Nipper Tools Free Download Latest Version

Nipper Free Download in Latest Version is yet another tool of the modern and technical world. It is used to perform the following tasks:

  • It is used to check out for all the different vulnerabilities in firewalls
  • Audit network configurations on various routers and switches
  • It is also used to check out for weaknesses in your routers and switches

The virtual modelling of the nipper tool is used to reduce down all the false positives as well as identify all the need to do a fix to help you stay all secured and protected.


What is Nipper Tool? [Network Configuration Audit Tool]

With the help of the nipper, you can now analyze all the configurations and interactions of your network’s infrastructure. In the presence of expertly skilled penetration tester, you can save the network administrators for up to 3 hours per audit and device. Such a tool can also be used to dedicate all your valuable resources to prioritize and analyze fixes. It is used to provide with the following things:

  • It is used to provide the visibility of actual network vulnerabilities including the false negatives
  • It is used to significantly fewer false positives to investigate
  • It is used to automate the risk prioritization
  • It is used to precise the remediation process with the exact technical fixes that are required
  • It is very flexible meaning it is configurable easy to read all the reports.

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Nipper Tools – New and Unique Features

Accurate Reporting

  • Comes with consumable machine outputs
  • Can read statements that are written in plain English

Customized Auditing

  • Perform compliance audits
  • Perform security audits
  • Perform device configuration audits
  • Perform vulnerability audits

Remediation Advice

  • Can perform exact and required technical fixes
  • Typical time to fix

Scheduling and Reporting

  • Comes with the in-built redaction
  • Comes with SIEM integration
  • Comes with audit scheduling along with the re-audit function

Risk Prioritization

Download Nipper Tool Latest Version Free

  • Comes with a customizable CVSS rating
  • Comes with a mitigation classification table

The nipper tool is used to accurately identify different risks there in your network infrastructure and also provide you with a precise way to fix them, including the command line sets. Moreover, you can also customize nippers best practice audits or analyze your networks by using the out of the box industry compliance standards like the STIG, PCI DSS benchmarks, CIS.

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Now the reports that are produced by the nipper tool include the following things:

  • Detailed security related issues along with the recommendations
  • Carries a configuration report
  • Various appendices

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Supported Switches/Routers/Firewalls by Nipper Tool

The nipper tool is used to support the following devices:

  • Juniper Net Screen Firewalls (Screen OS)
  • Check Point Firewall-1 (FW1)
  • Nokia IP Firewalls (FW1)
  • Nortel Passport Devices
  • Sonic WALL Sonic OS Firewalls (Sonic OS)
  • Cisco Switches (IOS)
  • Cisco Routers (IOS)
  • Cisco Firewalls (PIX, ASA, FWSM)
  • Cisco Catalysts (NMP, Cat OS, IOS)
  • Cisco Content Service Switches (CSS)

Now the security audits usually include detailed information regarding the findings along with providing detailed recommendations. You can modify the security audit by using a command-line parameter or any external configuration file that you want.

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Nipper Tools Features and Functions

How to Use Nipper Tool for Network Auditing

The network filtering audits include the following features that can be modified:

  • It rules lists end with a deny all and log
  • It rules allowing access from any source
  • It rules allowing access from network sources
  • It rules allowing access from any source port
  • It rules allowing access to any destination
  • It rules allowing access to destination networks
  • It rules allowing access to any destination service
  • It rules that do not log
  • It denies rules that do not log
  • It rules that are disabled
  • It rules that reject rather than drop
  • There are no bypass rules that exist
  • All default rules

The nipper tool update 0.11.5 comes with new improvements to support for Cisco PIX / ASA / FWSM firewalls, sonic OS, sonic Wall, checkpoint firewall-1 as well as Nokia IP firewalls. It also comes along with a host of other updates.

The nipper output can be in Latex, HTML, XML, or even text formats. Moreover, the new version can reverse any CISCO type-7 passwords that are identified, and all the other encrypted passwords can be output to a john-the-ripper file for any further strength testing. Its input by default is retrieved from the stdin and production (in HTML format) to stdout. The best part about the nipper tool is that it is available for Windows, Linux as well as other platforms out there.

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Nipper Tools (Network Infrastructure Parser Software)

Network Configuration Auditing Tool

The nipper network infrastructure parser is an open-source tool that is used to assist IT professionals along with the configuration, managing, and auditing of computer networks and network infrastructure devices.

The nipper network infrastructure parser is a software application that comes in free from the Other subcategory, part of the system utility category. The app is available in English at the moment. It has its last update on 2009-11-29. It can be installed on 32-bit MS Windows (NT/2000/XP) all the BSD platforms (free BSD/ NetBSD / OpenBSD / Apple Mac OS X) all the POSIXS (Linux / BSD / UNIX-like OSes) OS Portable (source code to work with many OS platforms).

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Download Nipper Tool Latest Version [2022]

So this was download Nipper Tool for free in the latest version. Do leave a comment below and let me know how you find this Network Configuration Tool compared to others.

NIpper Tool Free Download 2022

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