performing a similar task.

How Nessus Works

If you want to learn the working of the Nessus and the other security tools working like the port-scanning. So it is necessary for you to understand the different services (for example a web server, FTP Server and SMTP server, etc.) are accessed with the help of a remote server. Even though most of the high-level network traffic (such as email, web pages, etc.) reach to the server with the help of a high protocol that is transmitted by the TCP stream reliably.

As you know that there are thousands of ports in a Computer, all of which may not be in use or service or any server working on them. Nessus works by testing every single port available on the computer, determining what service is running on them and then it tests the service and makes sure that there are no vulnerabilities or viruses available over the server of your computer or your server. Nessus is called a remote scanner because it can be used on other computers as well in which Nessus is not even installed.

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Nessus Installation and Compatibility

Nessus is available in two types or modes these parts are Nessusd which is for the server and the others are clients. The Nessus is actually the part of the server which actually runs the test and the clients are used to tell the server what type of tests should run on the system or Computer.

Nessus Features, Installation and Compatibility

The servers are only available or exist for the UNIX/Linux platforms, but the clients are also available for Windows and Mac including the upper two. Therefore once the server is set up and it is currently running then the administrator can run the scheduled Nessus test using a client written for almost every platform.

What Vulnerabilities does Nessus Scan?

Nessus allows the scanning of many vulnerabilities and I am going to explain them below:

  • Nessus scans the vulnerabilities that allow the remote hacker that is used to control or access the sensitive data available on the system.
  • Nessus also detects the misconfiguration (For Example Missing patches and open mail relay etc.) and gives you a good solution to these problems.
  • Nessus can also be used to call Hydra (external tool) to launch a serious dictionary attack.
  • Nessus also fights against the denials of service which is against the TCP/IP stack by using the form of malformed packets.
  • Nessus can also be used for the preparation of PCI DSS audits.

Nessus Professional Free Vulnerability Scanner Download (Updated for 2022)

In this article, we talked about the Nessus Professional Software Free Download which can be used to scan for vulnerable files and help you to resolve them. This software is totally harmless and it won’t do any damage to your PC.

Disclaimer: Please only use this tool at your own risk and on systems that you have permission to do such actions on! To enjoy the premium version you will need an activation code from Tenable that needs to be purchased.

Download Nessus Free Vulnerability Scanner

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